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Sýni offers consultancy and services to all kinds of food companies.

These include fish processing plants and aquaculture, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and animal husbandry, food processing, large-scale kitchens, stores, packaging manufacturers and transporters. Examples of services and comprehensive solutions for businesses include: *Quality and food safety issues: Installation and updates of quality manuals that meet the requirements of legislation and various standards such as BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 FFSC, MSC. *Certification audits: IFFO RS., RFM, MSC and BRC in collaboration with international certification bodies Sai Global and NSF. *Training and education for employees of food companies. *Labelling and product descriptions: Preparation and review of packaging labels for different markets; nutritional value calculations. *Audits and sampling: Pre-audits for the implementation of standards and GMP audits. Audits of cargo, food batches and equipment. *Product development: Assistance in the solution of technical problems, shelf-life, utilisation, packaging. *Environmental issues: Sampling and measurements of sewerage and exhaust, consultancy in collaboration with engineering firms. *Chemical and microbiological analysis: Shelf-life, quality requirements, nutritional values. Sýni employs professionals with university degrees in food sciences, chemistry, fisheries and project management. The company is at present one of the largest private workplaces for university-educated professionals in the food industry.






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