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  • A more optimistic future for the under tens

    Under 10m fleet wins quota battle


    Bryan Gibson reports on the recent court battle between the UK’s under 10m fleet and the producer associations over quota share.

  • Lobster boats are moored in safe harbor near Stonington, Maine. Credit: Gabriel Nordyke/Marine Photobank

    Champion of small-scale fishermen


    Menakhem Ben-Yami interviews Robin Alden, Executive Director of Penobscot East Resource Center and member of Maine Sea Grant''s Policy Advisory Committee.

  • Fishing boats in Gujarat. Credit: Koshy Koshy/ CC-BY-2.0

    India: Too many fishermen?


    Menakhem Ben-Yami looks into the stagnation of Gujarat''s fisheries.

  • Bering Sea shore

    Warming up relations in cold waters


    Back in 1867, President Andrew Johnson''s Secretary of State William Seward went shopping and returned home with a bargain: the whole and only Russian territory on the American continent – Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, which since 1859 was put on sale by the Russian Empire.

  • A proper ‘plaice’ to buy fish

    The traditional fishmonger: The right horse for the course


    Bryan Gibson looks at the benefits of buying fish from a traditional fishmonger, compared to a supermarket.

  • One of the trafficking victims shows the physical damage done to his hands while working aboard a Thai fishing boat © EJF

    Violence and murder in Thai fisheries


    A new report by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) has documented harrowing evidence of human trafficking and exploitation in Thailand’s fishing industry, where boat workers are subjected to excessive working hours, little or no pay, threats of violence, physical abuse, and even murder, reports Carly Wills.

  • Mussel cultivation in Chile

    Sustainability key to Chilean fisheries


    Chile’s Vice Minister of Fishing, Pablo Galilea, has announced that Chile has plans to maintain its position as a world power in fisheries and aquaculture, and believes that his country’s new fisheries law is just the tool to help Chile achieve this goal, reports Carly Wills.

  • Ian Boyd said that MSY should be regarded as a limit, not a target. Credit: Macieklew/CC-BY-SA-2.5

    Little justification for MSY approach


    Andrew Martin looks at the MSY approach to fishing.

  • After cyclone Nargis

    Malice and grief in Southern waters


    Menakhem Ben-Yami writes on the dangers fishermen face in Southern waters.

  • A giant bluefin caught in the Central Atlantic

    FAO appraises tuna fisheries worldwide


    Menakhem Ben-Yami takes a look at the global tuna industry.

  • The author with children in a Nigerian fishing village, 1990

    Women and children: Trials and tribulations


    Menakhem Ben-Yami explores the plight of women and children in African fisheries.

  • News

    Catch shares – who to believe?


    With the onset of the 21st century, the US fisheries management administered by NOAA Fisheries has been promoting and implementing individual and tradable quotas (ITQ), which with time gained a new name – ‘catch shares’.

  • Retailers are trying to reassure customers that they are tightening up their traceability systems. Credit: Tesco

    Labelling must be accurate or suppliers will suffer


    Andrew Martin looks at how the horse meat scandal could impact on the seafood industry.

  • The Argo Merchant oil spill - the ship broke apart and spilled its entire cargo of 7.7 million gallons of No. 6 fuel oil. Credit: Doug Helton, NOAA/NOS/ORR

    Pew drops anchor in Europe


    The American NGO Pew Charitable Trusts is spending millions of dollars financing NGOs that deal with marine conservation by coming into public and legal conflicts with the American fishing industry and management, reports Menakhem Ben-Yami.

  • News

    Blowing in the wind


    American commercial fisheries are feeling increasingly beleaguered. On top of being plagued for the last four years by the adverse catch-share system, they had been hurt by the mega-spill of oil in the Mexican Bay, severely injured by the recent hurricane Sandy and struggled, evidently in vain, to obtain their ...

  • Salmon sushi and sashimi platter. Credit: Angelicadlr/License CC BY-SA 3.0

    Norway increases salmon exports to China


    Norway’s exports of fresh salmon are growing at a strong double digit annual rate to China, reports David Hayes.

  • Dr Jason Link

    Managing ecosystems on three levels


    Menakhem Ben-Yami exclusively interviews NOAA’s new Senior Scientist for Ecosystem Management, Jason Link.

  • A Brazilian jangada. Credit: Patrick, CC BY-SA 3.0

    Straight off the boat


    Menakhem Ben-Yami reports on the online marketing of fish.

  • The horseshoe crab is playing a vital role in research at Boston University’s Woods Hole Marine Institute

    Is it time for the fishing industry to re-calibrate its moral compass?


    Bryan Gibson writes on the issue of food waste and asks if we should be making more of the resources we have.

  • The new IUU regime will tackle one of the CFP's greatest bug bears. Credit: Mark A Coleman (Beer), CC-BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    IUU fishing – a new regime for the CFP


    Andrew Oldland QC, partner at UK solicitors Michelmores, looks at illegal fishing from a legal perspective.