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    The mercury quagmire


    Whether to stop eating fish suspected of mercury contamination and forfeit the benefits of Omega-3, or ignore the mercury content and keep eating fish because the benefits outweigh the risks involved, is an ongoing, nagging argument.

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    The meaning of sustainability – Part 2


    While sustainability and sustainable development represent consensual values, their implementation is often subject to controversies. The U.N. system recognizes sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. To achieve it, a balance between environmental integrity, social development and economic development ...

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    The meaning of sustainability - Part 1


    Environmentalists and fishermen rarely agree on anything. It’s a pity because conventional logic would say that, fundamentally, environmentalists and fishing people should stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a common cause for maintaining resources – sustainability – while blending that with their sensible usage. Unfortunately, all too often there is controversy between the ...

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    FAO, tuna and fuzzy logic


    “Not all that can be measured is important and not all that is important can be measured” - Albert Einstein - I have on my desk a copy of “Management of tuna fishing capacity: conservation and socio-economics” (FAO Fisheries Proceedings 2 – 2005, 336 p). The book ...

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    The Lawless Oceans


    Pirate fishing is now big business, involving the collusion of countries offering flags of convenience and catches which drive down income for legal fishermen.

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    Who’s in Charge


    Time to ask where? What? and Why? - The FISHFOLK Internet discussion list* is a stage on which current and not so current issues are often thrashed out. The focus is usually very American, reflecting where most of its aficionados come from. Recently, however, Bill Bartlett, one of the list’s ...

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    Globalisation and fish stocks


    The influence of globalisation of fisheries on the world''s fish stocks and their management

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    Management economics what's missing?


    A guide to heartless, soulless cold strategies - Almost 30 years ago Prof. Lee G. Anderson''s wrote The Economics of Fisheries Management and it was then one of a kind in its field. He revised it in 1986 and now we have the 2004 reprint. It is a bit ...

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    Full ahead for Outsourcing Island


    Globalisation of the world fisheries and not only in fisheries may take quite unexpected turns - If you’re an owner or executive operating a large, “vertically integrated” fishery enterprise in a rich region or country (e.g. Europe, North America, Japan, Australia or New Zealand), you may benefit from all sorts ...

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    Do we really understand?


    Education and training for all - not just the industrials

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    Ecosystem management


    Lip service or reality? - For some time now, ecosystem management has become the fashionable phrase among fisheries scientists and managers. Soon everyone will be saying we must manage the whole ecosystem and the way we operate fisheries must be ecosystem-based.

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    Cheap labour


    Foreign crew members on board fishing vessels should be assured decent minimum wages and employment conditions

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    USA fisheries, too many casualties?


    Lack of regulations and the pressure to catch a boat''s allocated quota can lead to accidents at sea

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    Is selectivity wrong?


    Fisheries scientists now doubt that traditional selectivity fishing helps to improve fishing populations

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    Ghostbusters needed


    We know the seabed threatens trawlermen with mustard gas shells dumped after the war. Yet fishermen have now presented themselves with a serious problem of their own making. The number of lost and abandoned nets and pots which keep on "fishing" after the boats have gone home. - When the ...

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    This time - let's do it right


    The tsunami is our fishing community''s common disaster

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    Managing the conflict alone


    A missed opportunity with missing stakeholders - One of several fashionable concepts that affects fisheries management and the fishing industry in many countries is "integrated coastal zone management" (ICZM). Born as a tool to prepare nations for a possible rise in the level of the sea, it is now being ...

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    Let the cats guard the cream


    It is time for fishermen to be real partners in safeguarding the source

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    How empty is the ocean?


    Half full or half empty? Oil and gas reefs?

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    Back to traditional fisheries


    How the other half catches