Alexandra is a passionate advocate for sustainable food production and resource use. After pursuing a BSc honours in Marine Biology and Oceanography at Plymouth University, UK, she we went to work offshore as a seismic navigator in marine prospecting. Her work took her to remote locations all over the world where she saw first-hand the impact that society can have on the marine environment in our search for resources. This has created a desire to drive positive change. Alexandra continued her academic career with an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Marine Environment and Resources across Europe and is currently writing up her PhD focusing on improving the sustainability of Atlantic salmon aquaculture through alternative feed ingredients, based at Matís ohf., Iceland and NMBU, Norway. Her most recent projects explore the possibilities of revalorising the currently wasted side streams from Atlantic salmon aquaculture, and she believes that the key to a healthy planet and future-proof food production, lies in innovative, non-linear supply chains.