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Grimsby Fish Market is the leading UK base for the distribution and sale of Icelandic Fresh Fish.

The Fish Market has modern facilities with a chilled auction hall and machine grading using Marel machines and is MSC and BRC accredited. Grimsby Council (NELC) have been very supportive of the Fish Market and the Port operation during the modernisation period which is an ongoing piece of work. There is established expertise in the handling, weighing, grading, storage and icing of fresh fish. Fresh fish is easy to get to Grimsby via the regular service offered by Eimskip and Samskip. Grimsby has some of the largest processors in the UK most of them attend the sales on the Fish Market. The large number of processors looking to buy fish all the time makes Grimsby a very competitive Fish Market. Price is crucial and there is a cost to the services we provide, however, the Market gives consistent returns over a period of time to senders. There is a great history and tradition between Grimsby and Iceland, long may it continue.




Wharncliffe Road
DN31 3QJ
United Kingdom


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