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    Optimar focuses on fish health with new range of products


    Optimar has launched a range of sustainable solutions aimed at ensuring fish welfare and keeping produce as fresh as possible.

  • New Sæplast tubs stacked on the quay at Dalvík. Photo: Sæplast

    Tub manufacturer faces challenges and opportunities


    Sæplast has been producing a range of tubs, boxes and other products in Dalvík and was a pioneer in such storage systems for fish. But much has changed over the years and attitudes have also changed.

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    3D Sonar Visualizer™ Model F3D-S

    2021-11-04T10:22:00Z Sponsored by

    3D Sonar Visualizer™ F3D-S is our news solution that works in conjunction with the Full-circle Color Scanning Sonar FSV-25/FSV-25S to show fish and sonar information in 3 dimensions.

  • “We have signed the Paris Agreement, but the current consumption trend is going in exactly the opposite direction,” said Erik Ianssen, general manager of Selfa Arctic AS

    If you can’t stand the heat…


    When it comes to the climate change crisis, there’s a lot more to come from seafood, writes Jason Holland 

  • (l-r) Leif Carøe Andersen, Hugo Dissing and Kim Weidemann Photo: Carsoe/Intech

    Carsoe acquires outstanding shares in Intech


    Carsoe has acquired all outstanding shares in Intech, consolidating the two companies’ seafood activities and tray denesting technology at Carsoe and Intech respectively.

  • Jón Birgir Gunnarsson, director of sales and marketing at Valka Photo: Valka

    Valka fish processing system for Hardanger


    Valka is to supply a fish processing system capable of handling 140 salmon per minute for Hardanger Fiskeforedling.

  • Quality and yield take priority

    Quality and yield take priority


    Hraðfrystihúsið (HG) and Marel have signed a significant contract for a FleXicut system to increase automation, quality, throughput and yield.

  • Brunvoll’s Engagement in development​

    Brunvoll’s Engagement in development​


    When planning a newbuilding, interaction between concerned partners is essential to producing a vessel with optimal functionality. When leading expertise in design, shipbuilding, equipment, and operation is brought together, this process is enhanced, and the owner’s role is key to this. The owner’s requirements and understanding of operational requirements set ...

  • Stark Group opts for Propspeed

    Stark Group opts for Propspeed


    Underwater foul-release coatings innovator Propspeed has been selected by Ocean Fisheries Ltd. as the preferred foul-release coating for its fleet of commercial fishing vessels.

  • Investing in the green shift

    Investing in the green shift


    Norway’s Minister of Trade and Industry Iselin Nybø and the Minister of Education and Research Guri Melby were in Trondheim to present the NoK120 million to the ZeroKyst project.

  • Folla builds on Loppa’s success

    Folla builds on Loppa’s success


    The success of the Loppa heading and gutting machine developed by Måløy company Havfront has been such that a new machine for use in shore-based fish processing has been developed, with the prototype already in use.

  • Flexibridge MD, Sveinung Pile Photo: Flexibridge

    Bridge manufacturer plans market return


    After several years of standstill, maritime workstations manufacturer, Flexibridge, is planning a triumphant return to the maritime market.

  • Brunvoll systems for six new fishing vessels

    Brunvoll systems for six new fishing vessels


    Brunvoll propulsion and manoeuvring systems have been selected for six new fishing vessels being built at Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen for Norwegian, Swedish and Scottish companies, to be delivered over the coming two years.

  • Complete packing for langoustines

    Complete packing for langoustines


    An integrated weighing and tray sealing solution from Ishida Europe has enabled one of Spain’s leading fish processors to double throughput on one of its most popular and important product lines.

  • The new chain conveyor uses bamboo plates instead of plastic ones Photo: Cimbria

    New bamboo chain conveyor from Cimbria


    Grain and seed processing solutions company, Cimbria, has unveiled a new eco-friendly product for the food industry.

  • Securely and attractively packaged under MAP

    Securely and attractively packaged under MAP


    A resource-saving packaging alternative not only utilises a high proportion of renewable raw materials, it also offers plenty of space for communication. The striking and innovative look guarantee maximum attention on any retailer’s shelves.

  • Sail technology comes to fishing

    Sail technology comes to fishing


    The development of a 12-metre high rigid sail, installed on board longliner Balueiro Segundo, is intended to achieve greater energy efficiency, reducing consumption of fuel and consequently emissions.

  • USV optimises the search for krill

    USV optimises the search for krill


    An unmanned surface vehicle (USV), packed with hydroacoustic mapping, positioning, communication, fish finding, and oceanographic research technology is being supplied to Aker BioMarine for its operations in the Southern Ocean.

  • Whole fleet gets grease-free bearings

    Whole fleet gets grease-free bearings


    In 2019 shrimp trawler Maros VII went to the Lighthouse Shipyard at Mazatlán in Mexico for a refit and an upgrade so successful that the rest of the company’s 50 vessels are getting the same treatment.

  • GEA to design krill protein pilot plant

    GEA to design krill protein pilot plant


    GEA is to design and deliver the world’s first pilot plant for hydrolyzing krill protein for Norwegian biotechnology company Aker BioMarine which uses catches of Antarctic krill to develop ingredients for functional foods, aquaculture and animal feed.