Vónin pelagic gear scores on mackerel

Vónin pelagic gear scores on mackerel French factory trawler Joseph Roty II has been supplied with a complete Vónin fishing gear package for blue whiting
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Greenlandic trawler Markus took delivery of its 1680 pelagic trawl from Vónin last year, ahead of the mackerel fishery, and finished the season as the top catcher, and since then Vónin has supplied the same trawl type to Russian company Dobroflot for fishing mackerel and herring.

“This is our first delivery to a customer in the Far East,” said Jógvan S Jacobsen at Vónin’s pelagic division.

“We modified the trawl for Dobroflot, with a 16 metre extension to the belly, at the skipper’s request. This was to get rid of the stickers in the gear and it worked perfectly. So we’ve done the same with the 1680 trawl we delivered for Norðborg before they started fishing for mackerel in Greenland.”

Vónin’s net loft has also delivered a new codend for Norðborg to take to Greenland, building on the experience gained with a T90 codend that produced last year for Fagraberg.

‘This is made in nylon throughout. The Faroese skippers have tried codends made in other materials, but they always come back to nylon for its strength and elasticity,’ he said.

“This is a 79 metre codend that should hold around 700 tonnes, but they are happiest with 250-300 tonnes to maintain production,” he said.

“We had a good result with the T90 codend we supplied for Fagraberg last year, but we saw that it could be stronger in some areas, so this time we have gone up a twine size and this is made in 50 and 60mm mesh in a triple 2.3mm twine, rigged on four Dyneema belly lines to take the strain,” he said, adding that the decision was taken to dispense with the outer layer, so this codend has no protective cover net.

“We have also delivered a full package of gear to French surimi factory trawler Joseph Roty II, which fishes all year round on blue whiting. They went for a fairly modest 1536 trawl, with bridles, codends and a pair of 7m2 doors, as they don’t need to catch large volumes, 100 tonnes a couple of times a day is enough to keep their production running at full speed. But the skipper reported that they are very happy with everything, and are fishing with one and a half tonnes less tension on the warps than with their previous gear.”


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