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Fish Finding Equipment

New Fishfinders for the commercial market
Simrad has launched the new Simrad® S2009 and S2016 Fishfinder systems, which feature Simrad CHIRP technology for precise echo sounding detail. 23 Dec 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Digi selected for Furuno navigation systems
Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. has selected Digi International® components and design services for its recently announced NavNet TZtouch2 advanced marine navigation systems. 16 Jul 2015 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Simrad announces BSM-3 Broadband Sounder
Simrad Yachting has announced its next-generation sonar system, the Simrad BSM-3 Broadband Sounder with CHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse), designed for commercial fisherman and recreational boaters. 26 Jun 2014 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Garmin’s promotes echo™ series
<i>DanFish Stand D720</i>: At DanFish, Garmin will be displaying its echo™ series. 08 Sep 2011 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Simrad SP90 software upgrade
The popular Simrad SP90 fish finding sonar has been upgraded. A new software package offering new functionality is available from Simrad dealers around the world. 01 Mar 2007 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
“Strømegg” new build takes full fish finding package
Simrad has been chosen to supply the 62.6m “Strømegg”, a new build combined pelagic trawler/purse seiner currently in production at Karstensens Skibsværft, Denmark, with a complete electronic high performance fish finding package. 03 Oct 2006 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Marport's latest acoustic products set new standards for deep sea fisheries.
Over the years fishermen have used many different techniques to find and harvest fish. However, acoustic technology is one of the most important forces driving the developments in the modern commercial fisheries. Acoustic technology is especially well suited for fish finding applications since sound travels farther and faster underwater than in air. Sound waves travel differently through fish than through water because a fish's air-filled swim bladder has a different density than seawater. This density difference allows the detection of fish schools by analyzing the reflected sound. 04 May 2006 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New fish finders and radars from Furuno
Furuno’s just announced FCV-585 and FCV-620 digital, dual-frequency fish finders incorporate the latest in digital filtering for enhanced detail and accuracy. 10 Apr 2006 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Simrad develops new multibeam eco sounder for fishery research
Simrad and IFREMER (French Marine Institute) have developed a new multibeam echo sounder for fishery research purposes. The ME70 "is a giant step forward in fish stock assessment technology and is set to become a key factor in the sustainable management of fish resources," according to a statement from Simrad. The first ME70 will be installed onboard the French research vessel, Thalassa and Simrad says that it is also working on a version for the IMR (Norwegian Marine Institute) to install onboard the Norwegian Research vessel GO Sars. 27 Oct 2005 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
Pinging all tuna
MAQ says its triple frequency sonar is helping Albacore and Benito fishermen detect individual fish at 400m with its 90KHz transducer while Bigeye and Yellowfin fishermen are detecting schools at 1,500m and 4,000m with the 45KHz and 22KHz transducers respectively. 19 Feb 2005 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
New full colour plankton maps hit the market
ORBIMAGE Inc. are offering subscribers an update, version 5.5, of their image processing software, OrbMap™, part of SeaStar Fisheries Information Service. Greg Hammann, senior director of oceanographic solutions said "OrbMap v5.5 allows fishing captains to see a level of detail in our plankton maps that was not possible before," a company press statement said. 13 Apr 2004 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
ROFFS in the know for fish finding
US company ROFFS offers a comprehensive fishing finding service, World Fishing takes a detailed look - American company ROFFS has continued with the development of its worldwide fisheries oceanographic consulkting service and has reported a strong interest from all parts of the world as a reward for its efforts to propduce one of the most comprehensive forecasting services available on the market. 17 Sep 2002 - World Fishing & Aquaculture
When size matters, choose real time
SciFish, a new fish detection sonar system is about to be released onto the commercial market. World Fishing takes a detailed look - Scientific Fishery Systems (SciFish) has developed the first fish detection sonar system capable of identifying fish size and species in real time. The system, called SciFish 2000, brings valuable new capabilities to the commercial industry including the ability to identify bottom fish and target only those that are profitable to catch. 21 Apr 2002 - World Fishing & Aquaculture