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  • Danish factory decks for Far East trawlers

    Danish factory decks for Far East trawlers


    The first of two new trawlers for the Luntos Fishing Company in the Russian Far East is approaching completion in Vietnam.

  • Carsoe is supplying a complete processing solution for a new factory trawler Photo: Carsoe

    Qaleralik orders new factory from Carsoe


    Qaleralik has chosen a Carsoe processing factory for its new factory trawler destined for the waters off Greenland.

  • Héðinn meal plant for Síldarvinnslan

    Héðinn meal plant for Síldarvinnslan


    A contract has been signed for Héðinn to supply a 380-tonne capacity fishmeal plant for Síldarvinnslan’s Neskaupstaður processing plant, with a May 2022 completion date.

  • The Peruza robotic packing solution Photo: Peruza

    Reduce waste with robotic packing solution


    Peruza’s latest automated food packaging solution is said to reduce product giveaway whilst adapting to a range of different products, all with varying final weight requirements.

  • Baader and Skaginn 3X conclude merger?

    Baader and Skaginn 3X conclude merger


    Baader and Skaginn 3X have announced that the acquisition of a majority share of Skaginn 3X by Baader has been concluded.

  • Closing the recycling loop

    Closing the recycling loop


    When Sæplast began producing polyethylene containers a couple of decades ago, the possibility of them being recyclable at the end of their working lifetime was one of the options the company examined.

  • The fully automated packing solution from Marel reduces give away Photo: Marel

    Marel unveils new robotic packing system


    Marel has launched a new automated fish processing solution, combining intelligent batching software with robotic technology.

  • Expertise from Seattle, production in Denmark

    Expertise from Seattle, production in Denmark


    The expertise built up by Danish company Carsoe in supplying complete factory decks with all the capacity needed to produce surimi on board led to the order for the Russian Fishery Company’s new Vladimir Limanov and its sister vessels.

  • 100-tonne/day ice capacity for Danish factory

    100-tonne/day ice capacity for Danish factory


    Needing to install a substantial production and storage capacity for flake ice, a Danish processor went to KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik GmbH in Germany with the challenge of supplying a plant that would meet its particular needs, while also meeting demanding hygiene standards.

  • Héðinn’s new take on fishmeal and oil

    Héðinn’s new take on fishmeal and oil


    With a great deal of experience behind them in supplying and servicing  systems to produce fishmeal and oil both ashore and on board fishing vessels, most fishmeal factories operating in Iceland have benefitted from the company’s expertise.

  • Marel has acquired a 40% stake in Stranda Prolog Photo: Marel

    Marel acquires 40% stake in Stranda Prolog


    Marel is has acquired a 40% stake in Stranda Prolog, a Norwegian provider of salmon processing solutions.

  • Luntos’s new vessel will process 230 tonnes per day Photo: Carsoe

    Luntos orders second Carsoe onboard factory


    Luntos has placed a second order with Carsoe for an onboard processing plant, scheduled for delivery to the shipyard in early 2022.

  • René T. Hansen, new MD of Bettcher GmbH Photo: Bettcher Industries

    Bettcher appoints new European MD


    Bettcher Industries has appointed a new managing director of its European subsidiary, Bettcher GmbH, based in Dierikon in Switzerland.

  • Novel approach to quantify histamine levels

    Novel approach to quantify histamine levels


    Scientists in Korea have developed an effective yet simple strategy to quantify histamine levels in fish samples. This dangerous compound occurs in spoiled food, such as mackerel, left at room temperature for too long. Unfortunately, existing histamine detection methods are inconvenient and expensive. To tackle this issue, a team of ...

  • Baader acquires SEAC

    Baader acquires SEAC


    “Looking into the future and Baader’s compatible processing solutions, SEAC’s technology is a perfect fit for Baader to further extend our overall product portfolio also among small fish species,” said Baader Fish managing director Robert Focke, commenting on the acquisition of small fish processing specialist SEAC, based at Färjestaden on ...

  • Carsoe is providing a complete processing plant on board Ocean Prawns’ shrimp and halibut trawler Photo: Carsoe

    Onboard shrimp and halibut factory


    Carsoe has been chosen to design, produce and install the new complete processing plant on board a trawler operated by Ocean Prawns.

  • Síldarvinnslan expands fishmeal production

    Síldarvinnslan expands fishmeal production


    Icelandic fishing and processing company Síldarvinnslan has announced plans to substantially increase the production capacity of its Neskaupstaður fishmeal factory, alongside adding a smaller production facility for use in between main seasons.

  • Skaginn 3X IQF system for Nova Scotia factory

    Skaginn 3X IQF system for Nova Scotia factory


    A new IQF installation for Digby, Nova Scotia company Scotia Harvest has been shipped to Canada, where it is expected to handle around 27 tonnes of haddock and redfish per shift.

  • The new production line at Scandi Standard Photo: Scandi Standard

    One processing solution for Scandi Standard


    A newly designed processing line is currently being installed at Scandi Standard’s factory in Norway.

  • Gadus opts for Valka portioning system

    Gadus opts for Valka portioning system


    Belgian fish processor Gadus has concluded an agreement with Icelandic high-tech developer Valka for a new cutting system to portion salmon and whitefish fillets.