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GUTMASTER 8000 for chum salmon

01 Dec 2008
The new GUTMASTER 8000

The new GUTMASTER 8000

Kroma A/S from Denmark has developed its GUTMASTER 8000 gutting machine so it can process chum salmon.

The company says that the machine for wild caught salmon is different because it is possible to remove the gills in the fish with the machine, which is totally new for this size of fish. Wild caught salmon is normally headed and gutted, and there has been an increase in demand for gutted fish. However, the gills must be removed because they are full of blood and cause contamination of the flesh.

The machine is customised for each customer depending on their need to remove the gills and/or cut off the head of the chum salmon, as well as the capacity for the machine.

Gentle handling of roe

All of the roe is removed manually to secure the good quality. Kroma says that the roe is especially good from the GUTMASTER 8000 because no water reaches it. This means that the eggs will keep their good quality through out processing.

Besides the gentle roe handling, the machine is also very good at removing the kidney in the fish. A suction unit removes most of the kidney and three brushes remove the rest.

As well as normal gutting operations the machine can be equipped with an automatic head cutter. The head cutter is controlled from the touch screen, which is mounted in front of the machine. The head cutter can be activated or deactivated from the screen. The measurement to define the fish size is also used for the head cutting unit to optimise the yield.

Studies at different processors in Alaska have shown that the machine can save up to 10 operators per shift, and with the better roe quality the pay-back time for the machine is very short - within one season.

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GUTMASTER 8000 for chum salmon

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