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Maintsoft Ltd is a software company focused since 1994 on developing maintenance management solutions for vessels, machinery, facilities and more.

Our mission is to make your maintenance work easier, more secure and efficient. Not having a comprehensive maintenance management system like Maintx can be very costly for your business in the long run. Equipment downtime, emergency repairs, overtime costs, spare part costs and time spent preparing for audits, can all affect your business bottom line for the worst. Using Mainx you can change your maintenance operations from reactive to proactive. The solution reduces costs by helping you plan and schedule preventative maintenance, increase equipment life and reliability, and boost employee productivity. Studies have shown that implementing maintenance management software can help organisations save 15-30% of their maintenance budgets. Depending on the size and operating characteristics of your organisation, this could translate into very high annual savings. The Maintx software is used by a wide range of customers in different industries like transport, shipping, services, public utilities and food processing. Among our customers are Samherji hf, Eimskip hf, Samskip hf, Pelagos, Reykjavik Excursion, Icelandic Cost Guard, IGS Ground Services, Airport Associates and Icelandic Road Authority.





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