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    EnSolve launches compact PetroLiminator® oil water separator system


    EnSolve Biosystems has successfully completed and passed the MEPC 107(49) certification tests for its new compact PetroLiminator 200M (PL 200M) Oil Water Separator (OWS) system.

  • The new high-performance separators of the Westfalia Separator® eagleclass are setting standards in terms of capacity and separating efficiency

    New mineral oil separator generation


    The Westfalia Separator® eagleclass is a completely new generation of mineral oil separators from GEA Westfalia Separator.

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    HBT introduces energy saving solutions


    Drastic price increases in oil have resulted in many fisheries companies having to forego opportunities to catch various types of fish because, in some cases, the price of their catch has not kept up with the price of oil.

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    Variety of equipment


    As a component and solution supplier for equipment mainly ''around'' a marine diesel engine, Technoflex has been involved in the development and delivery of a variety of different equipment.

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    Seafish: Skippers can reduce carbon emissions


    A new fact sheet from Seafish, the UK authority on seafood, describes some of the measures skippers can adopt to improve a vessel’s carbon footprint. This new fact sheet argues that skippers still have an active role to play in helping to reduce fishing vessel fuel emissions.

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    Clean diesel fuel equals efficient and reliable engine


    Clean diesel fuel is essential for an efficient and reliable engine. To achieve clean fuel is it necessary to use filtration – but CC Jensen asks, how do you choose the right and best filtration method?

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    Fuel flow monitoring systems put to the test


    Seafish, the UK authority on seafood, has tested a range of complete fuel monitoring systems at the Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter) test cell facility.

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    Belesta LC2 delivers fuel reduction


    In common with many Scottish fishing boat owners, Jonathan Dawson of the Standsure, UL 552, was experiencing increasingly high fuel costs which meant fishing was becoming less profitable.

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    'Green lubes' for environmentally friendly CP propellers


    After comprehensive testing, MAN Diesel has given general approval for the use of Vickers Oils bio-oils with its CP propellers.

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    Free Belesta distributed to skippers at Pittenweem Harbour


    At the end of October last year, free Belesta product was distributed at Pittenweem Harbour to skippers who had registered for a campaign run by Belzona Polymerics.

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    ClassNK releases 'Guidance for Measures to Cope with Degraded Marine Fuels'


    ClassNK released the English edition of Version II of its previously well-received ''Guidance for Measures to Cope with Degraded Marine Fuels: Taking into Account the Poor Combustibility of Fuels'' in November.

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    £25,000 to help cut fuel costs in the Scottish fishing industry


    Belzona Polymerics Ltd has donated £25,000 of its revolutionary fuel efficiency improvement product, Belesta LC2 to support the Scottish Fishing Fleet in their current crisis of high fuel prices.

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    Westfalia's new separator


    Westfalia Separator will present its new separator type SE 200 at Icefish 2008 - the biggest of its kind for the fish industry worldwide.

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    Meeting emissions regulations


    Volvo Penta says that the excellent emissions performance of its engines meet both existing and proposed emissions regulations and all of the company''s gen-sets and propulsion engines are type approved by major classification societies.

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    Bio-lubes: myth and reality


    The fishing industry today faces many challenges. Increasing fuel costs, reduced quotas and depleted fishing grounds are just a few of the major headaches facing vessel owners and operators.

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    Countering soaring fuel costs


    With increasing fuel costs, vessel fuel efficiency is something that really needs to be considered. Fuel is a necessary ‘evil’ and is an essential commodity required to do the job.

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    New bunker facility in Faroe Islands


    O.W. Icebunker Ltd. A/S (OWI), part of the O.W. Bunker Group has announced the establishment of a new tank storage facility in the North Atlantic.

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    Diesel additives fail to improve fuel efficiency


    An integrated Seafish (UK Sea Fish Industry Authority) research programme on fuel efficiency for fishing vessels has found that there are no discernable improvements in fuel economy when using diesel fuel additives in engines for 10 metre class vessels.

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    Belesta in the fishing industry


    Belesta is a division of Belzona Polymerics Limited set up specifically to market an advanced range of friction reducing lubrication products that are now widely used throughout the fishing industry.

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    Reducing fuel costs by burning heavy fuel oil


    Westfalia Separator offers a safe haven for fishing vessels and small ferry operators, vulnerable to increases and fluctuations in diesel oil prices, looking to cut costs by changing from diesel oil to less expansive heavy fuel oil.