Scottish Sea Farms brings boost to Orkney

Scottish Sea Farms is opening a new salmon farm off the island of Hunda Photo: Scottish Sea Farms Scottish Sea Farms is opening a new salmon farm off the island of Hunda Photo: Scottish Sea Farms
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Scotland’s supply chain is set to share in a £3.2m boost to business following the news that Scottish Sea Farms has been given the approval for a new salmon farm off the small island of Hunda within Scapa Flow in Orkney.

The approval comes after years of research, planning and consultation by Scottish Sea Farms to identify the ideal location for growing premium quality salmon in the most responsible and environmentally sustainable way.

Scottish Sea Farms’ production manager for Orkney, Richard Darbyshire, said the new farm will benefit from the latest know-how and technologies. "Each and every aspect of our farming activity has been carefully considered, from enhancing fish health and welfare, to protecting local marine life and the surrounding environment,” he said.

With consent to grow up to 1,677 tonnes of salmon, the new farm will see a £3.2m investment in infrastructure including a 60m grid structure and mooring systems, 12 new 100m diameter pens, a 200 tonne feed barge, underwater cameras, environmental monitoring technology and a 14m workboat.

Overseeing day-to-day activities at Hunda will be a specialist farm team, creating six new full-time roles and with a focus on training and development.

Scottish Sea Farms’ head of human resources, Tracy Bryant-Shaw, said, “Well-paid, skilled jobs are crucial to enabling people to remain within remote and rural communities, so we’re delighted to be contributing an additional six full-time jobs to Orkney.”

The farm is expected to be up and running in spring 2020.


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