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  • The SoniXs MS-VA strapper

    New strappers launched for seafood applications


    Strapping systems supplier, Mosca Direct, has launched two new machines into the UK market which are ideal for the challenging environments of fish, meat and poultry processing and packing.

  • The RevoPortioner enables processors to make perfectly portioned products at low pressure

    Advanced bone detection from SensorX


    Icelandic fishing company HB Grandi has installed a Marel SensorX bone detection machine as part of its processing line.

  • RQ-7000MV18 Fully Automated Stainless-Steel Strapper

    Strapping machine for Marine Harvest


    Gordian Strapping has supplied a StraPack RQ-7000MV18 fully automated stainless steel strapping machine to Marine Harvest at its salmon processing plant in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

  • The use of additives to bind in water and excessive glazing are back on the agenda in Vietnam

    Processors cheating because supermarkets want low prices


    The use of additives to bind in water and excessive glazing are back on the agenda in Vietnam as processors there desperately seek to lower the price of the frozen pangasius fillets they send to Europe for sale in supermarkets.

  • Icelandic CEO Magnus Bjarnason and Marel CEO Arni Oddur Thordarson

    Icelandic Group buys FleXicut


    Icelandic Group has purchased a new FleXicut water-jet cutting robot for high precision bone detection and removal, from Marel.

  • Vilhjálmur Vilhjálnsson, CEO of HB Grandi, and Árni Oddur Thórdarson, CEO of Marel. Photo:

    Contract signed in Brussels


    On the first day of Seafood Expo Global in Brussels last week, HB Grandi signed a contract for the purchase of a RevoPortioner low pressure forming machine from Marel Townsend Further Processing.

  • News

    Redesigned grader


    Marelec premiered its redesigned compact grader M3/6 at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels in May.

  • Kaj Olesen’s Dark Meat Remover and Pinbone Remover can now be combined in one machine

    Two machines in one


    Kaj Olesen launched its Combined Easy Matic Dark Meat Remover and Pinbone Remover at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels in May.

  • News

    EU backs fish drying project


    A new indoor system for drying Stockfish is currently under development and will be launched next year.

  • The ‘belly cleaning device’ on the SEAC FPM-400 can fillet this ‘special’ product with very high yield

    Processing smaller fish just got easier


    For the last 20 years the fish processing and canning industries have found that fish have become smaller and smaller, meaning that that yesterday’s processing machines can no longer cope with today’s demand, as the fish are often smaller than originally envisaged by the engineers.

  • Founder Rudolph M J Baader

    Lots on display at the BAADER stand


    Celebrating 95 years this year, the Baader-Group will be showing many new products at Seafood Processing Global 2014.

  • WiseFish

    WiseFish available on tablets


    At Seafood Processing Global 2014, Wise will present a version of its WiseFish software that uses the latest technology from Microsoft.

  • The system provides direct link from factory deck to the bridge and to shore

    Higher standards of sustainability


    Certification of origin is one of the key factors within the seafood industry and it is important for safety and quality assurance to be able to trace a specific product to its origin.

  • The LobsterBar

    New OysterBar and LobsterBar tanks


    Sealife Equipment (Pty) Ltd, South African manufacturer of marine tanks, will introduce the OysterBar and the LobsterBar, two holding and display tanks for shellfish and crustaceans, at Seafood Processing Global 2014.

  • AFOS’ new hot smoking package

    New hot smoking package from AFOS


    Kiln specialist AFOS has developed a new solution in response to increased demand in the ready-to-eat market for hot smoked salmon, trout and mackerel.

  • This month sees the start of the seafood processing exhibition season

    Seafood processing exhibition season gets underway


    This month sees the start of the all-species seafood processing exhibition season with Seafood Processing North America opening its doors in Boston on the east coast of the USA from 16-18 March.

  • News

    Icelandic companies join forces


    IÁ Hönnun ehf is to purchase an 80% stake in 3X Technology.

  • Professor Chris Elliott says that evidence of fraudulent practices is difficult to detect in cold stores. Credit: Lotus Head/CC BY-SA 3.0

    Complex supply chains leave industry open to fraud


    Last year’s horsemeat scandal in the UK illustrated the ease with which criminals could target the food industry and make huge profits as they did so.

  • News

    Traceability from Marel


    During DanFish International, Marel will present advanced equipment for the marine industry.

  • Bruce Goodrick and Petra Baader

    Baader takes over Seafood Innovations


    The Baader Group has taken over the business activities of Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. and Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. in Australia.