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Mustad Autoline is the world’s leading supplier of automated longline systems and serves over 90% of the demersal autoline fleets.

Mustad Autoline technology offer unsurpassed performance facilitating higher catch rates, higher quality fish to market, reduced workloads, optimal space management and safer work environments. Mustad Autoline is the go-to supplier for the world’s longline fleet. For over five decades since their founding in 1970, Mustad Autoline has continuously developed new and innovative solutions enabling fleets to bring more fish to market. In 2021 we launch a new line of all-electric components for autolining. Our investment in developing new technology is rooted in our company strategy and environmental policy - to be in forefront and the leading supplier of technology to one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world.  The new E-line product range is developed in cooperation with our customers, and to ensure the highest quality – the Mustad Autoline quality, all the components are produced in our factory in Gjøvik, Norway, and tested over a long period of time in actual operation. Discover our powerful and precise all-electric technology for hauling longline. Designed for better operational capabilities and a climate-neutral future.




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