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Plate freezer prices down 3-5%

01 Aug 2009

Due to raw materials falling in price and increasing production and assembly efficiency, DSI says it can now offer plate freezers at 3-5% lower prices from now and until further notice is given.

In Dybvad, Denmark, the company has established a better workflow in the assembling line after extending the factory by more than 1200m2 – out of which 500m2 is newly built. Assembly is now being done in one place instead of in two different places and the new assembly facilities were opened on 1 June.

The company has also acquired new automatic machinery to reduce machining processes and increase productivity. The new Vertical Travelling Column Machining Center by Mazak is one of the first installed in Denmark and is designed to produce a wide variety of components and thereby meet the demands of a flexible manufacturing environment. Among other things, the machinery will handle the making of freezer plates.

DSI says that these improvements and the falling prices on the world market will benefit all involved.

The company is also replacing the refrigeration plant onboard the Carolien.

DSI delivered 40 plate freezers to Cornelis Vrolijk BV in 1997 and now the refrigeration plant onboard is being replaced with a new CO2 system. DSI is supplying Carolien with 40 new CO2 plate freezers which are to be delivered at the end of 2009 and will be installed by Johnson Controls.

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