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Established as a family company, GONDAN draws on our vast shipbuilding experience to optimize our business in all its different phases, from conceptual design to sea trials.

Our success is based on faithfully fulfilling our commitments to our customers, strictly adhering to the agreed upon quality, conditions and delivery deadlines. GONDAN builds all kinds of vessels, using the materials and technology appropriate for each one. Each vessel is unique – one-of-a-kind – as each project is strictly customized. This customization means total flexibility in the production process; we adapt to the shipowner’s requisites and promptly and skillfully adjust planning to suit the changing needs of the project. We are specialists in building all kinds of complex vessels, no matter what their function. At GONDAN we respond to those especially demanding sectors that require technological solutions to complex problems.Fishing boats, offshore oil & gas vessels, offshore wind farm vessels, luxury cruise ships, patrol boats … all types of vessels continually expand our catalogue. But what is truly important is how we have made them and how we completely adapt ourselves to each order, maintaining maximum quality in whatever vessel we build




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