New labelling guidelines

23 Jul 2013
An example of how a label will look after 13 December

An example of how a label will look after 13 December

The European Commission has introduced new guidelines on labelling for fish and aquaculture products to help consumers make informed decisions on the food they eat.

Labels must already include details of where the fish was caught, by whom and how it was produced, and as of 13 December 2014, labels will also have to include date of minimum durability and whether it has been defrosted or not.

For those with industry knowledge, there will also now be an obligation to display the scientific name of the product, a more specific description of where it was caught, and details of the fishing gear used.

The new requirements will apply to both prepacked and non-prepacked products - for which the information could be provided through posters or leaflets.

In addition to the mandatory information the operator will be able to include additional information such as the date of catch, or the date of harvest of aquaculture products, or information on the port at which the products were landed.

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