Europêche: Commission's proposals exaggerated and unbalanced

25 Oct 2012

Europêche president, Javier Garat, has responded to the Commission’s proposals on 2013 fishing opportunities for Atlantic and North Sea fish stocks by saying: "It is regrettable that the European Commission continues to propose reductions of more than 15% of TACs and/or fishing effort when few data are available or when scientific opinions are lacking."

Europêche is accusing the Commission of presenting proposals that go beyond scientific opinions or use the most negative threshold, giving greater weight to the recommendations of environmentalists, at the expense of economic and social factors. The organisation says that reductions in total allowable catches for many stocks will definitely affect the viability of undertakings in the sector and lead to a reduction in the number of jobs across the entire industry.

Europêche also considers that the Commission's firm objective of achieving sustainable levels of all stocks by 2015 does not make sense – firstly because the Johannesburg 2002 implementation plan refers to depleted stocks and if possible by 2015 and secondly because the ongoing discussions on the reform of the CFP show that there is now a desired flexibility with respect to this objective between now and 2020.

Europêche says it will shortly be examining the proposals in more detail and will make its demands known to the Council of the EU.

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