Applied Marine Ecologist

11 Sep 2017

Most of the work will be office based, but there may be opportunities to participate in field surveys at sea (for up to several weeks at a time). Post-holders will be required to work with colleagues in JNCC’s Peterborough and Aberdeen offices, and may also be required to attend meetings and workshops in the UK and possibly Europe, which is likely to involve staying away from home on occasion overnight or for up to a week’s duration.

As an Applied Marine Ecologist, you will undertake a range of duties which may include (but not be limited to):

* Working alongside specialists in the Marine Evidence and Marine Monitoring teams to prepare objectives and specifications for offshore MPA and wider environment surveys or other related data analysis and interpretation;
* Leading in the development of survey designs, including consideration of experimental design, statistical power, appropriate sampling techniques and value for money;
* Liaising with partner organisations or contractors when required in order to manage survey delivery to gather seabed habitat evidence for monitoring and surveillance;
* Contributing to quality assurance of survey deliverables including proper use of taxonomic nomenclature, appropriate statistical analyses, and validity of any conclusions drawn;
* Defining the methods, standards, quality control procedures and sampling strategies needed to deliver monitoring for benthic habitats;
* Ensuring that all collated information and data are archived/stored according to JNCC Marine Data Management protocols;
* Producing advice on options for monitoring benthic habitats in the context of wider biodiversity monitoring, through data collation and interpretation, GIS analysis and preliminary statistical analysis;
* Contributing to the development and testing of indicators for monitoring and assessment of seabed habitats;
* Managing projects and contracts necessary to support the work of the Marine Monitoring team and Marine Evidence team; and
* Disseminating information on JNCC’s monitoring work, including preparation of peer reviewed papers and reports, updating the relevant pages of JNCC’s website, via the internet, and through presentations at conferences and meetings.
* Contributing to the ongoing improvement of the Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland.

Additional skills and experience that would be desirable to the post are:
* Knowledge of the legal and policy requirements for marine biodiversity conservation and MPAs in the UK.
* Ability to manage datasets, create audit trails, version control, establish processes/rules for changing or archiving them, and understand the principles of licensing.


Degree or equivalent qualification and sufficient recent practical work experience

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Applied Marine Ecologist
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