Latest MSC DNA testing results

20 Mar 2013
Only three samples were mislabelled in the latest DNA test

Only three samples were mislabelled in the latest DNA test

The latest results of the MSC’s DNA testing program have been published and have found that the overall mislabelling rate for MSC certified products was 1%, or just three mislabelled samples.

In this extensive test of MSC labelled products 381 samples were taken from retail packed products, fresh fish counters, and catering restaurants in 14 different markets.

Two of the three mislabelled samples were from a single supplier, and found to be Atlantic cod, labelled as Pacific cod. This supply chain has now been investigated and the fish found to be from an MSC certified Atlantic cod fishery. So, although mislabelling has occurred, the substitution was of one certified species by another. The third sample was Atlantic cod which, potentially, originated from a catch area not covered by an MSC certified fishery. This supply chain is still under investigation.

David Agnew, MSC director of standards, said: "The MSC has used DNA testing since 2009 as one part of its strategy to monitor the effectiveness of its Chain of Custody standard for seafood traceability in controlling the processing, packing, labelling and movement of MSC certified seafood around the world. Today’s results show that our program provides a high level of integrity and assurance that MSC labelled products are traceable to certified fisheries, and that customers are not being misled."

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