• Icefish Connect – Capelin Quota Session

    Capelin boom


    Capelin is booming in Iceland, but marketing and climate change remain challenges.

  • European Commission proposal

    Atlantic, Kattegat and Skagerrak opportunities


    The European Commission has published its proposal for the catches of fish stocks in the Atlantic Ocean, Kattegat and Skagerrak.

  • 'Agadir'

    Court ruling action


    The Euro-Moroccan fishing sector has united following a major court ruling.

  • STARFISH to support small-scale fisheries

    STARFISH to support small-scale fisheries


    A EU-funded two-year project (2020-2021), proposes new technologies for the safety of small-scale fishing people and sustainable marine resource management. STARFISH 4.0 aims to provide digital tools to support and study Mediterranean small-scale fisheries.

  • 2022 CFP Review: Fisheries at a crossroads?

    2022 CFP Review: Fisheries at a crossroads?


    By December 31, 2022, the Commission is required to report to the Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), writes Brian O’Riordan, executive secretary of LIFE Platform.

  • The EMFF is helping fisheries and aquaculture businesses weather the Covid-19 pandemic Photo:

    Covid-19: EMFF help for Cypriot fisheries


    Covid-19: EMFF help for Cypriot fisheries

  • Saudi fisheries exhibition gets January date

    Saudi fisheries exhibition gets January date


    The SIMEC exhibition is planned as the first diversified marine exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, attracting local and international exhibitors working in fisheries, aquaculture and seafood in addition to marine tourism and various marine industries.

  • FAO review of fisheries in the Americas

    FAO review of fisheries in the Americas


    Published by the FAO, a techno-economic performance review of selected fishing fleets in North and South America presents the findings of four country level studies of fishing fleets in the United States of America, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

  • Holland Fisheries Event cancelled

    Holland Fisheries Event cancelled


    This year’s Holland Fisheries Event, which had been due to take place 2-3rd October and would have been the eleventh occasion the event has been held, has been cancelled amid rising uncertainty around Covid-19.

  • The ‘Ny Vestkysten’ is designed by Danish naval architects OSK-ShipTech Image: OSK-ShipTech

    New Danish Fisheries Agency inspection vessel


    Hvide Sande Shipyard, Steel and Service has been chosen to build a new fishery inspection vessel for the Danish Fisheries Agency.

  • The Holland Fisheries Event will go ahead in October

    Dutch fisheries exhibition gets the go-ahead


    Holland Fisheries Event (HFE), the biennial Dutch Fisheries and Maritime Exhibition, will go ahead this year despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The health and wellbeing of coastal communities has been discussed by the APPG on Fisheries

    Fisheries APPG discusses coastal wellbeing


    The All Party Parliamentary Group on Fisheries has held a virtual meeting to discuss the health and wellbeing of coastal communities.

  • Korean fisheries need reform, claim NGOs

    Korean fisheries need reform, claim NGOs


    An extensive investigation by NGOs Advocate for Public Interest Law (APIL) and the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) have led to demands for Korea to make some substantial reforms to fishing industry practices, based on evidence of frequent physical and verbal abuse suffered by migrant workers in Korea’s distant water fleet.

  • UK Fisheries Bill enters the House of Commons

    UK Fisheries Bill enters the House of Commons


    The UK’s first major piece of fisheries legislation in nearly forty years has passed the House of Lords and has now entered the House of Commons for further scrutiny.

  • New dates for Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition

    New dates for Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition


    Mercator Media Ltd has confirmed that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 13th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition (Icefish) will now be held 15-17th September 2021.

  • Lords amend UK government’s Fisheries Bill

    Lords amend UK government’s Fisheries Bill


    In what is seen as a defeat for the UK government, the House of Lords has voted for an amendment to the Fisheries Bill aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability.

  • (l-r) Abongile Ngqongwa, acting director, Small-Scale Fisheries; Sue Middleton, acting deputy director general, Fisheries Branch and Dr Mark Botha, CEO, Fisheries Development Fund Photo: Fisheries Development Fund

    Fisheries Fund donates masks to DEFF


    A donation of masks has been given to the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries’ (DEFF) Small-Scale Fisheries Directorate by the South African Fisheries Development Fund to protect small-scale and interim relief fishers in the Western and Northern Cape from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Future of Fish is helping to protect small scale fishers in Peru Photo: Future of Fish

    PPE for fisheries in Peru


    Future of Fish has launched a new campaign in partnership with fishers from La Islilla, Peru, to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to fishers and seafood workers.

  • Ecuador supports sustainable fisheries

    Ecuador supports sustainable fisheries


    Ecuador’s new Fishing and Aquaculture Law, passed in April, is designed to toughen the existing system of sanctions and to improve surveillance, control and monitoring.

  • fish farm

    Sustainable fisheries management vital


    The Marine Stewardship Council''s (MSC) CEO has called for an acceleration of the uptake of sustainable fisheries management globally in response to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.