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Marin Teknikk secures longliner contracts
Marin Teknikk has entered into contracts with Ervik Havfiske two new longliner vessels. 26 Jul 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
EMS systems trialled on tuna vessels in Fiji and Ghana
The monitoring of fishing activities at sea is on the verge of making an important step forward with the development and deployment of Electronic Monitoring Systems (EMS). 02 Feb 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
‘Cap Kersaint’ delivered
Shipyard Piriou has recently delivered a new 60m deepfreezer longliner, ‘Cap Kersaint’, to shipowner Cap Bourbon. 28 Jan 2016 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Hawaii's $100m fishery reopens
Hawaii's longline vessels can fish again for bigeye tuna in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. 15 Oct 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Three new longliners for Seychelles
Three new longline vessels have been added to the Seychelles’ longliner fleet. 28 Sep 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Cap Bourbon and Sapmer sign charter agreement
Toothfish companies Cap Bourbon and Sapmer have signed a bareboat charter agreement for the longliner ‘Cap Horn 1’ for two years with a purchase option. 26 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New HookSeparator™ for smaller boats
Mustad Autoline has launched HookSeparator™ Coastal, designed for smaller boats with limited space. 18 Aug 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Best practices for reducing bycatch
The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has released a briefing on best practices for reducing bycatch in tuna longline fisheries. 15 Apr 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New technical paper on longline bycatch
The FAO has published the technical paper ‘Bycatch in Longline Fisheries for Tuna and Tuna-Like Species: A Global Review of Status and Mitigation Measures.’ 15 Apr 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
SeaBird Saver wins award
Mustad and SaveWave’s SeaBird Saver has won the 2014 WWF Smart Gear competition Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize. 09 Feb 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Beko acquires new equipment for longline hook production
Beko - Dimon fishing co. has purchased equipment from O. Mustad & Sons AS., including an automatic duratin plating line, to be used for the production of longline hooks. 14 Oct 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Hookpod funding success
A funding campaign to get the UK invention Hookpod into production has been successful. 28 Aug 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Capt. Hook upgraded
The newly upgraded Capt. Hook management and information system for longline fisheries has been launched by Mørenot Dyrkorn. 28 Aug 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Launch of the Seabird Saver
Mustad Autoline will launch the SeaBird Saver™ at this year’s Nor-Fishing exhibition. 29 Jul 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New UK invention to save the albatross
Globally, an albatross dies on a fishing hook every five minutes, but a clever new invention called the Hookpod has been designed to ensure that fishermen are catching fish and not birds. 17 Jul 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Laser solution to prevent seabird bycatch
Norway’s Mustad, together with the Dutch company SaveWave, has developed the SeaBird Saver which uses brand new technology to create bird free zones near fishing vessels. 20 May 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Electronic monitoring of tuna longliners
The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) has initiated an electronic monitoring project which aims to improve data collection on the catch of albacore, yellowfin and bigeye tuna in the Western and Central Pacific. 01 Apr 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Tersan longliners
Turkish shipyard Tersan successfully delivered longliner M-Solhaug to owner Mikal Solhaug AS at the end of February. 19 Mar 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Mustad to launch SeaBird Saver this year
Mustad Autoline will launch its SeaBird Saver™ in August this year - the first effective audio-laser solution, that prevents seabird bycatch and bait loss. 17 Mar 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New line weighting system a success
A new line weighting study in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery has shown a reduced risk to seabird capture with no influence on fish catch rate. 16 Oct 2013 - World Fishing & Aquaculture