DSI Freezing Solutions A/S

DSI is the global marketleader in developing, designing and manufacturing exclusive automatic plate freezing solutions. Regarded as the most reliable and trusted brand, we have thousands of installations worldwide.

Vertical plate freezers for maunual and automatic block unloading. Horizontal plate freezers for manual and automatic loading and unloading. Horizontal self-contained plate freezers. Horizontal plate freezers with blast. All freezers approved for R22/R717/Co2/R404/R410 etc Freezing trays/pans. Why block freezing? Ensures better overall economy, Ensures the best possible product quality, Saves valuable time, Safe, rapid freezing, Easy product palletisation. Our plate freezers are developed and improved on an ongoing basis in collaboration with our customers to ensure that they fulfil market demands. They are available with different block sizes and accessories designed to meet customers' needs. DSI plate freezers comply with the most stringent requirements with regard to safety and ergonomic design and are easy to clean.

DSI Freezing Solutions

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