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Bridon agrees £3m of major vessel supply deals
Wire and fibre rope manufacturer, Bridon, has agreed a number of major new vessel supply deals in Asia and the North Atlantic totalling more than £3m over the last 18-24 months. 12 Nov 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Euronete brings new products to IceFish
Euronete, supplier of fishing nets, wire and fibre ropes, will introduce new products with exclusive benefits at IceFish. 26 Aug 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
The world’s strongest fibre rope on display
Dong Yang Rope of South Korea will be displaying its MirAcle rope – described as the world’s strongest fibre rope - at Nor-Fishing this year, in the hope of gaining a foothold in northern Europe. 21 May 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New lead-free line
Danish producer of fishing equipment, Grønborg Line, has developed a new lead-free line for industrial fishing. 10 Sep 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Rope solutions
Oliveira is a brand recognised worldwide for its quality and service. 10 Sep 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Poly-DK becomes Nordic Rope
Danish company Poly-DK, specialist in the development of fibre-based ropes and lines for industrial, marine and offshore, has changed its name to Nordic Rope Aps. 30 Apr 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New environmentally friendly wire rope
Asia One Marine has introduced its Fishcable this year, which aims to reduce pollution caused by ropes greased with petrol based or synthetic chemical greases. 21 Mar 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New fishing rope development centre opens
Rope manufacturer Bridon has invested £5m in the recently-launched Bridon Technology Centre (BTC), built for the development of fishing ropes. 12 Feb 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Industry gathers at launch of rope factory
Industry leaders from companies including Heerema, NOV, and Certex assembled in Northern England at the end of November to watch UK business minister Michael Fallon open a facility that will manufacture the world’s largest ropes. 28 Nov 2012 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Indian vessel saved by rope made with Dyneema®
Indian company Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd, a household name in the Indian fishing community through its close bond with fishermen, has recently introduced Plateena rope, produced with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. 25 Jul 2012 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
WireCo acquires Lankhorst Euronete
WireCo WorldGroup Inc, producer of wire rope, electromechanical cable and wire products, has completed the acquisition of Koninklijke (Royal) Lankhorst Euronete Group B.V. 24 Jul 2012 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Novacavi’s new tow cable
Novacavi has recently developed a bespoke composite tow cable, with a special heavy armour and breaking strength higher than 1000kN, to be used in sea fishing systems for flatfish. 09 May 2012 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New cutting machine closes the gill net circle
Neptunus ehf. the developer of pre-mounted gill nets, says it has finally solved the mystery behind clearing the ropes off of its nets after use, without harming the ropes. 16 Aug 2011 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
WireCo WorldGroup buys Grupo Oliveira
WireCo WorldGroup Inc, a leading producer and marketer of specialty wire ropes, has acquired Grupo Oliveira Sá and certain other assets comprising its worldwide business. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed. 09 Dec 2010 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Nets and twines
Tecnored produces a wide range of nets and twines in both knotted and knotless constructions for the industrial fishing and fish farming industries. 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Ropes and twines on display
Cordex will be showing its Aquacord line at WFE in Vigo, as part of its wide range of high performance synthetic ropes and twines for application in the fishing and aquaculture industries. 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
The Dyneema Soft Shackle
POLY-DK says that is has been very busy since introducing the Soft Shackle at the latest DanFish exhibition. 01 Apr 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New French fuel-saving netting
Le Drezen, the French manufacturers of twine and nets has joined the rush to offer fuel-saving gear with the launch of BrezTop. It is a combination of high tenacity monofilaments and a special twine construction and Le Drezen says this means it has a high breaking strength overall and especially in the knot. 09 Dec 2005 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Jaya Nets expands its markets
Malaysian company Jaya Nets says that its trademark brand Eagle is doing very well in the international market, which now reaches 30 per cent of its production. 09 Dec 2005 - World Fishing & Aquaculture