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  • Overfishing: what everybody needs to know

    Overfishing? Not quite


    I don''t like the term overfishing. Not that overfishing doesn''t occur, but because this term is too often over-used and misused.

  • Some 20,000t of Norway’s coldwater prawn catch is now MSC certified

    Opportunity knocks


    Norway is looking to capitalise on the high demand for coldwater prawns. Jason Holland looks at one of the most important commercial species in the world.

  • Captain Fisher

    From Doryman’s Days to great skipper’s life


    A native of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Captain R Barry Fisher (1928-2001) had been to me a sort of an overseas ‘alter ego’.

  • The report

    Little fish - big noise


    The recently published report by Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force (LFFTF), entitled Little Fish – Big Impact that glows in some media, calls for cutting the catch of forage fish by half.

  • Aquahives developed to hold circular trays of young lobsters stacked like CD's in a plastic container

    ‘Home-bred’ lobsters to be released into the sea


    As part of an ongoing project to improve breeding success of the European lobster, recreational divers from Bude in Cornwall, UK, will be releasing up to 1000 six week old juveniles into the no-catch zone surrounding the wreck of the ‘Coronation’.

  • Worldwide overfishing is still an ‘unresolved concern’

    Worldwide overfishing continues


    Overfishing has brought about many challenges to the European fishing industry (see World Fishing & Aquaculture April 2012), but in the rest of the world those challenges are just as prominent and in many respects resolving them is even more urgent, writes Adrian Tatum. African waters, for example, have long ...

  • Nesika, beached after capsising, with Coast Guard personnel onboard

    Logbook of a fisherman's wife - a fishing lore saga


    I have recently finished reading a book by Michele Longo Eder - a fisherman''s wife from Newport, Oregon.

  • Last June the Commission reported that fish stocks in European waters are improving. Credit: Mick Garratt/Wiki

    Overfishing in Europe must end


    Last June the Commission reported that fish stocks in European waters are improving. Credit: Mick Garratt/WikiAlongside discards, overfishing ranks as one of the most discussed subjects both in the political arena and industry over the past few years, reports Adrian Tatum. Overfishing and the failure of the Common Fisheries Policy ...

  • News

    PROFISH: Is it also pro-fishermen?


    In 2005 the World Bank (WB) created the Global Partnership on Fisheries (PROFISH) in association with key donors and stakeholders.

  • News

    Back to slavery


    Things are going from bad to worse. Over six years ago (WF June 2005) I wrote here about low-paid and badly treated "foreigners" onboard large, distant-water fishing vessels, some of which flying FOC (flag-of-convenience) and some IUU (Illegal, unreported and unregulated).

  • Hugh’s Fish Fight was set up to try to change discard laws

    Bringing Europe together on discards


    It was a move seen by many as long overdue, but 2011 was to be the year that Europe was to come together as one to change the rules on discards forever.

  • A trawler East of Greenland some 30 years ago, exploring the possibilities for shrimp fisheries

    Arctic fisheries and global warming


    Global warming was recently an item on the agenda at the COP17 meeting in Durban, South Africa (28 November - 11 December 2011). It was emphasised in the meetings that it is important to begin adaptation for exposed and vulnerable poor communities which are negatively affected by the consequences of ...

  • The Tasu getting wrecked on the beach

    Ditching a fishing boat? No problem – just follow the rules


    I started my marine career as a wireless operator. An upcoming ‘sparker’, as we were fondly called by other seamen, one of the first subjects they taught me at maritime school was how to react to safety problems and, in particular, when yours or other ship was in distress.

  • Richard Cook, MD Severn & Wye Smokery, releasing glass eels into the Thames

    New hope for eel


    Richard Cook, MD Severn & Wye Smokery, releasing glass eels into the ThamesWhile it’s true the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) has significantly declined in numbers, it’s wrong to say this centuries-old delicacy has been overfished. In fact from February this year eel buyers will have the opportunity to buy sustainable ...

  • News

    Dracula, Lord Nelson and Cap’n Cook in TV fishing expedition


    Whitby regularly hauls in a massive, capacity-busting catch with little effort, no loss of days at sea and zero fuel outlay. A calm sea and sunny weather on an August Saturday meant the haul of tourists jammed cobbled Church Street whose cod-end narrows at the start of the 199 stone ...

  • News

    Fisheries management – the Japanese way


    I last wrote on Japan in the World Fishing & Aquaculture May issue, following the series of disasters - earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima meltdown. Since then, the surviving NE Japan''s fishermen and its fishing industry have been struggling to stay afloat and gradually return to anything that resembles normality.

  • News

    Traditional management: can it be revived?


    In the 1980s the National Fisherman, an American fisheries journal featured a column written by an East Coast fisherman Captain Perc Sane.

  • Electrolux vacs from the sea

    Plastic – enemy of the sea


    The British Plastics Federation (BPF) attempts to whitewash this admission by claiming, “Plastic materials are generally inert and lend themselves to product safety-critical situations such as food and pharmaceutical packaging, toys and medical implants”. The federation also simplifies the constant introduction of new plastic pollutants by claiming to be just ...

  • News

    The rowdy mackerel


    A not a very reader-friendly chapter called Mackerel in the Northeast Atlantic (combined Southern, Western, and North Sea spawning components) from a recent ICES report describes in almost 6,000 words the status of mackerel stocks.

  • Adult seaweed ready for collection

    Chile leads algae farming research


    This targeted species is one of the most important cold water carrageenan producing algae species. It is an endemic South American species which provides raw material to three important Chilean producers which together supply over 29% of the world's carrageenan needs. So far, the raw material is only provided through ...