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Global supplier of thermal treatment We bring thermal technology to the table. Sustainable and profitable freezing, cooling and heating solutions for the food industry. We customize thermal technology for seafood processing plants as well as super trawlers, vessels and fishing boats. We present ideal solutions for freezing, cooling or heating whole fish, fillets, shrimp, crabs, lobster, surimi, octopus or by-products –farmed as well as wild-caught.

Joining forces of Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV, Dantech Freezing Solutions and DSI Freezing Solutions has created the first and only global supplier of all thermal treatment solutions for food - we are now DSI DANTECH. We specialize in mechanical, plate and cryogenic technology. We cover high- and low-volume food production as well as IQF, block and bulk freezing. And with more than 50 years of experience in industrial freezing, cooling and heating, our machinery is crafted to operate efficiently and meet strict requirements for hygiene, food safety and quality as well as sustainability.

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