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  • Red shrimp producers expect market recovery

    ?Argentine red shrimp producers expect to see market recovery


    After two years of heavy production, the international markets for Argentine red shrimp now seem to be overloaded and the prices are continually going down, reports Eduardo Campos Lima.

  • Aquaculture’s time is now

    Aquaculture’s time is now


    Fish farming can thrive in this new age of tech disruption, writes Jason Holland

  • Crossing borders

    Crossing borders


    While EU seafood exports are in the ascendance, the growing appetite for seafood among European consumers continues to elevate the importance of imported products, writes Jason Holland.

  • Seafood’s changing tide

    Seafood’s changing tide


    While the global seafood trade is expected to continue to grow, recent analysis points to shifts in the market dynamics, writes Jason Holland.

  • Lake Victoria conservation efforts

    Lake Victoria conservation efforts


    There is nothing unusual about high levels of resentment among fishermen in developing countries, directed at the law enforcement authorities that make efforts to prevent the use of illegal and non-selective fishing gears, reports Lilian Elekwachi.

  • Beyond Brexit

    Beyond Brexit


    Despite all the current uncertainty about how Britain and the EU will part ways, the UK’s seafood sector should still seek pathways to future market growth, writes Jason Holland.

  • Currency hedging is the key to a plain sailing future

    Currency hedging is key to plain sailing


    As the UK prepares to leave the EU, Lee McDarby, Director of Corporate FX at moneycorp explains why the fishing community should have a plan around currency exposure.

  • Ending seafood industry’s gender inequality

    Ending seafood industry’s gender inequality


    March 8th, International Women’s Day, has become the day of the year to highlight what women do and review progress. Some workplaces have joined in celebrating this day, featuring heartening commitments to gender equality. But we also frequently see in the workplace the omission, forgetfulness or ignorance of what this ...

  • Keeping the fish moving

    Keeping the fish moving, as seafood sector faces Brexit uncertainty


    No matter what the final Brexit scenario is, it’s vital that every effort is taken to ensure that trade disruptions in seafood supply chains are kept to a minimum, writes Jason Holland.

  • European aquaculture - Too soon to be bullish

    European aquaculture - Too soon to be bullish


    European aquaculture - Too soon to be bullish While a new study claims that EU aquaculture has ‘fully recovered’ from a recent downturn, any celebratory popping of corks will be premature, writes Jason Holland

  • Book review: The Cod Hunters

    Book review: The Cod Hunters


    The Cod Hunters is an exploration of the cod fisheries of Shetland from the early nineteenth century. There are few people better qualified to chart the history of Shetland’s fisheries than John Goodlad with his remarkable depth of knowledge.

  • SSPO: Transparency and Engagement

    ?Heralding a New Era of Transparency and Engagement


    Julie Hesketh-Laird, the recently appointed Chief Executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation, speaks at length to Owen Stevens for World Fishing & Aquaculture

  • Russia: on the brink of big changes

    Russia: on the brink of big changes??


    ?The Russian fishing industry is on the verge of major changes, due to the recently announced state plans to completely replace the existing distribution of fishing rights based on track records with by a system of auctions, reports Eugene Gerden

  • Aquaculture can be more sustainable

    Aquaculture can be more sustainable


    Fish farming has made strong progress in recent years, but there’s still plenty of choppy water ahead reports Jason Holland.

  • Mackerel fishermen fight 42% TAC cut

    Mackerel fishermen fight 42% TAC cut


    Pelagic fishermen working in the NE Atlantic are aghast at a proposed huge cut in the region’s mackerel TAC for 2019 and are fighting to get it reduced, reports Tim Oliver

  • SOFIA gives clear warning of climate change

    SOFIA gives clear warning of climate change challenge


    Every few years the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation published its State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) report, providing a snapshot of the world’s fisheries and making predictions for future developments.

  • ?Fingerlings and other lings

    ?Fingerlings and other lings


    With the accelerating growth of fish consumption, more and more attention and efforts are being dedicated to the development of fish farming, both?? ?? marine and freshwater. To produce fish of edible size, in most cases fish farmers populate their ponds or fish cages with young stages of the preferred ...

  • Farming offshore in the Americas

    Farming offshore in the Americas – How the United States’ loss continues to be its neighbour’s gain


    As a seafood market, the US is heavily dependent on imports, with an estimated 91% of the products consumed in the country now coming in from overseas producers, reports Jason Holland.

  • A draft white paper detailing post-Brexit management ideas for UK fishing indicates that the discard ban will remain

    UK set to take control of its waters – but ready to co-operate on management


    The UK Government will put sustainable fisheries and marine conservation at the heart of its fisheries management regime after Brexit. It says adherence to sustainable fishing practices will be a pre-condition of any future access to UK waters for EU countries, reports Tom Ainsworth.

  • Born on Friday 13th – superstition and the sea

    Born on Friday 13th – superstition and the sea


    Sitting down to write this, I can’t help noticing that the date is Friday 13th, so a look at superstition seems appropriate. What a crazy idea! Me and superstitions? I consider myself a most rational human being and a total non-believer, especially with respect to superstition. So why should I ...