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  • Nesika, beached after capsising, with Coast Guard personnel onboard

    Logbook of a fisherman's wife - a fishing lore saga


    I have recently finished reading a book by Michele Longo Eder - a fisherman''s wife from Newport, Oregon.

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    PROFISH: Is it also pro-fishermen?


    In 2005 the World Bank (WB) created the Global Partnership on Fisheries (PROFISH) in association with key donors and stakeholders.

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    Back to slavery


    Things are going from bad to worse. Over six years ago (WF June 2005) I wrote here about low-paid and badly treated "foreigners" onboard large, distant-water fishing vessels, some of which flying FOC (flag-of-convenience) and some IUU (Illegal, unreported and unregulated).

  • The Tasu getting wrecked on the beach

    Ditching a fishing boat? No problem – just follow the rules


    I started my marine career as a wireless operator. An upcoming ‘sparker’, as we were fondly called by other seamen, one of the first subjects they taught me at maritime school was how to react to safety problems and, in particular, when yours or other ship was in distress.

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    Fisheries management – the Japanese way


    I last wrote on Japan in the World Fishing & Aquaculture May issue, following the series of disasters - earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima meltdown. Since then, the surviving NE Japan''s fishermen and its fishing industry have been struggling to stay afloat and gradually return to anything that resembles normality.

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    Traditional management: can it be revived?


    In the 1980s the National Fisherman, an American fisheries journal featured a column written by an East Coast fisherman Captain Perc Sane.

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    The rowdy mackerel


    A not a very reader-friendly chapter called Mackerel in the Northeast Atlantic (combined Southern, Western, and North Sea spawning components) from a recent ICES report describes in almost 6,000 words the status of mackerel stocks.

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    Fishermen, scientists, managers and environmental advocacy


    This is a story of distrust that developed sometime during the second half of the 20th century and that keeps on ravaging the very foundations of the world''s fishery industry.

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    Marine farming in the world's oceans


    Ocean Yearbook is a big volume, produced jointly by The International Ocean Institute (IOI), an NGO founded in 1972 by Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese and based at the University of Malta, with 22 international Operational Centres all over the world, and the Marine and Environmental Institute at the Dalhousie University, ...

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    Seeking remedy for management maladies


    For many years now I have written and lectured on the inadequacy of official fisheries science, pointing to the absence of environmental parameters from the commonly employed models of fish populations dynamics.

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    Fishery economists: What have they learnt and what are they telling us?


    The International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET), is an international group of economists, government managers, private industry members, and others interested in the exchange of research and information on marine resource issues.

  • A drama of historical dimensions

    Japanese fisheries: Cataclysms in series


    The dramatic news flew in nonstop; first a powerful earthquake, among the strongest recorded worldwide, shook the north-eastern coastal area of Japan on 11 March, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami.

  • This handout photo, release 30 August 2010, compares the size of the GE-salmon (background) to an Atlantic salmon of the same age (foreground). Photo by Barrett & McKay Photo/AquaBounty Technologies/Handout, NP

    GE-salmon – blessing or monster-fish?


    Both, the monster created by Shelley''s fictional Frankenstein character and the legendary Golem of Prague created by Rabbi Maharal, were made of dead material and put to life by magic.

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    Marine Protected Areas: What do they do to fishermen?


    No one can dispute the need for nature reserves or Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in certain marine and coastal habitats such as coral reefs, sponge and inshore seagrass beds, and some other endangered or unique habitats, the same as unique areas are protected on land.

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    US fisheries: Frustration, indignation, uproar


    I don’t remember such an upheaval in the American fisheries. Neither does Bob Jones, the Director of the Southeastern Fisheries Association.

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    Deadly, deadlier, deadliest


    Commercial fishing is regarded as the most dangerous profession on the planet. But while Western authorities have been tightening safety regulations, flagrant risk taking with crews'' lives is still rife, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami.

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    Women in fisheries: an issue, an agenda


    Jobs for the girls: while it''s entirely correct that gender no longer excludes women from the top jobs in seafood business and fisheries management, it seems it''s still a very hard struggle for women "downstairs" to even secure their basic rights as workers, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami.

  • A salmon purse seiner in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

    Still fishin’


    Menakhem Ben-Yami looks at British Columbia''s fishing industry, which has endured some hard times but continues to thrive in the face of adversity.

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    Where management and safety come together


    Fisheries management systems are taking care of seafood resources, but are regulations forcing fishermen to take unnecessary risks?

  • Firefighting response vessels tackling the Deepwater Horizon blaze on 20 April.

    Once again the oil flows free


    Menakhem Ben-Yami looks at the highly topical issue of ocean oil spills and their hugely damaging effects on the fishing industry.