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Freezer and cold store as well as seafood packaging in Hirtshals - Denmark.

Lineage in Hirtshals is extremely well-placed on the docks of Denmark’s biggest ferry port, with routes to and from Norway, the Faeroe Islands and Iceland, one of the biggest fishing ports and the E39 motorway provides access to and from Europe. Cold and freezer stores - We have a total of over 25,000 m3 of cold storage, and 135,000 m3 of freezer storage for 30,000 pallets, plus freezing capacity for boxed goods and fresh fish. In addition to freezing and storing a wide range of products, we provide a range of services, all performed according to the highest standards and quality norms. Centre for shellfish - The Hirtshals branch is the Claus Sørensen flagship within fish product packing. Here we can pack your products. We have considerable expertise within the handling and processing of fish and shellfish. Our packing centre is certified Grade A according to IFS, the benchmark for handling food products in many countries. Robot technology and constant focus on developing processes in production ensures retail-packed, high quality products at competitive prices for our customers.

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