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  • Turnkey deck installations from Slippurinn

    Turnkey deck installations from Slippurinn


    The Slippurinn Akureyri shipyard has contracted to deliver turnkey catch handling deck systems for fresher trawlers Kaldbakur and Björgúlfur.

  • FoodTray for sustainable MAP packaging

    FoodTray for sustainable MAP packaging


    New laws on packaging which came into force in Germany on 1st January 2019 requires significantly higher recycling rates for plastic packaging and will have far-reaching consequences for industry, and GEA has responded with a new combined solution for sustainable food packaging, which it is presenting at IFFA in Frankfurt.

  • Skaginn 3X’s efficiency boosting ValuePump

    Skaginn 3X’s efficiency boosting ValuePump


    Icelandic high-tech systems supplier Skaginn 3X will be showcasing its new ValuePump™ at this year’s European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, presenting this combination of ideas as a system that has a wealth of possibilities.

  • Valka is to unveil its new salmon cutter at the Seafood Processing Expo in Brussels on 7 - 9 May Photo: Valka

    Valka unveils new salmon cutter in Brussels


    This year, at the Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, Icelandic technology company Valka will debut a new version of its water-jet Cutter machine.

  • Kinarca equips Namibian trawler

    Kinarca equips Namibian trawler


    At the end of last year freezer trawler Oshiveli sailed from Vigo for Walvis Bay, the first new trawler to fish for three species in the Southern African Development Community.

  • Hangana Seafood has invested in a Contact freezer from Starfrost Photo: Starfrost

    Crust freezing delivers premium seafood


    Namibia-based Hangana Seafood is netting the benefits of crust freezing with a recent purchase of a Contact freezer from UK firm, Starfrost.

  • Valka service manager for Norway and Russia

    Valka service manager for Norway and Russia


    Magnús Jóhannsson has been appointed by Valka as its service manager for Norway and Russia.

  • Nergard orders Slippurinn factory deck

    Slippurinn Akureyri to supply Nergård Havfiskes trawler’s processing deck


    Icelandic company Slippurinn Akureyri has finalised an agreement with Norwegian fishing company Nergård Havfiske to design, produce and install a processing deck for its new freezer trawler.

  • Norwegian and Brazilian aquaculture companies establish technological co-operation

    Norwegian and Brazilian aquaculture companies establish technological co-operation


    A fast-growing industry in Brazil, aquaculture is expected to create multiple business opportunities in the next few years – and Norwegian companies plan to get involved in every field of tilapia production, reports Eduardo Campos Lima.

  • Skaginn 3X Sub-Chilling order for Sotra

    Skaginn 3X secures Sub-Chilling success with Sotra sale


    Norwegian salmon producer Sotra Fiskeindustri has invested in a Sub-Chilling system from Icelandic company Skaginn 3X.

  • Freezertech acquired by Carsoe

    Freezertech acquired by Carsoe


    With the acquisition of Freezertech, Carsoe is set to expand its product portfolio for the food processing industry. Freezertech is a specialist in producing high quality plate freezers, with focus on efficiency and reliability.

  • Whole value chain at the Seafood ShowHow

    Across the whole value chain at the Seafood ShowHow


    Every year Marel opens its doors to customers at Pier 91 in Seattle, giving them a unique experience of the latest seafood processing technology and this year Marel’s Seafood ShowHow will take place at Pier 91 in Seattle, 14-16th November.

  • Grant awarded for SEASCANN development

    Skaginn 3X awarded SME Instrument Grant by European Innovation Council


    The SME Instrument Grant awarded to Skaginn 3X, funded by Horizon 2020, will play a key part in further developing SEASCANN, a cutting-edge onboard vision and grading technology, designed not only to achieve the highest product quality and help prevent overfishing but also create operational savings for its customers. The ...

  • New motion compensated eSea®Flow scale

    New motion compensated eSea®Flow scale


    Swedish company Unisystem AB has together with its Norwegian distributor Latech AS developed a motion compensated flow or batch scale. The ?eSea®Flow has accuracy to within 3% and has a weighing capacity of up to 30 tonnes per hour.

  • CO2 refrigeration key to Russian order

    Johnson Controls increases production capacity by 25% for Russian trawlers


    One of Russia’s largest commercial fishing enterprises, Russian Fishing Company (RFC), has placed an order for seven new fishing trawlers equipped with CO2 freezing plants from Johnson Controls.

  • Process control system unites data collection

    New digital system ensures production efficiency


    Traditionally, salmon slaughter lines are manually operated or semi-automated, which slows the processing time in production. At Nor-Fishing 2018, Au2mate is launching a digital process control system uniting data collection and reporting from multiple facilities into one system. This new system ensures production efficiency and standardisation.

  • Skaginn 3X to fit out HB Grandi trawler

    Skaginn 3X selected to fit out HB Grandi factory trawler


    Skaginn 3X has been chosen by HB Grandi to fit out the catch handling and processing deck of the new factory trawler the company is currently building at the Astilleros Armon yard at Gijon in Spain.

  • Taking production waste utilisation to 100%

    Taking production waste utilisation to 100%


    UK manufacturer PP Control & Automation is providing Icelandic company Hedinn with early-stage design support and electrical control systems build for the production of its Hedinn Protein Plant (HPP).

  • Landmark order for Valka

    Landmark order for Valka


    From its origins in founder Helgi Hjálmarsson’s garage, Valka has grown steadily and is now set to expand further, boosted by a landmark order for its fillet machines that utilise X-ray technology to locate and extract bones.

  • ACF invests in tunnel freezer and ice system

    Atlantic Capes invests in Skaginn 3X IQF tunnel freezer and slurry ice delivery system


    Leading scallop and surf clam producer, Atlantic Capes Fisheries (ACF) recently installed an IQF tunnel freezer as well as a slurry ice and delivery system from Skaginn 3X.