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Cod recovery zone - North Sea closure
The North Sea (areas IVa, IVb, IVc) will be closed to vessels using towed gear of 100mm and above for the rest of January. 27 Jan 2010
EU crackdown on world fish pirates
IUU fishing is worth billions of dollars a year and hits both fish stocks and the efforts to manage fisheries in a sustainable way. 03 Feb 2010
£5.25 million grants boost for English fishing industry
£5.25 million in grants has been awarded to the English fishing industry from the European Fisheries Fund. 04 Mar 2010
French stern trawler fished inside closed cod box
French stern trawler Maranello fished for six hours inside an area off Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK, which is closed annually to demersal trawling to protect spawning cod, magistrates heard. 24 Mar 2010
New provisions for releasing detained vessels
A number of recent vessel detentions have meant that new provisions under the UK’s Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 relating to the lodging of bonds to secure the release of vessels have been put into practice. 23 Dec 2010