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Nautic is a naval design bureau with headquarters in Reykjavik Iceland where the company has been in operation since 2002.

Nautic has been expanding its operations and employs in total 58 experts in Iceland, Russia and Chile. We specialize in the design of fishing vessels of various types, mainly fresh fish catchers, processing vessels, long liners and pelagic vessels. Our competence builds on our arsenal of multinational marine engineers with key employees having vast experience as fishermen, sailors and marine engineers. The company has an exceptional team of engineers across the board, naval architects, specialists in hull, electrical, systems, and mechanics. Nautic is engaged in various design projects, providing general arrangement drawings and work drawings alike, hence providing all necessary documentation to provide technical support for design, classification and effective workmanship at shipyards. Nautic is a founding partner in Knarr Maritime Consortium. Knarr was established to design, market and provide a comprehensive, turnkey solutions to the maritime industry. Knarr consists of six major technology solution providers building on decades of experience in the Icelandic Fishing Sector. All the members have a successful history in the local fishing industry and have expanded their sales and operations abroad in recent years.





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