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    Saving fuel – saving the planet


    It has been 10 years since specific regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships were adopted as part of the MARPOL (Annex VI) agreement. During this time, the fishing industry has come under increasing pressure to switch to environmentally responsible engines that can help reduce exhaust emissions and ...

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    Onsite oil condition monitoring made simple!


    Condition monitoring of fuels and lubricants used in industrial and marine plant and equipment is one of the main weapons in the fight to reduce premature failure of engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems.

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    The Seafish Fuel Efficiency Programme


    The soaring price of fuel has become a major issue for the UK fishing industry in recent years, especially since it has come at a time of ever tighter quotas and other catch restrictions; all of which put extreme pressure on the viability of the fleet.

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    Higher efficiency engines with ultra-low emissions


    The world’s two leading marine engine manufacturers, MAN Diesel and Wärtsilä Corporation, have agreed to propose a large scale Cooperative Research Project – HERCULES-ß – with the objective of maximising fuel efficiency while reducing emissions.

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    Emissions – the challenge today


    Marine diesel engines of all types are coming under increasing scrutiny as major polluters of the world’s environment and, as a result, considerable effort is being devoted to the reduction of their emissions, but what is the problem?

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    Free fuel from your own backyard!


    Like most good ideas, this one came out of a row. Italian Engineer Franco Piermartini had watched local citizens battling in public meetings with bureaucrats and service companies who wanted to set up an incinerator to burn a town’s ever-growing mountain of waste.

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    Low-cost, green fuel for the fishing industry


    Seafish, the UK’s Sea Fish Industry Authority, has launched an important project which aims to provide the fishing industry with an alternative, low-cost and environmentally-friendly fuel.

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    GE to supply Peru’s Pesquera Diamante S.A.


    GE Transportation, in conjunction with its distributor Marinsa Peru SA, is to supply Pesquera Diamante SA, of Peru, with 7FDM medium-speed diesel engines for powering newly constructed boats and repowering the company’s entire fleet of purseine net fishing boats

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    New monitor to measure engines’ SO2 emissions


    ET Marine has launched its own air quality monitor to measure sulphur dioxide (SO2) emitted by ships’ engines ahead of a new International Maritime Organisation (IMO) technical code for the emission of sulphurous gases.

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    Maren controls the force


    Icelandic energy management system company Marorka lunched its latest, second generation of Maren. - Maren 2 is a complete system based on advanced mathematical methods and algorithms allowing unsurpassed energy management. The company says that the system maximises energy efficentcy, minimizes negative environmental impact and cut costs.

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    CJC systems at Danfish Exhibition


    C.C. Jensen will be attending Danfish and their motto for the event is "Can you afford to stay in harbour for even one day?" They point out that their filter products are perhaps the simplest and most important piece of equipment to stop your engines letting you down at the ...

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    MARORKA claims 15-30% off


    ICELANDIC company MARORKA, says it will be showing its latest, second generation Maren energy management at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition and says it can reduce fuel operating costs by up to 15 per cent.

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    EU/Fisheries : European ship owners deeply concerned about impact of high oil prices on fisheries sector


    In a letter to the Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Joe BORG, the Chairman of the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament, Philippe MORILLON, and the President of the Council of the EU, Fernand BODEN, the Presidents of Europêche, Niels WICHMANN, and COGECA « Fisheries », José Ramon FUERTES ...

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    French Government to help fishermen as oil price rise


    The Spanish Government has followed the French example and will be helping fishermen to face the rise in oil prices.

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    Joint venture to reduce energy consumption


    Icelandic company Marorka and Norwergian MetaSystems are co-operating to reduce the energy consumption of Norwegian fishing vesseks by 25 per cent. The solution is to harmonise the energy system on board.

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    Filter versus centrifuge for longer engine life?


    One of Denmark''s oldest oil filter companies has undertaken studies to show that its filters are not only better than centrifuges but they are much cheaper costwise. They also says that increase lie of engine parts by up to four time or more.

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    Allweiler delievers new cool pump for hot media


    ALLWEILER has developed three new products aimed at the fuel and lubricants market.

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    Test confirm cylinder lubrication savings


    Highly promising results in terms of cylinder oil savings, lower particle emissions and reduced combustion chamber wear figures are emerging from large-scale testing of a wide range of MAN B&W MC/MC-C two-stroke engines equipped with Alpha Adaptive Cylinder Oil Control (Alpha ACC).