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Greenpeace rebuts Brexit fishing claims
Greenpeace has weighed in on the Brexit debate after David Cameron and Boris Johnson clashed over the impact of the European Union on the UK’s fishing industry. 08 Jun 2016
Global brands say no to Arctic fishing
Global brands alongside the Norwegian Fishing Vessel Owners Association, Fiskebåt, Russian fishing giant, Karat and Europe’s largest processor of frozen fish, Espersen, have agreed to halt further expansion of cod fishing into the previously frozen Northern Barents Sea. 25 May 2016
Greenpeace exposes shark finning and human rights abuse
A Greenpeace East Asia investigation has exposed illegal shark finning, labour and human rights abuses in Taiwan’s distant water tuna fisheries. 14 Apr 2016
States gather for UN conference to protect oceans
States gathering at the United Nations (UN) in New York on 28 March will begin work towards an agreement to protect life in the ocean, closing some of the legal loopholes that remain. 23 Mar 2016
France supports bluefin tuna trade ban, but not yet
The European Union is one step away from formally supporting the listing of bluefin tuna as an endangered species, effectively banning its trade. 03 Feb 2010
Nordic supermarkets moving towards sustainable seafood
Nordic supermarkets are moving forward, slowly, but surely, on seafood sustainability, according to a new Greenpeace report on Scandinavian retailers’ seafood purchase policies. 10 Feb 2010
Greenpeace response to ISSF’s new study
Greenpeace response to International Seafood Sustainability Foundation’s new study on the feasibility of pole and line skipjack tuna fisheries in the Pacific: 26 Feb 2010
IWC promotes return of commercial whaling: Greenpeace response
Greenpeace has called for a proposal by a working group of the International Whaling Commission that would allow the return of commercial whaling to be rejected out of hand, describing it as a dangerous throwback to the 20th century when whales where hunted to near extinction. 26 Feb 2010
Greenpeace: ICCAT proves itself incapable of saving bluefin tuna
Just weeks away from a crucial meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) the fisheries management organisation mandated to protect the species has proved it is incapable of doing so, says Greenpeace. 04 Mar 2010
Bluefin tuna ban rejected
Trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna will not be banned, it was decided at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) today. 18 Mar 2010
Greenpeace: Governments fail to protect at CITES
As the 15th meeting of the conference of parties to the Convention in Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) closed yesterday, Greenpeace condemned governments for putting short-term economic interests ahead of the long-term survival of endangered species. 26 Mar 2010
Greenpeace applauds decision to close international waters to purse seine fishing
Greenpeace welcomes the decision of the eight Pacific Island countries that are party to the Nauru agreement (PNA countries) to set aside more than 4.5 million square kilometers of international waters in the Pacific as off-limits to purse seine fishing for tuna. 28 Apr 2010
Seafood ranking shows half of US retailers ‘pass’ on sustainability
In the fourth edition of the Greenpeace USA seafood sustainability scorecard - Carting Away the Oceans - half of the leading US supermarket chains for the first time received ‘passing’ scores for their seafood sustainability efforts. 29 Apr 2010
Publix works on improved seafood grading system
Publix Super Markets Inc is embarking on a new seafood grading system. The US company, which failed Greenpeace’s Sustainable Seafood Scorecard for the second year, has hired a conservation group to assess seafood sold at its stores. 03 Jun 2010
EU stops bluefin fishing season early
The European Commission brought an early end to the Atlantic bluefin tuna purse seine catching season saying that the quota allowed to be caught had already been fulfilled. 10 Jun 2010
Greenpeace: Australians can buy more sustainable tuna
The second Greenpeace Australia Canned Tuna Guide shows that public pressure on tuna companies has succeeded and Australians can now buy pole and line-caught tuna. 14 Jul 2010
Greenpeace urges responsible seafood buying in Japan
Greenpeace Japan has released its first seafood ranking guide “red listing” 15 fish species that should be removed from Japanese shelves, including five different species of tuna. 22 Jul 2010
Greenpeace calls for seafood industry to help save Ross Sea, Chilean seabass
Greenpeace has released a new report detailing what it describes as “the destructive fishing practices used to catch Antarctic toothfish”, also known as Chilean seabass, and exposes how the fishing industry is engaged in a “gold-rush” for toothfish in the remote waters of the Southern Ocean. 12 Aug 2010
Greenpeace urges NZ to help save Pacific tuna
Greenpeace has called on the New Zealand government to support a plan to make the Pacific’s tuna fisheries sustainable following further reports of declining stocks. 30 Aug 2010
Greenpeace: Taiwan not controlling fishing
The Taiwan Fisheries Agency has been condemned by Greenpeace for failing to provide an accurate number of Flag of Convenience (FOC) vessels operated by its industry. 30 Sep 2010
Greenpeace: thousands of bluefin unsold
Greenpeace has stepped up its demand that the Mediterranean bluefin fishery be closed at the annual meeting of International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Paris, saying that a lot of the tuna caught a year ago remain alive, caged on farms and unsold. 19 Nov 2010
Greenpeace: canned tuna tests reveal deceit
The first independent, public genetic tests into the contents of popular canned tuna brands from 12 countries have uncovered evidence of the tuna industry’s complete disregard for both consumers and the future sustainability of tuna stocks, claims Greenpeace. 23 Nov 2010
Greenpeace: bluefin tuna on Death Row
The failure by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas to deliver any meaningful rescue for Atlantic bluefin tuna is a huge setback in the fight to save one of the most overexploited fish species, claims Greenpeace. 29 Nov 2010
Supermarkets step up sustainable Pacific tuna sourcing
As governments meet in Honolulu to decide the future of Pacific tuna stocks at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), Greenpeace has applauded the decision taken by several German, Austrian and Australian retail chains to switch to tinned tuna containing Pacific skipjack tuna caught without the use of fish aggregation devices (FADs). 09 Dec 2010
Greenpeace applauds tuna no-take zone
Greenpeace has welcomed the entry into force on 1 January 2011 of a huge marine conservation area in the west and central Pacific. In an attempt to rescue the region's declining bigeye and yellowfin tuna stocks, the no-take zone bans purse seine fishing from 4.5 million square kilometres over five areas of Pacific waters. 01 Jan 2011
Greenpeace launches Ocean Defenders Tour
Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior arrived in Keelung port, Taiwan, today to launch its Ocean Defenders Tour of East Asia. 04 Jan 2011
Greenpeace: Princes tinned tuna linked to marine life deaths
A new Greenpeace ranking report has ranked Princes as the least sustainable tuna brand in the UK market. 11 Jan 2011
Exposed: suspected illegal fish carrier
Activists from Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior have exposed a ship suspected of violating Taiwanese fisheries laws moored in the port of Kaoshiung, Taiwan and called on the Taiwanese Fisheries Agency to investigate. 25 Jan 2011
Canadian canned tuna report
Greenpeace Canada has released its first sustainability ranking of 14 major tuna brands sold in Canada. 02 Feb 2011
Whaling fleet recall should be final
Greenpeace is demanding that Japan’s government finally end its commercial whaling programme and re-open an investigation into corruption scandals inside the industry. 22 Feb 2011
Greenpeace targets Princes HQ
This week, Greenpeace volunteers hung giant fabric ‘dead sharks’ on the front of a balcony on tuna giant Princes HQ building. 23 Feb 2011
Costco creates new seafood policy
US retail giant Costco has officially revised its seafood sustainability policy, a direct result of a Greenpeace campaign to pressure the retailer to remove “red-list” species and address ocean destruction. 02 Mar 2011
Greenpeace response to discard proposal
In response to the proposal by Maria Damanaki to ban discards, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said: 01 Mar 2011
Poll finds Japanese consumers demand sustainable seafood
A Greenpeace Japan commissioned poll has found that most Japanese people want seafood to both be sustainably sourced and for fish species to be clearly labeled,. 03 Mar 2011
Tinned tuna giants go shark friendly
Princes – who sells more tinned tuna than any other company in the UK – is going to stop using a fishing method which is responsible for killing sharks. 10 Mar 2011
Greenpeace intensifies NZ tuna campaign
Greenpeace says it is putting new pressure on New Zealand brands selling tinned tuna caught using methods said to be “wiping out Pacific fish populations and killing endangered marine life”. 27 Apr 2011
Illegal fishing plans for Libyan waters
WWF and Greenpeace have called for the forthcoming industrial purse-seine bluefin tuna fishing season in the Mediterranean Sea to be suspended. 11 May 2011
Greenpeace brings oceans campaign to Asia
Greenpeace is to bring it oceans campaign to Asia as it builds up its presence in the region. 08 Jun 2011
Greenpeace targets Korean company
An animation depicting the trail of Pacific tuna destruction was projected this week onto the office building of Sajo Industries in Busan, home to Korea’s distant water fishing fleet, by Greenpeace activists. 03 Jul 2011
Greenpeace: CFP unlikely to delver
The European Commission has launched a crucial plan for EU fisheries reform aiming to restore fish populations in just four years. 14 Jul 2011
Australia: New canned tuna ranking
Greenpeace Australia’s latest canned tuna ranking was launched this week at the Sydney Aquarium and contains some exciting new developments for Australia’s canned tuna industry. 11 Aug 2011
Organised crime at sea exposed
In a new report, Greenpeace has revealed how Spain is “repeatedly and systematically overlooking illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing by its huge fleet throughout European waters and beyond”. 04 Oct 2011
Greenpeace condemns attempts to unravel Pacific conservation measures
Greenpeace has expressed its disappointment with the major fishing nations active in the Western and Central Pacific, for their attempts to unravel current conservation and management measures of the region’s declining tuna stocks. 05 Oct 2011
Greenpeace: How subsidies are destroying oceans
Greenpeace has released a new report “Until the Last Fish – the Absurd Model of Deep Sea Fisheries” outlining how the EU Common Fisheries Policy subsidies allow the continuation of bottom trawling. 18 Oct 2011
Greenpeace releases tuna bycatch video
Video footage captured by a tuna industry whistleblower has been released by Greenpeace, showing the extent of the bycatch caught by purse-seine vessels deploying FADs in the Pacific Ocean. 17 Nov 2011
Enviro organisations respond to EU fund
Environmental organisations have been issuing their responses to the European Commission’s proposal for a new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). 06 Dec 2011
Greenpeace calls for sustainable tuna
As politicians gathered in Guam this week for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to decide on the future of Pacific tuna, Greenpeace released its second ranking of Canadian canned tuna companies. 27 Mar 2012
Greenpeace: WPFC meeting fails tuna
The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting ended having failed to reach agreement on necessary conservation measures, putting Pacific tuna populations on coarse to collapse, says Greenpeace. 03 Apr 2012
Greenpeace targets EU Fisheries Council
Greenpeace activists have targeted the EU Fisheries Council today in an attempt to urge ministers to rethink an agreement it feels could derail any chance of achieving improvements to EU fishing rules under a once in a decade reform. 12 Jun 2012
Stars demand Arctic sanctuary
Famous faces including Sir Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz, Robert Redford, One Direction, and Sir Richard Branson are demanding that oil drilling and unsustainable fishing are banned in Arctic waters. 21 Jun 2012
Greenpeace intercepts super trawler
Greenpeace activists on an inflatable boat intercepted the world’s second largest factory fishing trawler, the FV ‘Margiris’, and are blocking the ship’s entry into Port Lincoln in South Australia. 30 Aug 2012
MEPs back conflicting measures
The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee has voted on proposed changes to the EU’s fishing practices in international and foreign waters. 19 Sep 2012
Greenpeace protests against Dongwon
This week activists from the Greenpeace ship ‘Esperanza’ have occupied the dry dock where one of Dongwon's purse seine ships, MV ‘Granada’, is being repaired. 25 Sep 2012
Mozambique surveillance completed
The Greenpeace flagship, ‘Rainbow Warrior’ recently finished its two week surveillance of Mozambique waters, as part of its cooperation with the Mozambican Ministry of Fisheries. 25 Sep 2012
Negative response to EMFF outcomes
Environmental organisations have responded to EMFF outcomes at the EU Agriculture & Fisheries Council. 24 Oct 2012
Greenpeace records illegal fishing
Greenpeace has found illegal fishing operations in the Indian Ocean, and the organisation says that the monitoring of tuna fisheries must be strengthened and transfers of fish at sea banned to end the overfishing crisis. 13 Nov 2012
John West to phase out FADs
John West in Australia (Simplot) has pledged to phase out the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) used with purse seine nets by 2015. 04 Dec 2012
S. Korea abandons scientific whaling
The government of South Korea has abandoned its plans to begin a ‘scientific’ whaling operation, a move which Greenpeace has called a significant step forward in global efforts to protect whale populations. 06 Dec 2012
Greenpeace: WCPFC outcomes a “disaster”
The latest meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) took place this week in the Philippines and the outcomes have been described as a “disaster” by Greenpeace. 06 Dec 2012
UK fishermen reject Greenpeace report
The National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (NFFO), the body representing fishermen’s interests in the UK has rejected claims by Greenpeace that criticise how the industry is represented. 04 Feb 2013
NFFO names 10 flaws in Greenpeace research
The National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (NFFO) has identified 10 flaws in a report by Greenpeace, which it says risks dividing and damaging the very livelihoods, industry and food supply the environmental group purports to support. 06 Feb 2013
EP votes in favour of CFP
On Wednesday (6 February) the European Parliament voted in favour of the European Commission's proposal for a new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 06 Feb 2013
Greenpeace: NFFO forced into ‘embarrassing climb-down’
Greenpeace’s recent report ‘Wolf in Shrimp’s Clothing’ has caused quite a stir. 11 Feb 2013
NFFO: Greenpeace should focus on the fishermen
The National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (NFFO) has offered to meet with Greenpeace to identify more ‘real and tangible ways’ the organisation can contribute to the sustainable and commercial goals of the UK fishing industry. 12 Feb 2013
NFI informs retailers of Greenpeace hypocrisy
Greenpeace’s annual sustainability survey and ranking of US grocers, 'Carting Away the Oceans', has been criticised by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI). 07 Mar 2013
Greenpeace responds to NFI criticism
In response to a recent article published regarding the National Fisheries Institute's (NFI) criticism of Greenpeace’s annual sustainability survey and ranking of US grocers, 'Carting Away the Oceans', World Fishing & Aquaculture has received the following letter from Greenpeace USA’s Oceans Campaign Director, John Hocevar. 12 Mar 2013
Margiris owners “a dominant force” in UK fisheries
A Greenpeace report has revealed that the Dutch owners of the supertrawler ‘Margiris’ are a dominant force behind Yorkshire’s top fishing organisations. 19 Mar 2013
Greenpeace welcomes quota clampdown
Greenpeace has welcomed news of a UK government review of the so-called ‘economic-link’ requirements for vessels holding UK fishing quota, which it says could lead to more quota being allocated to reponsible local fishermen. 19 Mar 2013
NFFO slams Greenpeace evidence as ‘nonsense’
The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) has dubbed Greenpeace’s recent claims that its Spanish fleet has been exploiting UK fishing quotas as ‘unqualified, assumption-based nonsense’. 29 Mar 2013
Greenpeace urges South Korea to control fish trade
The South Korean government should “prioritise stopping illegal fishing activities” to rescue its fish trade with the US and the EU, says Jiehyun Park, Greenpeace East Asia Oceans campaigner. 12 Apr 2013
NFI wants answers from Greenpeace
The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) has come up with a set of 10 questions which it believes reporters should ask Greenpeace before publishing its impending press release about American retailers' seafood sustainability practices. 17 Apr 2013
Mauritius urged to deny vessel entry
Greenpeace has urged the Mauritian government to refuse port clearance for a South Korean vessel accused of illegal fishing in order to protect the Indian Ocean. 19 Apr 2013
NGOs concerned over CFP negotiations
A statement from European civil society and conservation groups has said that they are concerned about the threat of delays or the possible collapse of negotiations on the EU fisheries reform. 01 May 2013
Small boats take on powerful groups in court
Small-scale fishermen are joining the government in a court battle with Britain’s most powerful fishing groups which could decide who ultimately controls the UK's fishing quota. 01 May 2013
Fishing capacity in Indian Ocean
Greenpeace International has released a report, presented to delegates attending the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) in Mauritius last week, highlighting the lack of data on fishing capacity in the Indian Ocean. 08 May 2013
Greenpeace attacks IOTC efforts
Greenpeace International has accused the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) of lacking in action to halt the decline of the region’s vulnerable tuna and taking measures to protect sharks. 13 May 2013
CFP compromise offered to European Parliament
Fisheries ministers have agreed on a new mandate for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, following 36 hours of negotiations. 15 May 2013
Greenpeace delivers 100,000-strong petition to Brussels
Greenpeace has delivered a petition to Brussels in the form of 100,000 paper boats, calling for urgent measures in support of small-scale sustainable fishermen and for a fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 29 May 2013
Greenpeace releases 2013 sustainable supermarket list
Greenpeace has released its 2013 Carting Away the Oceans (CATO) report, which ranks American supermarkets on their sustainable seafood policies. 05 Jun 2013
Public support for UK fishing quota
The British public are showing their support for the ‘reshuffle’ in distribution of the UK’s fishing quota with a 110,000 strong petition. 11 Jun 2013
Iceland resumes whaling
The first fin whale has been caught by an Icelandic company, the first of a planned 180 by whaler Kristján Loftsson. 19 Jun 2013
South Korea amends fisheries law to address illegal fishing
The Korean National Assembly has amended its fisheries law to help curb illegal fishing. 02 Jul 2013
Victory for small-scale fishermen
The High Court has backed the UK government's decision to redistribute some of the unused fishing allowances held by big fishing firms to small inshore fishing boats. 10 Jul 2013
EMFF to fuel overfishing
Votes have been cast on how taxpayer money from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) will be spent, and the overwhelming response from environmental groups is that this fund will now facilitate overfishing. 10 Jul 2013
Samskip plans to stop transporting whale meat
Samskip has announced that it plans to stop transporting whale meat, following a Taiwanese shipping company’s decision to send six containers of whale meat back to Iceland. 11 Jul 2013
New York bans shark fin trade
Fourteen animal welfare, environmental and conservation organisations have applauded Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing a law that bans the possession, sale, trade and distribution of shark fins in New York. 31 Jul 2013
No ‘green’ canned tuna in Spain
Greenpeace Spain has published the first Spanish tinned tuna ranking, joining the global Greenpeace campaign for improved sustainability and transparency in the industry. 06 Aug 2013
Roadmap to transform Pacific tuna fisheries
Small Pacific islands are to see greater economic benefits with the promotion of more sustainable and locally owned and operated tuna fisheries, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific. 09 Aug 2013
Bottom trawling will not be phased out
The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee has voted to ban bottom trawling in areas of the North East Atlantic with vulnerable marine ecosystems, but not to phase out bottom trawling altogether. 05 Nov 2013
Greenpeace: Reform needed in tuna longline fisheries
In a new report, Greenpeace International says that a grave lack of regulations is hindering sustainable management of the world’s longline tuna fishery fleets. 20 Nov 2013
Commission fails to make changes to overfishing
Greenpeace has spoken out about the increasing need “to take steps to ensure sustainable fishing” following the end of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission 10th meeting. 09 Dec 2013
Deep-sea fishing vote
The European Parliament has voted on deep-sea fishing in the North-East Atlantic – and has voted against phasing out deep-sea bottom trawling and bottom gillnetting. 10 Dec 2013
Tesco in strife over dirty tuna
The UK’s largest supermarket, Tesco, has come in last place compared to other leading supermarkets in a Greenpeace tuna sustainability league table highlighted by Channel 4’s Fish Fight programme. 03 Mar 2014
Ban on ‘scientific’ whaling
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Japan must stop its whaling programme in the Southern Ocean. 01 Apr 2014
Tesco backs down over tinned tuna
Greenpeace and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are claiming victory in their campaign against Tesco and the cut-price tuna brand Oriental & Pacific. 15 Apr 2014
Industry airs concerns over new fisheries fund
The European Parliament has agreed on the €6.5bn European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) – the final step of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform – but a number of key industry players have voiced their concerns over its implementation. 17 Apr 2014
Asda publishes first transparent sourcing report
Asda has become the first supermarket to publish comprehensive and independent data on the fisheries that supply it, meaning that consumers can see exactly how and where Asda’s wild fish is caught. 09 Jul 2014
Bigeye tuna on overfished list
Greenpeace says that new figures from the tenth meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Scientific Committee (WCPFC), reveal that bigeye tuna is now officially overfished and is in danger of heading down the same track as Bluefin tuna. 07 Aug 2014
Commissioner Candidate fails to impress, says Greenpeace
Greenpeace says it is concerned about the future of the marine environment following European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella’s first Commissioner hearing. 30 Sep 2014
Greenpeace protests against ‘illegal’ vessel
Greenpeace is accusing the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) of failing to regulate the illegal activity of its distant water fleet. 07 Oct 2014
Deutsche Bank deal criticised
An initial public offering (IPO) organised by Deutsche Bank for one of China’s largest tuna longline companies has been criticised as “misleading” by the Chinese government. 15 Oct 2014
Greenpeace highlights “Monster boats”
Greenpeace has blasted 20 “monster boats” which it says are examples of the most destructive and oversized fishing vessels operating under European flag, ownership or management. 04 Nov 2014
Greenpeace blocks S. Korean vessel
Greenpeace is protesting against South Korea's "lack of control over its illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) activities" by blocking the departure of fishing vessel 'Insung 3' from Busan. 19 Nov 2014
CTIG no-show at WCPFC meet
Greenpeace says that the disgraced China Tuna Industry Group (CTIG) did not turn up at the eleventh Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) meeting this week. 03 Dec 2014
CTI withdraws application
The China Tuna Industry Group (CTI) Holding Limited has officially withdrawn its IPO application from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 10 Dec 2014
Greenpeace questions future of Pacific tuna
Greenpeace is urging tuna traders and investors to “start behaving ethically” to ensure a sustainable future for the stock and market after Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) talks failed. 10 Dec 2014
Reaction to Fish Council outcomes
Fishing quotas for 2015 in the Atlantic, North Sea and Black Sea were decided at the EU Fisheries and Agriculture Council on Tuesday – and have received a mixed reaction from the industry. 17 Dec 2014
Oz permanently bans supertrawlers
The federal government has permanently banned supertrawlers from Australian waters following temporary bans first imposed by the Labor government two years ago. 29 Dec 2014
NZ seabed mining request overthrown
New Zealand’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has refused permission for a bid to mine phosphate from the Chatham Rise’s deep sea bed – a decision welcomed by environmental groups who opposed the scheme. 12 Feb 2015
NFI slams latest Greenpeace campaign
The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is calling on media and industry to research and question Greenpeace’s latest fund raising campaign, which “uses tuna as a poster child for its fund raising efforts”. 10 Mar 2015
Better seafood labelling demanded in Australia
An alliance of environmental and industry groups have called for clear seafood labelling in Australia. 16 Apr 2015
Greenpeace highlights fishing’s ‘Risky Business’
Greenpeace is warning investors of the “high risk” that recent changes to EU fishing and seafood legislation brings for financing fishing operations reliant on overexploited stocks, or the use of destructive or unselective methods. 21 Apr 2015
UK fishing quota war
A full judicial review into the UK government’s decision on how to allocate the UK fishing quota has been given the green light by the High Court. 28 Apr 2015
Greenpeace calls out Chinese IUU fishing
Greenpeace is calling for China’s fishing companies to be ‘reined in’ after research revealed at least 74 fishing vessels owned and operated by four Chinese Distant Water Fishing (DWF) companies have been exposed for fishing illegally in prohibited fishing grounds in West Africa. 22 May 2015
UK supermarkets disclose seafood sources
Three major UK supermarkets are working to increase transparency over the sourcing of their seafood products as part of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). 29 Jul 2015
Greenpeace raids illegal Pacific tuna fishing
Greenpeace’s ship, ‘Rainbow Warrior’, is doing its part to stop a Taiwanese tuna longliner illegally fishing in the tuna-rich tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. 14 Sep 2015
Greenpeace calls for Pacific transshipment ban
Greenpeace is urging Pacific Island Nations to ban transhipment of fish catches in the region following the Government of Nauru’s decision to no longer allow the practice in its waters. 17 Sep 2015
New incidents of forced labour revealed
A Greenpeace Southeast Asia investigation says that Thai Union Group has not done enough to alleviate concerns over human rights abuses in the company’s tuna supply chain. 05 Nov 2015