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  • Cornelis Vrolijk was the first vessel to use the new Flipper doors. Here the door is seen in action with the foils released. Credit: Cornelis Vrolijk

    Introducing ‘Flipper’


    Thyboron has described its new dual purpose ‘Flipper’ trawl door as the most versatile of all of its doors so far.

  • Photo of the divided hopper viewed from above with a typical catch from a tow during the study. Ten green lights on the fishing line were used on the starboard net (left side of hopper). No lights were used on the port side (right side of hopper...

    LED lights for bycatch reduction


    A research study by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission has found that attaching of a series of LED lights to the fishing line of a shrimp trawl can significantly reduce bycatch.

  • The SeaBird Saver emits a laser beam to keep birds away

    SeaBird Saver wins award


    Mustad and SaveWave’s SeaBird Saver has won the 2014 WWF Smart Gear competition Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize.

  • Akamalik ©Vónin

    ‘Akamalik’ reports great fishing


    Royal Greenland vessel Akamalik has reported great fishing using Vónin shrimp trawls.

  • A clump in operation

    Clumps to optimise performance


    Twin-rig fishing is a very popular and effective fishing technique, but to be successful it is essential to keep the central wire between the two trawls close to the seabed so as to optimise fishing performance.

  • Dredgemaster installed

    New scallop dredge monitoring system


    The world’s first wireless monitoring system for scallop dredges has been introduced – and data from one vessel indicated a 22% increase in catch.

  • News

    Morgère trawl doors for Canadian skippers


    Morgère has sold five sets of PV3 trawl doors over the last few months to Canadian east coast skippers, who are finding the equipment ideal for their local fisheries.

  • News

    Beko acquires new equipment for longline hook production


    Beko - Dimon fishing co. has purchased equipment from O. Mustad & Sons AS., including an automatic duratin plating line, to be used for the production of longline hooks.

  • Cornelis Vrolijk and Jaczon are replacing their nylon trawls with trawls made from Dyneema®

    Dutch companies opt for Dyneema


    Dutch fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk and its subsidiary Jaczon are replacing their nylon trawls with Dyneema, DSM’s light and strong UHMwPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) fibre.

  • News

    WESMAR forms E-Bait Division


    WESMAR has formed an Electronic Bait Division, in preparation for the launch of its Electronic Bait (E-Bait) line of products this autumn.

  • The Hookpod

    Hookpod funding success


    A funding campaign to get the UK invention Hookpod into production has been successful.

  • Capt. Hook screen shot

    Capt. Hook upgraded


    The newly upgraded Capt. Hook management and information system for longline fisheries has been launched by Mørenot Dyrkorn.

  • Mustad Autoline’s SeaBird Saver™

    Launch of the Seabird Saver


    Mustad Autoline will launch the SeaBird Saver™ at this year’s Nor-Fishing exhibition.

  • News

    Kite system advantage


    According to trawl equipment manufacturer Morgère, kite systems offer some advantages over using floats on the headline of trawls.

  • Hookpods in racks on board a longlining vessel. Credit: Hookpod Ltd

    New UK invention to save the albatross


    Globally, an albatross dies on a fishing hook every five minutes, but a clever new invention called the Hookpod has been designed to ensure that fishermen are catching fish and not birds.

  • Venture’s trawl doors

    Scottish skipper praises PV3 trawl doors


    A Scottish skipper has praised the performance of Morgère’s PV3 trawl doors for their stability and the consistent spread they provide of the net opening – even when the vessel is engaged in a tight turn.

  • FV Thomas Harrison

    Sealord unveils smart trawling technology


    Sealord has unveiled prototype ‘smart trawling’ technology that is being developed to provide skippers with a real-time view of the ocean floor and equipment while fishing, to reduce the impact of fishing on the seabed.

  • Tummas T

    'Tummas T' crew happy with Vónin trawl


    Faroese trawl producer Vónin has reported that the crew of ‘Tummas T’ are very happy with their Vónin HEX trawl.

  • News

    Super-trawler sets new record


    New super-trawler ‘Gitte Henning’ has set a new Danish record by catching 3,281 tonnes of blue whiting in one tour, reports Thyboron Trawldoors.

  • The MirAcle rope has been described as the world’s strongest fibre rope

    The world’s strongest fibre rope on display


    Dong Yang Rope of South Korea will be displaying its MirAcle rope – described as the world’s strongest fibre rope - at Nor-Fishing this year, in the hope of gaining a foothold in northern Europe.