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Astilleros de Murueta is a family owned company founded in 1943, on the Gernika river estuary, in Spain. The company works on the international market, designing and constructing all type of ships. Its long tradition and extensive experience are backed by more than 300 vessels built over more than 75 years working in the naval and merchant marine sector.

The projects carried out by the company, whose name translates as Murueta Shipyards, are many and varied, factory trawlers, freezer tuna fishing boats, life fish carriers, coastguard patrol boats, suction hopper dredgers, cargo ships, roll-on roll-off vessels, reefers, offshore and bunkering vessels, both conventional and LNG, tugboats, and so on. They are all built entirely at the two shipyards belonging to the Company. Astilleros de Murueta is characterized by its skill in understanding and adapting to the shipowner’s needs. Its projects are tailored specifically to each customer, this means that shipowners can be sure than they get the ship they need with the state of the art in shipbuilding technology. Astilleros de Murueta is adopting a vanguard position in the sustainable development of technology and new fuels. On this way we have delivered LNG bunker vessel, LNG-Diesel oil dual fuel Tug boat.




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