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Nets on display at Nor-Fishing
Richan Netting MFG Co, Ltd is a professional net maker for nylon twisted and braided net, Nylon monofilament and multifilament net, PE and Polyester net, Raschel net, purse seine, safety net, rope, twine, and other fishing accessories. 26 Jul 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
FISA launches new website and unveils new logo
Fibras Industriales S.A. (FISA), a global company active in net, aquaculture manufacturing and fabrication, has launched its new webpage and logo. 16 May 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Building tomorrow’s fishing
Fishing net manufacturer Le Drezen has recently supplied a purse seine net to Gevred, Compagnie Française du Thon Océanique (CFTO)’s new 77m freezer tuna seiner. 10 Feb 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Knotless netting on display
WireCo WorldGroup (Euronete/Oliveira) will be exhibiting Eurocross® netting on their joint exhibition stand at DanFish this year. 11 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Net Systems adds purse seine net loft
Net Systems on Bainbridge Island, Washington State, USA, has taken over the Purse Seine Net Department for Marco Global. 11 May 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Pelagic trawls from Capto net twine
Pelagic trawls from Vónin equipped with newly-developed Capto net twine are catching on among skippers looking for smoother operations, the company reports. 10 Mar 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Dutch companies opt for Dyneema®
Dutch fishing company Cornelis Vrolijk and its subsidiary Jaczon are replacing their nylon trawls with Dyneema®, DSM’s light and strong UHMwPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) fibre. 23 Sep 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Brezforce from Le Drezen
French company Le Drezen has launched its latest netting, Brezforce. 05 Dec 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Success for Vónin nets in Iceland
The capelin season in the Icelandic zone has reached its end and Icelandic, Faroese and Norwegian vessels have been fishing for the past two months. 29 Mar 2012 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New cutting machine closes the gill net circle
Neptunus ehf. the developer of pre-mounted gill nets, says it has finally solved the mystery behind clearing the ropes off of its nets after use, without harming the ropes. 16 Aug 2011 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Euronete acquires Le Drezen
Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group and the Le Brun brothers have come to an agreement for the former to acquire the brother’s company – Group Le Drezen in Guilvinec, France. 04 Aug 2011 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Pelagic pair fitted out with new Triplex net bins
Triplex AS has announced a contract with Larsnes Mek Verksted AS for the delivery of a newly-developed Triplex Net Handling System for a built-in net bin to the new vessels Eros and Kings Bay. 29 Dec 2010 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
International visitors to Fishing 2010 a key attraction for KT Nets
Irish pelagic trawl manufacturer KT Nets says it will be exhibiting again at this year’s Fishing 2010 exhibition in Glasgow because of the strong visitor presence from overseas. 05 Apr 2010 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
French fishermen seek seine net skills in Iceland
A group of French fishermen from the west coast port of Les Sables d’Olonne have spent a week familiarising themselves with Icelandic methods of seine netting. 01 Dec 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Motueka praises Dyneema
The last two years have been exciting for New Zealand's largest net manufacturer, Motueka Nets, and the company says this is due to Dyneema. 01 Dec 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New Dynamica ropes
Danish company Netmark A/S supplies twisted and braided TURBO nylon netting, polyester and Dyneema® netting with single and double knots for trawls, purse seines and aquaculture. 01 Oct 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Rapidly developing company
Weihai Yinqiu Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd was established in 1984.It is one of the earliest fishing tackle production enterprises in China and one of the biggest production bases of fishing floats in Asia. 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Turkey's most modern netting factory
Tunanets was established in 2004 and after the completion of the company's machinery assembly and trial production, serial production started in 2005. Now Tunanets employs 60 qualified workers. 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Nets for many applications
Tufropes is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation that manufactures synthetic ropes and nets for various applications such as fishing, aquaculture, shipping, sports and industrial use. 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Net and rope from FISA
Fibras Industriales S.A. is the largest multi-filament fishing net and rope manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere. Products include: 01 Sep 2009 - World Fishing & Aquaculture