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EC proposes 2018 TACs
The European Commission (EC) has suggested quotas for 78 stocks as part of its sustainable fishing proposal. 08 Nov 2017
Europe issues CFP update
The European Commission (EC) has launched its annual consultation on setting fishing opportunities for 2018, with a new overview on the progress made towards the achievement of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) objective. 10 Jul 2017
EU issues illegal fishing warnings
The European Commission has issued warnings to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Comoros and Liberia over illegal fishing. 24 May 2017
Belgian and German fisheries control
The European Commission has adopted two action plans setting out how Belgium and Germany can overcome identified shortcomings in their fisheries control systems. 11 May 2017
EU study examines seafood consumption habits
A recent investigation into EU consumers' attitudes into seafood consumption habits has revealed that with seafood consumption up again, sustainable supply is even more essential than before. 16 Jan 2017
EU ministers set 2017 catch limits
EU ministers have reached an agreement on fishing opportunities for 2017 in the Atlantic, North Sea and Black Sea, following discussions at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 12 and 13 December. 14 Dec 2016
Deep sea quotas agreement
EU fisheries ministers have agreed on the 2017 and 2018 fishing limits (or TACs) for 19 deep-sea stocks, the first time in six years they have reached a unanimous agreement on quotas. 15 Nov 2016
International ocean governance: EU's contribution
The European Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have adopted a Joint Communication which proposes actions for safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed oceans. 14 Nov 2016
Commissioner in dialogue with European social partners
EU social partners have met with Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, to discuss the pressing issues facing the fishing sector, including health and working conditions at sea. 09 Nov 2016
Commission proposes 2017 quotas
The European Commission has presented its proposal for 2017 fishing quotas in preparation for the December Fisheries Council, where Member States will negotiate Total Allowable Catches (TAC) in the Atlantic and North Sea. 31 Oct 2016
EU fisheries policy
The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has welcomed proposals from the European Commission to simplify the Common Fisheries Policy. 28 Sep 2016
Commission proposes reduced cod quota
The European Commission has moved to bolster measures for Baltic cod by proposing reduced quotas for both western and eastern cod amounts for 2017. 27 Sep 2016
01 Jan 1970
EC proposes fishing opportunities for 2017
The European Commission has adopted a Communication that sets out its principles for healthy and profitable fisheries in the EU. 22 Jun 2016
Oceana calls on EC to redouble efforts to recover fish stocks
Oceana has called on the EU and its Member States to immediately redouble EU-wide efforts to curb this year’s slowdown in the number of fish stocks that are caught at sustainable levels. 16 Jun 2016
European Commission report on shark finning regulation
The European Commission has adopted a report on the implementation of the EU’s shark finning regulation. 19 Apr 2016
EC presents a regionalised approach to conservation measures for fisheries
The European Commission has presented a proposal for new conservation measures for fisheries in European seas. 17 Mar 2016
Baltic plan agreed
The European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on a multi-annual plan for cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea earlier this week. 17 Mar 2016
Action plan adopted for Dutch fisheries control system
An action plan has been adopted by the European Commission to boost fisheries control in the Netherlands. 08 Mar 2016
2016 Black Sea fishing opportunities
The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for the Black Sea in 2016. 25 Nov 2015
Commission warns Faroes about herring sanctions
The Faroe Islands have been formally notified by the European Commission that the Commission intends to adopt measures in support of the sustainability of herring fisheries. 21 May 2013
Umami Sustainable Seafood completes Baja Aqua Farms acquisition
Umami Sustainable Seafood Inc has completed the acquisition of Baja Aqua Farms, Mexico's leading producer of bluefin tuna. 06 Dec 2010
New fisheries Commissioner
New European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has posted a message on her website, outlining her commitment to the sector and plans for the future. 17 Feb 2010
European Commission proposes that EU supports tuna ban
The European Commission has proposed that the European Union should press for a ban on international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna to enter into force within the next year. 26 Feb 2010
Speech by Maria Damanaki on Atlantic Bluefin tuna and the CFP reform
“I heard you came all the way from Portugal to see Brussels and to learn something more about the European Institutions. It is very important to facilitate these opportunities as part of the understanding of Europe and its institutions and I welcome you all here today in the premises of the European Parliament." 26 Feb 2010
Unprecedented progress in protection of Indian Ocean fish stocks
Strides forward were made last week by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission for the protection of the fish stocks in the Indian Ocean, such as tropical tunas and shark stocks. 09 Mar 2010
Brussels seeks to get fisheries management on track in 2011
The European Commission has published its report launching discussions on fishing opportunities in EU waters in 2011. 18 May 2010
EU stops bluefin fishing season early
The European Commission brought an early end to the Atlantic bluefin tuna purse seine catching season saying that the quota allowed to be caught had already been fulfilled. 10 Jun 2010
MEPs rally for stronger aquaculture sector
A stronger European aquaculture industry could help meet growing consumer demand by providing alternatives to wild fish species. But safeguards are needed to prevent environmental and public health risks, according to a new resolution adopted by the European Parliament. 21 Jun 2010
New organic labelling rules in effect
New EU rules on organic food labelling including the requirement to display the new EU organic logo came into force on 1 July, 2010. 02 Jul 2010
UK fisheries delegation meets EU commissioner
A UK fisheries delegation this week met with the new EU maritime and fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. 09 Jul 2010
MEPs call for fair, transparent trade in fish
The EU's fishing and aquaculture industries must not be exposed to unfair competition from imports, according to a new resolution adopted by European Parliament, which calls for fishery products to be classified as "sensitive" in global trade talks. 13 Jul 2010
EU signs high seas fishery resource convention
The European Union is the latest signatory to a key regional fisheries management convention which, once it enters into force, will ensure fishing from western Australia to South America is subject to agreed international rules. 28 Jul 2010
Iceland defies EU fishing rules as accession bid talks begin
Iceland has kicked off its EU accession negotiations by saying it will not tolerate competition from rival fishing fleets in its waters. The country’s foreign minister has said his country must keep control of its vast, exclusive economic zone in the Arctic. 30 Jul 2010
EU chief raises cod quota, warns on herring
Fishermen in the Baltic Sea should be allowed to haul in more cod next year but herring populations are in peril and quotas should be cut by nearly a third, said European fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki. 17 Sep 2010
EU tackles shark finning loopholes
Members of the European Parliament have launched an initiative to press for strengthening the EU ban on shark ‘finning’ – the practice of slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the carcass at sea. 22 Sep 2010
Scots to urge action on mackerel at council
At the AgriFish Council meeting in Brussels on Monday 27 September, Scottish fishermen will be pressing the European Commission to give a clear signal of intent that strong action will be taken against Iceland and the Faroes if the two countries fail to reach an acceptable deal on international mackerel quotas next month. 24 Sep 2010
SFF: Scottish fleet close to breaking point
The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation will today (1 October) tell EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki that the Scottish industry has made huge strides in ensuring the sustainable harvest of fish and that its efforts must be recognised during the decision-making process for fishing opportunity in 2011. 01 Oct 2010
Food giants, WWF urge dynamic CFP reform
In a public demonstration of unity, EU, UK and Scottish fisheries political leaders joined UK businesses and conservationists on Friday 1 October to discuss the need for progressive reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 04 Oct 2010
EU chief wants five-pronged CFP reform
Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) must aim to ensure sustainable exploitation of resources and contribute to the 'Europe 2020' strategy by working on robust economic performance, inclusive growth and enhanced coastal cohesion, EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki told the European Parliament's Committee on Fisheries (PECH) this week. 22 Oct 2010
Iceland rejects EU mackerel proposal
Iceland dismissed the mackerel quota proposed by the European Union and Norway, saying it was unrealistic and would not solve the ongoing row in the north Atlantic, its negotiator said. 01 Nov 2010
EU ministers refuse to cut bluefin quota
The Fisheries Ministers of the European Union (EU) wants to maintain fishing quotas for bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) and has rejected a 50% reduction in catches, as proposed by the European Commission (EC). 02 Nov 2010
International fraud: $4bn tuna black market
The rapid demise of Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna, the source of prized sushi around the world, is due to a $4 billion (€2.8 billion) black market and a decade of rampant fraud and lack of official oversight, according to a new investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). 07 Nov 2010
Vietnam makes inroads into IUU fishing regulations
Twenty-one out of 28 coastal provinces in Vietnam have had ships register for verification of the origin of aquatic products for export to the European market since the country began implementing regulations on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing 10 months ago. 11 Nov 2010
EU fisheries chief wants cod quota cuts
Europe’s fisheries chief has dealt a body blow to Scotland’s trawler fleet by calling for a cut of up to 50% in next year’s haul of cod in some key areas. 15 Nov 2010
Scots angered by quota cut proposals
The European Commission’s proposals for more quota cuts in 2011 for some of Scotland’s key commercial species are a devastating blow for an industry already struggling for survival and underline the need for urgent change in the way fisheries are managed, according to the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF). 15 Nov 2010
Tuna nations prepare for 2011 quota talks
Atlantic bluefin tuna fishing nations will commence talks in Paris, France, on Wednesday 17 November to establish the 2011 quotas for this highly controversial species. 16 Nov 2010
EU urged to tackle shark fin loopholes
The Shark Alliance has given its support to an option to amend the EU ban on shark finning that would require that fins remain naturally attached to shark bodies until fishing vessels return to port. 17 Nov 2010
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes fishing anti-discard campaign to Brussels
Food writer, broadcaster and campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall this week attended the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform meeting ‘Another Future for Fish’ in Brussels and unveiled his latest campaign – aimed at making EU fish discards a thing of the past. 17 Nov 2010
EU backs down on bluefin quota cut
European tuna fishing nations have forced the European Union to scrap plans to save the threatened bluefin through a sizeable cut in the 2011 annual quota. 19 Nov 2010
Greenpeace: thousands of bluefin unsold
Greenpeace has stepped up its demand that the Mediterranean bluefin fishery be closed at the annual meeting of International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Paris, saying that a lot of the tuna caught a year ago remain alive, caged on farms and unsold. 19 Nov 2010
Shark campaigners: ICCAT action needed
Shark conservation unions the Shark Alliance and the European Elasmobranch Association (EEA) are calling for measures to curb overfishing of vulnerable Atlantic sharks at this week’s meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) in Paris. 22 Nov 2010
Northern Irish trawlers discard 900 tonnes of fish
Over 900 tonnes of fish were dumped back into the sea by Northern Ireland’s fishermen last year because of regulations set down in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. 25 Nov 2010
European mackerel talks resume this week
A new round of talks between the EU, Norway, Iceland and the Faroes to try and break the impasse in the dispute over mackerel catching opportunities for 2011 will get underway in Oslo, Norway, on Thursday 25 November. 25 Nov 2010
Greenpeace: bluefin tuna on Death Row
The failure by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas to deliver any meaningful rescue for Atlantic bluefin tuna is a huge setback in the fight to save one of the most overexploited fish species, claims Greenpeace. 29 Nov 2010
ICCAT 2010 tuna, shark summary
On Saturday 27 November the annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) closed. Here the EU summarises the main decisions taken by the 48 member governments, including the controversial decision for Atlantic bluefin tuna. 30 Nov 2010
EU: tuna decision ‘step in right direction’
European Union fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki said the small reduction in the bluefin tuna quota agreed upon at the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) annual meeting is a step in the right direction. 30 Nov 2010
EU slammed for retaining deepsea quotas
Deep Sea Conservation Coalition has voiced its disappointment with the EU’s Council of Fisheries Ministers decision to set TACs and quotas for deepsea fisheries in the northeast Atlantic in contravention of United Nations General Assembly resolutions. 01 Dec 2010
Scots ministers hail EU fishing deal
The Scottish government said the new EU deal struck over North Sea fishing will help safeguard the industry and stocks, despite cuts in quotas. Scots fishermen will be able to land more cod in 2011, rather than having to discard the fish when they reach the limit, said SNP ministers. 06 Dec 2010
North Sea fish management deal signed
A new deal for the management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea has been signed. 06 Dec 2010
EU commissioner dismayed by bluefin tuna decision
European environment commissioner Janez Potocnik has said he was very disappointed with the attitude of Mediterranean member states over bluefin tuna quotas for 2011. 06 Dec 2010
SFF: bleak outlook for whitefish fleet
There was mixed fortunes for the Scottish fishing fleet following the conclusion of talks between the EU and Norway to settle the total allowable catches of seven shared stocks including North Sea haddock, cod, whiting and herring, said the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation. 06 Dec 2010
EU urged to ban removing shark fins at sea
Shark fisheries experts say in a new report that to strengthen the European Union’s ban on shark finning, EU fishermen should no longer be permitted to remove shark fins onboard ships, and that loopholes in regulations make it possible for fishermen to fin an estimated two out of every three sharks without detection or punishment. 10 Dec 2010
EU Fish Council set to decide 2011 catch
Negotiations to decide upon the final catching opportunity of the Scottish fishing fleet in 2011 got underway in Brussels on Monday 13 December. The majority of quotas have already been set at previous international talks but there will still be room to manoeuvre at the EU Fish Council to get a better deal on some key fish stocks. 13 Dec 2010
EU and Norway agree mackerel quotas
Bilateral talks between the EU and Norway to set mackerel catches in the north-east Atlantic for 2011 have resulted in the setting of a total allowable catch of 646,000 tonnes. 13 Dec 2010
Scots mackerel fishermen urge EU action
Scottish fishermen have called upon the European fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki to turn words into action and introduce measures that would prevent mackerel caught by Iceland and the Faroe Islands from entering EU markets. 14 Dec 2010
EU agrees 2011 catch limits for Black Sea
The EU Council of Fisheries Ministers has reached political agreement on the total allowable catches (TACs) and quotas for turbot and sprat fisheries in the Black Sea. 14 Dec 2010
Fisheries ministers finalise 2011 catches
The EU Fisheries Council has reached unanimous agreement on the 2011 total allowable catches (TACs) for most stocks under management, allowing much smaller reductions of cod quotas west of the British Isles than the European Commission and scientific advice had suggested. 15 Dec 2010
EU Fish Council: mixed bag for Scots
Following the conclusion of the EU Fish Council, which has resulted in some further cuts in the catching opportunity for the Scottish fleet, the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) is calling for urgent progress in 2011 in the way that fisheries are managed. 15 Dec 2010
European Parliament supports strengthening shark finning ban
European Parliament has endorsed a resolution on shark finning that calls on the Commission to deliver a proposal to prohibit the removal of shark fins onboard vessels. 16 Dec 2010
Iceland: EU, Norway will overfish mackerel
After walking away from this year’s north-east Atlantic mackerel quota negotiations, Tómas Heidar, chairman of the Icelandic committee on mackerel fishing, said the European Union and Norway will be responsible for overfishing mackerel next year if they don’t review their decision on catching over 90% of the estimated quota for 2011. 17 Dec 2010
EU failing on electronic fishing records
The European Union has one of the largest, most advanced fishing fleets in the world but the compliance with its regulation requiring member states’ vessels to introduce electronic fishing records is well short of where it should be, said a leading satellite communications expert. 20 Dec 2010
New EU fisheries protocol with Cape Verde
On 22 December, the European Commission initialled a new three-year protocol under the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) with Cape Verde, setting fishing possibilities for EU vessels in Cape Verde's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), along with other conditions. 06 Jan 2011
Damanaki backs call for London to be a Sustainable Fish City
In a speech on Friday 14 January 2011, Maria Damanaki European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries said: 18 Jan 2011
Fishing Policy reform at risk of “hijack”
A cross-party alliance of Euro-MPs determined to prevent a “hijack” of planned EU Common Fisheries Policy reform will hold its first meeting in Brussels today. 25 Jan 2011
Gatt: Further sanctions must be imposed
Ian Gatt has said that further sanctions must be imposed upon Iceland and their Accession talks to join the EU put on hold until there is a satisfactory resolution to the ongoing dispute over mackerel quotas. 25 Jan 2011
Damanaki welcomes Industry Alliance input
After meeting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – Industry Alliance at Europe House in London yesterday, EU Fisheries Commissioner Damanaki said: 04 Feb 2011
Support for Scottish aquaculture
Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham met today with European Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki to highlight Scotland's successful aquaculture industry. 08 Feb 2011
Proposal to extend fisheries partnership agreement with Morocco for one year
The European Commission adopted, on 11 February, a proposal for a draft negotiating mandate, addressed to the Council for a transitional, time-limited renewal of the Fisheries Partnership Agreement Protocol. 13 Feb 2011
Damanaki discusses freshwater aquaculture
Maria Damanaki received on Monday a visit of the Ministers for Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Ivan Fuksa, Hungary, Sandor Fazekas, Slovakia, Zsolt Simon, and Austria, Nikolaus Berlakivich 24 Feb 2011
Damanaki considers banning discards
At the first high level meeting on discards, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, said that she is considering banning discards altogether, as part of the CFP reform. 01 Mar 2011
HSI urges European Commission to strengthen EU ban on shark finning
Humane Society International/Europe has urged the European Commission to prohibit the removal of shark fins onboard vessels without exception. 09 Mar 2011
Faroese mackerel fisheries in 2011
After another unsuccessful attempt to reach an agreement on multilateral management measures, the Minister of Fisheries has announced a total catch limit for mackerel fisheries in Faroese waters in 2011 of 150,000t. 15 Mar 2011
MEPs campaign for radical CFP reform
European MPs from all the major political groups have formed a cross-party campaign group that will press for radical reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 29 Mar 2011
EU: Maximising coastal opportunities
Transparent planning and management of European waters are needed to balance the interests at play against sustaining the long-term benefit of coastal and marine resources to society. 30 Mar 2011
Commissioner Damanaki wants Libyan fishery temporarily suspended
Given the current situation in Libya, Maria Damanaki has expressed doubts about the capacity of Libyan authorities to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the measures established by ICCAT for conserving bluefin tuna. 31 Mar 2011
"Radioactivity knows no borders"
SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP has expressed concern after the European Commission confirmed fears over possible radioactivity in imported fish. 06 Apr 2011
IUU: Zero tolerance campaign gets tougher
The EU's new system for fisheries control is now fully operational. 13 Apr 2011
Maria Damanaki at ESE
Yeserday, at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, Commissioner Maria Damanaki participated in a roundtable discussion with WWF/Industry Alliance for CFP reform. 05 May 2011
Brussels hearing on discards
Speaking this week in Brussels at the stakeholder’s hearing on discards, Commissioner Damanaki said that times have changed – and we no longer have time to waste when it comes to the CFP reform. 05 May 2011
Damanaki expects full compliance during bluefin tuna fishing season
Commissioner Maria Damanaki has said that she expects Member States to take all necessary measures to ensure full compliance by their vessels during the main fishing season for bluefin tuna, which started on 15 May. 17 May 2011
SNP on EU "dangerous" fisheries proposals
Commenting on reports that the European Commission may be considering the introduction of internationally tradeable ITQs as part of a package of CFP reform measures, the SNP’s Richard Lochhead MSP said: 17 May 2011
EP: Fishermen need help with oil prices
The European Parliament has said that emergency measures are needed to help fishermen suffering from high oil prices. 17 May 2011
Libyan seining on track to be illegal
Maria Damanaki, EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has sent a letter to EU Ministers regarding the fishing situation in Libya. 19 May 2011
Boosting cooperation on maritime surveillance
Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has welcomed the adoption of Conclusions by the Council of the European Union on the integration of maritime surveillance. 24 May 2011
EC confirms Italian driftnet inspections
The Commission conducted driftnet ban inspections in Italy on 17-21 May 2010, 14-18 June 2010, 4-8 April 2011 and 9-13 May 2011. 24 May 2011
European Fish Fight to launch 31 May
On Tuesday 31 May, Commissioner Maria Damanaki will take part in the launching event of the European Fish Fight Campaign. 25 May 2011
Fourth control campaign for bluefin tuna
For the fourth year, the Community Fisheries Control Agency (CFCA) will coordinate the Joint Deployment Plan (JDP) for the bluefin tuna fishery in the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Atlantic waters for 2011. 25 May 2011
EC suggests fishing opportunities
The European Commission has published its report on progress achieved in the Common Fisheries Policy over the last few years and its suggestions for fishing opportunities in EU waters in 2012. 26 May 2011
How technology can tackle fishing fraud
A European Commission report published this week shows how molecular technologies - based on genetics, genomics, chemistry and forensics - can provide clear answers to questions such as "what species does this fish product come from…where was this fish caught…is it wild or farmed?" 31 May 2011
Green MEP supports EU Fish Fight
Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, is backing a Europe-wide campaign which seeks to end the wasteful and unethical practice of throwing dead fish back into the sea. 05 Jun 2011
Re-certification for Dutch North Sea herring fishermen
The Pelagic Freezer-Trawler Association (PFA) North Sea herring fishery celebrates the start of the 2011 season with its successful re-certification against the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries. 06 Jun 2011
Damanaki closes bluefin fishery to Spain
Maria Damanaki decided to close the bluefin tuna fishery to Spanish purse seiners in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic on 9 June, due to the exhaustion of their quotas. 14 Jun 2011
Commission requests States comply with monitoring regime
The European Commission has requested that Belgium, Estonia, France, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Finland and the United Kingdom adopt national legislation to implement EU rules setting up a vessel traffic monitoring and information system. 21 Jun 2011
Conference: “No fish left on the plate”
On 22 June, the 'Fish for the Future' group in the European Parliament is organising a lunchtime presentation to explain the need for urgent reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 21 Jun 2011
Renewal of EU/Guinea Bissau protocol
The European Union has initialled a new one-year protocol to the fisheries agreement with Guinea Bissau. 22 Jun 2011
Most stocks endangered in 10 years
EU fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, yesterday told a meeting of the European Parliament's 'Fish for the Future' group that 91% of stocks would be endangered within a decade. 23 Jun 2011
Reports confirm need for reform of EU fisheries policy
Two recent reports by the European Commission add further weight to calls for significant structural change within the EU fish catching sector and a far reaching reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 28 Jun 2011
EU meets on 2012 fishing opportunities
Yesterday, the EU Ministers met in the framework of the Council, in Luxembourg to discuss the Commission's Communication on the Consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2012, published on 25 May. 29 Jun 2011
Mackerel: No immediate action agreed
The European Commission have once again promised action over mackerel, but not quickly enough, Scotland's Fisheries Minister Richard Lochhead has warned. 29 Jun 2011
Higher catches in Bay of Biscay proposed
The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for anchovy fishing in the Bay of Biscay for the season 1 July 2011-30 June 2012. 12 Jul 2011
CFP proposals announced
The European Commission has announced its long-awaited proposals for the reformed Common Fisheries Policy. 13 Jul 2011
Joint statement on mackerel fishery
Maria Damanaki, EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Norway’s Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs have issued a joint statement on the mackerel fishery in the North Atlantic: 27 Jul 2011
EC proposes regulation for Baltic salmon
The European Commission has tabled its proposal for a new Regulation of the Council and the European Parliament establishing a multiannual plan for the sustainable management of Baltic salmon. 16 Aug 2011
EU and US pledge to combat IUU fishing
The EU and US have signed a statement pledging bilateral cooperation to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. 13 Sep 2011
Commission publishes 2012 TAC proposals
The European Commission has published its first proposal for 2012 fishing opportunities for certain stocks in the Atlantic and the North Sea. 28 Sep 2011
Italian illegal use of drift-nets
The European Commission has called on Italy to take measures and comply with an October 2009 Court of Justice ruling on Italy's continued illegal use of drift-nets. 05 Oct 2011
Funding boost for UK aquaculture
The European Fisheries Fund (EFF) is investing in the UK aquaculture industry by injecting a £245,000 sum into education and training facilities. 10 Oct 2011
Between Lubchenco and Damanaki
On 5 October, Mayor Scott Lang called on President Obama "to replace NOAA Administrator Dr Jane Lubchenco with an individual who will work with fishing communities around the country.” 12 Oct 2011
Exchange of views on CFP
Yesterday, Commissioner Damanaki heard the views of representatives of national parliaments of EU Member States when they gathered to discuss the proposals for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 20 Oct 2011
Damanaki responds to Pew study
This week the Pew Environment Group published the study "Mind the Gap: An Analysis of the Mediterranean Bluefin Trade". 20 Oct 2011
Better scientific advice on tuna sought
Commissioner Damanaki has written to Mr Hazin, Chairman of ICCAT, to explore the possibilities of consolidating and further improving scientific advice. 25 Oct 2011
EC will not automatically cut quotas
The European Commission has decided not to automatically cut fishing quotas if there is not enough information about stock levels. 25 Oct 2011
EU reform will give fish to the poor
In a recent meeting to the UK HoC Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, the EU Commissioner for Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, suggested that fish would be given to the poor instead of wasted in future. 07 Nov 2011
EU plans to protect tunas and swordfish
At the ICCAT Regular Meeting, the European Union has said that it will table ambitious proposals for the conservation of Mediterranean swordfish, and tropical tunas and sharks, in line scientific recommendations. 15 Nov 2011
EC proposes full ban on shark finning
The European Commission has proposed to forbid shark finning aboard fishing vessels. 22 Nov 2011
Shark Alliance and Oceana commend shark finning proposals
The Shark Alliance and Oceana have both commended the European Commission on its proposal for a full ban on shark finning. 22 Nov 2011
MEP meets Scottish fishing industry
George Lyon, Liberal Democrat MEP for Scotland, has met with representatives of the Scottish fishing industry to see what more can be done to support fishermen from Brussels. 23 Nov 2011
EC proposes Black Sea quota cuts
The European Commission has proposed to cut quotas for turbot and sprat in the Black Sea for 2012. 29 Nov 2011
New fund for EU fisheries
The European Commission has proposed a new fund for the EU's maritime and fisheries policies for the period 2014-2020, called the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). 06 Dec 2011
EC welcomes report on overcapacity
The Commission has welcomed the report by the European Court of Auditors which evaluates whether EU measures have contributed to adapting the capacity of EU fishing fleets to available fishing opportunities. 13 Dec 2011
Fisheries Council begins today
The Agriculture & Fisheries Council will meet in Brussels today and tomorrow, chaired by Marek Sawicki, Polish Minister for Agriculture & Rural Development. 15 Dec 2011
Seafish compares TACs with ICES advice
Seafish has published a document comparing the TACs for 2012 agreed by the European Commission with the scientific recommendations made by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). 11 Jan 2012
WWF report on ‘wild west’ fishing
A new WWF commissioned study strongly suggests that fisheries access agreements with developing countries and fuel subsidies have led to a ‘slash and burn’ attitude by European Union vessels fishing overseas. 25 Jan 2012
Hong Kong chain stops serving shark fin
The Hong Kong-based luxury hotel chain Shangri-La has announced it will stop serving shark fin at its 72 properties worldwide. 26 Jan 2012
Regions speak out on future of fisheries
A seminar was held at the European Parliament on 1 February entitled “The Future of the European Fisheries Sector”, organised by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) and the MAREMED project. 02 Feb 2012
New Protocol to EU and Greenland FPA
The EU and Greenland have reached an agreement on a new Protocol to implement the EU/Greenland Fisheries Partnership Agreement, which will enter into force on 1 January 2013 and will be valid for three years. 14 Feb 2012
No agreement on mackerel
The fifth round of negotiations on the North-East Atlantic mackerel fishery between the European Union, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands ended last week after failing to secure international agreement. 21 Feb 2012
New FPA between EU and Mauritius
The European Union and Mauritius have initialled a new Fishery Partnership Agreement (FPA) and Protocol. 29 Feb 2012
EC gets tough on unsustainable fishing
The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Regulation which would authorise the Commission to impose a range of measures against third countries that allow unsustainable fishing. 02 Mar 2012
France and Spain back down on discard ban
It looks like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight has worked again, with an expected bid from French and Spanish ministers to block a ban on discards failing to materialise. 21 Mar 2012
Maria Damanaki launches EU-Morocco fisheries negotiations
Maria Damanaki, Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries visited Rabat, Morocco, on 20-21 April to launch the process of negotiations for a new EU-Morocco fisheries agreement protocol. 24 Apr 2012
Closure of the Mauritania pelagic fishery
The European Commission has decided to close the pelagic fishery to EU vessels in the waters of Mauritania, as the annual EU quota set at 252,654 tonnes is nearly exhausted. 01 May 2012
Damanaki presents CFP reform in Estonia
Maria Damanaki, will be in Tallin, Estonia, today to discuss the ongoing reform of the Common Fisheries Policy with the Estonian government. 03 May 2012
EU funds could secure seafood supply
The future of seafood supply was at the centre of a debate held last week at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels. 04 May 2012
Discard reduction ‘vital’ for CFP success
Panels comprising international industry experts and politicians have debated Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform at the 6th World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh. 10 May 2012
EU/US cooperation against illegal fishing
Today EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki will welcome her US counterpart, Dr Jane Lubchenco, US Under-Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, to Brussels. 30 May 2012
Spanish and French tuna fishery closed
The season usually lasts from 16 May-14 June but the purse seine quota allocated to both countries was exhausted on 29 May at 20:00. 31 May 2012
New Protocol to the EU-Kiribati FPA
The European Commission initialled a new Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) in Nadi, Fiji on 3 June. 05 Jun 2012
EC on illegal fishing alert
Reports about a number of vessels allegedly fishing illegally for bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean have propelled the European Commission into action. 06 Jun 2012
Maria Damanaki visits Greenland
European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, is visiting Greenland on 7-9 June 2012. 07 Jun 2012
EC: Improvements for some fish stocks
The European Commission has set out its intentions for fixing fishing opportunities for 2013, which it says shows that improvements made to end overfishing are working. 11 Jun 2012
Ag & Fish Council meet today
The Agriculture & Fisheries Council is meeting in Luxembourg today and is expected to reach political agreement on the two main proposals within the framework of the Common Fisheries Policy reform. 12 Jun 2012
Oceana criticises stock overexploitation in the EU
Last week, the European Commission unveiled an updated assessment of the status of fish resources and established guidelines for the allocation of next year’s fishing opportunities. 12 Jun 2012
No firm dates agreed for discard ban
The UK Government has said that the general approach agreed at this week's EU Council meeting in Luxembourg is a major step towards a radical reform of the broken Common Fisheries Policy. 13 Jun 2012
Baltic herring and sprat reach MSY
The European Commission has announced that central basin herring and sprat stocks in the Baltic Sea have recovered enough to be able to increase the quota for both stocks in 2013. 21 Jun 2012
Changes needed for EU fisheries policy
A new report published by the European Commission shows important changes within EU fisheries policy need to be made. 10 Jul 2012
Fisheries Committee backs sanctions deal
New rules giving the European Commission the power to ban EU imports of fish from overfished stocks and related species was unanimously endorsed by the Fisheries Committee on 11 July. 11 Jul 2012
Commission proposes 30% anchovy TAC cut
The European Commission has proposed to cut the TAC for anchovy in the Bay of Biscay by 30% for the 1 July 2012 - 30 June 2013 fishing season. 17 Jul 2012
Bottom trawl and gillnet ban proposed
The European Commission has published a legislative proposal to phase out deep-sea bottom trawling and bottom gillnet fishing within two years in European waters. 24 Jul 2012
EU-Mauritania deal “worthless”
The European Commission has initialled a two-year Fisheries Partnership Protocol (FPA) between the EU and Mauritania which it has described as sustainable - however, the pelagic freezer trawler owners say it's worthless. 31 Jul 2012
Commission decides on quota deductions
The European Commission has announced deductions from 2012 fishing quotas of the Member States that exceeded their quotas in 2011. 06 Aug 2012
Action plan to benefit fishermen
An action plan prepared jointly by the European Commission and Spanish authorities will improve the catch registration system in Spain. 09 Aug 2012
Funding for smoked fish industry
The UK smoked fish industry has received European funding to encourage and promote sales and awareness of its traditional seafood products. 19 Aug 2012
EC proposes Baltic fishing opportunities
The European Commission has suggested improved fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2013 after receiving scientific advice. 20 Aug 2012
Baltic Sea TACs proposed for 2013
The European Commission has tabled its proposal for 2013 Baltic Sea fishing opportunities. 28 Aug 2012
Commission investigates Spanish aid
The European Commission has voiced its concern over a request for aid for Spanish aquaculture processing company, Ultracongelados Antartidá. 28 Aug 2012
EU and Norway to end Skagerrak discards
According to a new proposal by the European Commission, the EU and Norway are to “harmonise technical and control measures for fisheries in the Skagerrak to ensure long-term sustainability of fish stocks”. 31 Aug 2012
Oceana applauds EU/Norway initiative
Oceana has welcomed the European Commission’s agreement to work with Norway to end discards in the Skagerrak. 04 Sep 2012
Still no agreement on mackerel
On 3 September European Commissioner Maria Damanaki hosted a ministerial meeting in London, aimed at resolving the continuing dispute over mackerel quota allocations in the north east Atlantic. 04 Sep 2012
Europêche slams EU/Mauritania agreement
A delegation of ship owners represented by Europêche has expressed the deep concerns of the fishing industry on the contents of the fishing agreement initialled in July by the EU and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. 05 Sep 2012
EU fishing report published
The 2012 Annual Economic Report on the European Fishing Fleet has been published. 12 Sep 2012
MEPs back mackerel sanctions
The European Commission now has the power to ban EU imports of fish from overfished stocks, following the regulation being approved on Wednesday. 12 Sep 2012
MEPS vote not to increase fish stocks
The European Parliament has voted not to support the European Commission's proposals to rebuild Europe depleted fish stocks. 13 Sep 2012
EC to amend cod plan
The European Commission has tabled an amendment to the long-term management plan for cod in the North Sea, the Skagerrak, the Eastern Channel, the Kattegat, the West of Scotland and the Irish Sea. 13 Sep 2012
Alternative discards proposal launched
European fishing industry organisations, EAPO, Europêche and Cogeca, have launched a new and innovative proposal to address the issue of discards in an effective and workable manner. 19 Sep 2012
EC to host state of fish stocks seminar
The European Commission will host a seminar on the state of fish stocks in European waters on 26 September. 25 Sep 2012
EU mackerel sanctions agreed
The Scottish Government has confirmed that sanctions to penalise the “irresponsible mackerel fishing by Iceland and the Faroe Islands” were formally agreed in Brussels on Tuesday. 26 Sep 2012
EU fishing fleet's economic recovery
According to the 2012 Annual Economic Report (AER), the European fishing fleet made an economic recovery in 2010 after two years of declining profitability. 01 Oct 2012
Maria Damanaki visits Czech Republic
Today and tomorrow Commissioner Maria Damanaki will visit the Czech Republic to meet the Czech Minister of Agriculture, Petr Bendl, along with leading representatives of Czech Republic authorities and scientists. 04 Oct 2012
Deep-sea fishing opportunities proposed
The European Commission has proposed its fishing opportunities for the deep-sea fish stocks in EU and international waters of the North-East Atlantic for 2013-2014. 09 Oct 2012
Oceana: Commission ignored advice
Oceana believes that the European Commission’s proposal on deep sea fishing opportunities for 2013 and 2014 is insufficient to guarantee the responsible exploitation of these species. 09 Oct 2012
Fukushima fish risk assessed
This week the European Commission hosted an EU-Japan expert meeting to assess the risk to EU consumers of fish imported from the Pacific following the Fukushima accident. 18 Oct 2012
Baltic fishing opportunities agreed
The Fisheries Council has decided on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2013. 23 Oct 2012
TACs proposed for Atlantic and North Sea
The European Commission has proposed fishing opportunities for 2013 for certain stocks in the Atlantic and the North Sea, for stocks managed exclusively by the EU. 24 Oct 2012
Europêche: Commission's proposals exaggerated and unbalanced
Europêche president, Javier Garat, has responded to the Commission’s proposals on 2013 fishing opportunities for Atlantic and North Sea fish stocks by saying: "It is regrettable that the European Commission continues to propose reductions of more than 15% of TACs and/or fishing effort when few data are available or when scientific opinions are lacking." 25 Oct 2012
Scott: Remove control from Brussels
Scottish Liberal Democrat Fisheries spokesperson, Tavish Scott MSP, has called for control over fisheries management to be removed from Brussels. 13 Nov 2012
EU pushes for protection at ICCAT meeting
During the ICCAT annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco this week, the European Commission’s priority is management measures for bluefin tuna in order to ensure recovery. 13 Nov 2012
EC shows IUU fishing a yellow card
The European Commission has adopted a ‘decision’ indicating to eight third countries that their track record in tackling illegal fishing is insufficient. 15 Nov 2012
EC proposes 2013 opportunities for stocks under international agreements
The European Commission has proposed its 2013 fishing opportunities for fish stocks which are jointly managed with third parties, such as Norway or Regional Fisheries Management Organisations throughout the world. 20 Nov 2012
Action plan to protect seabirds
Responding to scientific evidence showing that high numbers of seabird species are being caught in fishing gear every year, the European Commission has adopted an Action Plan to address the problem. 20 Nov 2012
Commission welcomes ICCAT decisions
The European Commission has said it welcomes most decisions taken at the ICCAT annual meeting held in Morocco last week, but regrets that its shark proposals were not supported. 21 Nov 2012
WWF responds to illegal fishing warning
WWF has responded to the warning issued last week by the European Commission to eight developing countries that they risk being identified as ‘non-cooperative’ in the fight against IUU fishing. 21 Nov 2012
Discard checklist planned by DAG
DAG participants attended the meeting to discuss how the UK fishing industry can plan for discard free fisheries in the future. 29 Nov 2012
Power struggle threatens Scottish fishing industry
According to the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF), a struggle between the Council of European Fisheries Ministers, the European Commission and the European Parliament over who has the ultimate power to make important fisheries management decisions, is threatening the future of the Scottish fishing industry. 06 Dec 2012
New guidelines for Natura 2000 protection
The European Commission is issuing new guidelines to improve understanding of how aquaculture can be carried out inside Natura 2000, the EU-wide network of protected natural areas. 12 Dec 2012
EC: “Satisfactory” outcome of Fish Council
During the Agriculture and Fisheries Council that took place this week, the Council reached agreement on fishing opportunities for 2013 for the main commercial fish stocks of the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Black Sea. 20 Dec 2012
EU-Ivory Coast FPA
The European Union and the Ivory Coast have agreed on a new Protocol to implement the EU/ Ivory Coast Fisheries Partnership Agreement, providing the EU with fishing opportunities for tuna and other highly migratory species. 16 Jan 2013
Europêche unhappy with EU/Mauritania Protocol
Commenting on the recent meeting concerning the Protocol between the EU and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Europêche President, Javier Garat, said that vessel owners represented by Europêche were very unhappy with the outcome. 23 Jan 2013
Iceland dismisses EU fishing policy
Iceland’s president has dismissed the EU Common Fisheries Policy as a “colossal failure” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. 28 Jan 2013
EP votes in favour of CFP
On Wednesday (6 February) the European Parliament voted in favour of the European Commission's proposal for a new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 06 Feb 2013
EC looks at effectiveness of Seychelles
The current partnership between the EU and the Seychelles is being re-evaluated in the light of both development of the CFP and Seychellois economic reforms and policy. 28 Feb 2013
Protection needed for seabirds
Following a new study about how the recent EU ban on fish discards could have a significant short term impact on some seabirds, conservationists are calling for urgent marine protection in European waters. 22 Mar 2013
Progress on EU-Seychelles FPA
The second round of negotiations between the EU and the Seychelles to agree a new Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement took place this week. 18 Apr 2013
EC launches new market Observatory
At the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels this week, EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki launched the new online European Market Observatory for Fishery and Aquaculture Products (EUMOFA). 25 Apr 2013
Sanctions imposed against the Faroes
The European Commission (EC) has outlined a scheme to impose sanctions against the Faroe Islands for its over fishing of herring, but the Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association (SPFA) says this needs to be applied to mackerel as well to ensure the future of vital fishing stocks. 14 May 2013
EU committed to tuna recovery plan
The European Commission has said that it has reaffirmed its commitment to the sustainable management of bluefin tuna during the 2013 main fishing season in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic. 28 May 2013
Greenpeace delivers 100,000-strong petition to Brussels
Greenpeace has delivered a petition to Brussels in the form of 100,000 paper boats, calling for urgent measures in support of small-scale sustainable fishermen and for a fundamental reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 29 May 2013
Atlantic Ocean research alliance
In a bid to better understand the Atlantic Ocean and to promote the sustainable management of its resources, the European Union, the United States and Canada, have agreed to join forces on Atlantic Ocean research. 29 May 2013
CFP reform agreed
An agreement has been reached for a radical overhaul of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, following nearly two years of negotiations. 30 May 2013
Fishing opportunities for 2014
The latest figures on fish stocks in EU waters reveal the European Commission’s efforts to phase out overfishing are paying off, but more still needs to be done. 03 Jun 2013
Fisheries Action Plan for Latvia
An Action Plan for Latvia’s fisheries has been designed by the European Commission and the Latvian authorities to address shortcomings in the Latvian fisheries control system. 07 Jun 2013
Faroe Islands call on the EU to drop threats
Jacob Vestergaard, Faroese Minister of Fisheries, has written to EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki, urging her to drop the threat of sanctions against the Faroes regarding the Atlanto-Scandian herring stock. 18 Jun 2013
Tuna season ends early
European Member States have exhausted their bluefin tuna quotas early and purse seiners from Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Greece are back in ports. 19 Jun 2013
Progress at IATTC meeting
The 85th meeting of the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) was held last week in Mexico, the results of which have been welcomed by the European Commission. 19 Jun 2013
Commission takes Belgium to court
The European Commission is taking Belgium to court over its failure to implement the Directive on the investigation of maritime accidents. 20 Jun 2013
Blue Growth strategy gets further backing
The European Commission has welcomed the backing from the EU's General Affairs Council for the progress made in delivering the EU's Blue Growth Strategy, which aims to create sustainable economic growth and employment in the marine and maritime economy to help Europe's economic recovery. 26 Jun 2013
Trade sanctions against the Faroe Islands within a month
Representatives from the pelagic fishing industry are very confident that trade sanction measures will be put in place against the Faroe Islands within a month. 27 Jun 2013
Shark finning ban
Now all sharks landed in EU ports and by EU vessels worldwide must have their fins still attached to their bodies. 09 Jul 2013
Sanctions deadline set
The European Commission will impose trade sanction measures against the Faroe Islands at the end of this month due to the overfishing of Atlanto-Scandian herring, and similar measures will also be brought forward for Iceland. 16 Jul 2013
IUU vessel list
The European Commission has adopted an updated list of vessels that cannot land or sell their fish in the EU as they have been identified as taking part in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. 17 Jul 2013
New labelling guidelines
The European Commission has introduced new guidelines on labelling for fish and aquaculture products to help consumers make informed decisions on the food they eat. 23 Jul 2013
30% cut proposed for Bay of Biscay anchovy
The European Commission has proposed a reduction of 30% for the Bay of Biscay anchovy total allowable catch (TAC) for the 1 July 2012 - 30 June 2013 season. 25 Jul 2013
EC initials protocol with Morocco
The European Commission has initialled a 4-year Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) with the Morocco. 25 Jul 2013
SPPA: Approve sanctions against Faroe Islands
The EU Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture is meeting to discuss the proposal for trade sanctions on the Faroe Islands on 31 July, and the Scottish Pelagic Processors Association (SPPA) is urging the EU to approve the proposal, blocking the export of herring and mackerel to the EU. 31 Jul 2013
Trade sanctions against the Faroe Islands supported
The Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture has backed the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation adopting trade measures with regard to the Faroe Islands. 31 Jul 2013
Deductions announced from 2013 quotas
EU Member States that overfished in 2012 will suffer deductions from their 2013 quotas. 08 Aug 2013
EC bans Faroese imports
The European Commission (EC) is banning Faroese imports to “safeguard fragile fish stocks” as the Faroe Islands continues "unsustainable" fishing of herring. 21 Aug 2013
Oceana questions 2014 quota
The European Commission’s 2014 Total Allowable Catches (TAC) recommendations for the Baltic Sea fall short of already agreed upon international targets, says Oceana. 23 Aug 2013
Faroese sanctions kick in
European Union sanctions are now in force banning all imports of Faroese herring, mackerel and associated products, if caught in Atlanto-Scandian waters. 28 Aug 2013
No mackerel sanctions
Despite keeping details of the negotiations under wraps, Iceland’s chief negotiator Sigurgeir Thorgeirsson has described the recent meeting of the coastal states on the mackerel dispute, as “constructive”. 12 Sep 2013
Mediterranean stocks under threat
The European Commission's annual ‘State of Fish Stocks in European waters’ seminar concluded that big improvements have been made in EU fish stocks in the North-east Atlantic, whilst Mediterranean stocks are under worsening threat. 18 Sep 2013
EU-Mauritania deal agreed
The European Parliament has voted in favour of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Mauritania. 10 Oct 2013
Three countries face sanctions
Belize, Cambodia and Guinea are facing trade measures after failing to show commitment to tackling illegal fishing. 26 Nov 2013
Black Sea quotas
Black Sea fishing opportunities for 2014 have been proposed by the European Commission. 28 Nov 2013
Deep-sea fishing vote
The European Parliament has voted on deep-sea fishing in the North-East Atlantic – and has voted against phasing out deep-sea bottom trawling and bottom gillnetting. 10 Dec 2013
CFP finally adopted
Following the final vote by the European Parliament on 10 December, the new Common Fisheries Policy has now formally been adopted, and will be applied throughout EU waters from 1 January 2014. 10 Dec 2013
Commission disappointed by WCPFC meeting
The European Commission has expressed its disappointment on the outcome of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission’s (WCPFC) 10th plenary session, held 2-6 December 2013 in Australia. 11 Dec 2013
EU and Faroes work hard to resolve differences
The European Union and Faroe Islands are working hard to get back on track, despite the ongoing dispute over mackerel. 17 Dec 2013
EU reaches agreement on catch limits
EU ministers have reached an agreement on 2014 fishing opportunities in EU and non-EU waters and certain fish stocks in the Black Sea. 18 Dec 2013
INSEPARABLE campaign launched
European Commissioner Maria Damanaki is launching an EU-wide campaign, INSEPARABLE, to raise awareness on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. 21 Jan 2014
EFCA to coordinate implantation of the discard ban
In a seminar organised by the European Fisheries Control Agency in Croatia on 15-16 January, it was agreed by Member States that the agency has a key role in coordinating the implementation of the discard ban. 21 Jan 2014
Oceana questions EU's “wrong” decision
Oceana says it is disappointed with the European Commission’s latest decision to allow mussel dredging to continue inside Denmark’s Natura 2000 marine protected areas. 28 Jan 2014
EMFF agreement reached
Political agreement on the 2014-2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) has been reached. 29 Jan 2014
EC works to ‘diversify’ aquaculture
The European Commission (EC) has begun a five-year long project, ‘Diversify’, to identify a number of new and emerging finfish species that have the potential to expand the EU aquaculture industry. 11 Feb 2014
WTO panel established for herring dispute
The World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) has decided to establish a panel in the dispute between the Faroe Islands and the European Union. 26 Feb 2014
Agreement reached on mackerel
The EU, Norway and the Faroes have come to an agreement on mackerel share allocations for the north-east Atlantic. 13 Mar 2014
First ever seafood trade ban
The EU decision to place trade restrictions on Belize, Cambodia and Guinea for failing to cooperate in fighting Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, has been welcomed by environmental groups. 25 Mar 2014
EU project finds fish feed alternatives
An EC-funded research project is working hard to find alternative fish feeds that retain the nutritional properties of fish. 16 Apr 2014
EU and Senegal extend partnership
The European Union and the Republic of Senegal are extending their sustainable fisheries partnership following a third round of talks. 28 Apr 2014
Commission calls for driftnet ban
The European Commission is calling for the banning of the use of any kind of driftnets for fishing in all EU waters as of 1 January 2015. 15 May 2014
EU States oppose ‘blanket ban’
A coalition of fishermen, scientists and conservationists are joining forces to oppose the European Commission’s proposal for a ‘blanket ban’ on driftnet fisheries. 28 May 2014
Commitment to bluefin control measures
The European Commission has reiterated its commitment to implementing the international control measures for bluefin tuna during the 2014 main fishing season. 28 May 2014
EU sea bass management plan
EU Member States are preparing a sea bass management plan, which concerns the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, English Channel, and the southern North Sea. 10 Jun 2014
Commission warns Philippines and Papua New Guinea over illegal fishing
The European Commission has warned the Philippines and Papua New Guinea that they risk being identified as non-cooperative countries in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. 10 Jun 2014
Oceana calls for an end to deep-sea mining
Oceana is calling on EU citizens to help push for the suspension of the European Commission’s plans to develop deep-sea mining operations. 11 Jun 2014
Herring dispute nears its end
European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has announced that an agreement has been reached between the EU and Faroe Islands to end the herring dispute. 11 Jun 2014
Concern over herring deal
The herring agreement between the European Commission and the Faroe Islands must ensure that the Faroese are not rewarded for unsustainable fishing practices, Scottish fishermen have warned. 12 Jun 2014
ICES releases food web advice
The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has released advice to the European Commission on marine food web indicators. 23 Jun 2014
EC: The Mediterranean is heavily overfished
According to the European Commission’s latest report on the state of fish stocks, stocks in the North and West of Europe are recovering, but there are still serious problems of overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea. 26 Jun 2014
EU-Morocco agreement to enter into force
The European Commission has welcomed Morocco’s ratification of a Fisheries Protocol which is set to open the door for European vessels to begin fishing in Moroccan waters again for the first time in more than two years. 16 Jul 2014
European Commission worried about IATTC failure
The European Commission has expressed its disappointment with the outcomes of the 87th Annual meeting of the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC), which finished on 18 July in Lima, Peru. 23 Jul 2014
EC extends IUU deadline for Curaçao, Ghana and Korea
The European Commission has given Curaçao, Ghana and Korea an extra six months to improve the illegal fishing situation in their countries. 23 Jul 2014
Industry urged to support sanctions ban
Scottish fishermen are calling for EU member states to vote against the European Commission’s proposal to lift trade sanctions against the Faroes for their overfishing of Atlanto-Scandian herring. 31 Jul 2014
Progress on EU-Mauritania Fisheries Protocol
EU vessels fishing shrimps and small pelagics in Mauritanian waters in the framework of the EU-Mauritania Fisheries Protocol will be able to continue to do so until 15 December 2014. 31 Jul 2014
Initiative to reenergise the Pelagos Sanctuary
European Commissioner Maria Damanaki has taken the initiative to reenergise the Pelagos Sanctuary and plans to bring together France, Italy and the Principality of Monaco to discuss how the EU's policy tools, including the possibility of financial support from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), can be used to facilitate such policies. 31 Jul 2014
EU lifts measures against Faroe Islands
The European Commission has lifted measures set against the Faroe Islands in August 2013 following their unsustainable fishery on Atlanto-Scandian herring, but the dispute continues. 20 Aug 2014
Oceana responds to Baltic TAC proposals
In response to the European Commission’s proposal on fishing opportunities for the main commercial fish stocks in the Baltic Sea, Oceana has applauded the Commission for its proposals being mainly in line with the aim of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 04 Sep 2014
EC on Russian trade ban
Following Russia’s announcement on 7 August to ban imports of certain fisheries products from the European Union, the European Commission has said that it is working closely with Member States authorities to gather evidence on the impact of the Russian trade measures in the fisheries sector and to outline the available support to the sectors affected by the ban. 04 Sep 2014
Commissioner Damanaki ready to support EU fisheries
European Commissioner Maria Damanaki has reassured the Council and the European Parliament that the European Commission stands ready to support the European fisheries sector, following Russia’s trade ban on certain fisheries products. 10 Sep 2014
All change for fisheries at the EC
New European Commission President-elect, Jean-Claude Juncker, has announced his new Commissioners and a new combined Environment and Maritime Affairs and Fisheries division, to be overseen by Dr Karmenu Vella. 16 Sep 2014
European Fisheries Fund criticised for failings
A report published by the European Court of Auditors (ECA) says that measures to support sustainable aquaculture up to 2013 were not well designed or implemented at EU Member State level. 22 Sep 2014
EU partners call for improved safety at sea
European Social Partners in the fisheries sector (Europêche, Cogeca and ETF) are calling on the European Union to “attach urgency to the policy area of safety at sea in fishing”, which they say is lacking. 23 Sep 2014
Commissioner Candidate fails to impress, says Greenpeace
Greenpeace says it is concerned about the future of the marine environment following European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella’s first Commissioner hearing. 30 Sep 2014
European fish stocks on the rise
Europêche has welcomed scientific data presented at the European Commission’s recent ‘State of Fish Stocks’ seminar that revealed a positive long-term trend of increasing fish populations and reduction of fishing mortality. 01 Oct 2014
Commission calls for deep-sea fishing decrease
The European Commission has proposed a decrease in deep-sea fishing in EU and international waters in the North-East Atlantic for 2015-16, in a bid to protect vulnerable species. 07 Oct 2014
Multiannual fisheries management proposal
The European Commission (EC) has proposed multiannual fisheries management for the Baltic Sea in order to help increase predictability for fishermen and ensure high and sustainable catches. 07 Oct 2014
Mackerel agreement welcomed
Scottish fishermen have welcomed the decision at the European Fish Council to give the fishing fleet the facility to bank up to 25% of this year’s mackerel quota so as to mitigate the impact of Russian trade sanctions. 14 Oct 2014
EU-Mauritania talks suspended
Parties involved in renewing the Protocol to the EU-Mauritania Fishing Partnership Agreement have agreed to suspend discussions, after being unable to reach an agreement on a number of points, including finances. 14 Oct 2014
EC adopts discard plans
The European Commission has adopted a series of discard plans to prepare for the discard ban to come into operation on 1 January 2015. 22 Oct 2014
Plans to save the European eel
A report on the measures taken by EU countries to ensure the recovery of European eel has been issued by the European Commission. 22 Oct 2014
Karmenu Vella in charge of delivering healthy oceans
The new European Commission, headed by President Jean-Claude Juncker, has been confirmed by the European Parliament vote. 22 Oct 2014
Controversial TACs proposed for 2015
The European Commission proposed fishing limits for 2015 have received a mixed response by some who say that many exceed safe limits specified by scientific advice. 29 Oct 2014
EU-Senegal sign FPA
The EU and Senegal have signed a new five-year Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement, following an eight year hiatus. 25 Nov 2014
Mackerel agreement reached
The EU, the Faroe Islands and Norway have reached agreement on North-East Atlantic mackerel TACs for 2015. 25 Nov 2014
EU and Guinea-Bissau agreement signed
The EU and Guinea-Bissau have signed a new three-year fisheries Protocol under the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the two parties. 25 Nov 2014
15% turbot cut proposed
The European Commission has proposed a cut to the annual EU quota for turbot in the Black Sea in 2015 by 15%, to 74 tonnes. 02 Dec 2014
EU and Norway agree North Sea TACs
The EU and Norway have reached an arrangement for the 2015 management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea. 09 Dec 2014
UK lobbies for a fair deal
Ahead of this year’s December Council the UK government has said that it will lobby hard to deliver a fair deal for the fishing industry. 11 Dec 2014
EU underlines importance of UNCLOS
The international community must continue to work together towards the sustainable use of oceans, to promote sustainable development, and to face up to the major threats confronting our marine environment. 11 Dec 2014
Four countries warned
The European Commission has warned the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that they risk being identified as non-cooperating countries in the fight against illegal fishing. 16 Dec 2014
Reaction to Fish Council outcomes
Fishing quotas for 2015 in the Atlantic, North Sea and Black Sea were decided at the EU Fisheries and Agriculture Council on Tuesday – and have received a mixed reaction from the industry. 17 Dec 2014
€184m investment for Latvia
The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Latvian fisheries and aquaculture sector worth almost €184m, including €139m of EU investments. 06 Jan 2015
EU fleet profitable and fuel efficient
The EU fishing fleet is increasingly profitable and fuel efficient, according to a new report. 22 Jan 2015
EU sea bass measures
The European Commission has announced new measures to avert the collapse of declining sea bass stocks and implemented an emergency ban on fishing stocks during the spawning season which runs up until the end of April. 27 Jan 2015
Six month extensions to address IUU activities
The Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Ghana have been granted six month extensions by the European Commission as they work towards eradicating illegal fishing in their countries. 17 Feb 2015
EU-Morocco fisheries partnership strengthened
European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella visited the Salon Halieutis fisheries event in Morocco in February to underline the importance of the fisheries partnership and cooperation between the EU and Morocco. 04 Mar 2015
What’s next in the fight against illegal fishing?
The political and industry support is already there, but what systems are being put in place to make sure countries can be more effective against illegal fishing in the future? Adrian Tatum reports. 06 Apr 2015
New EU-Greenland Protocol
The EU and Greenland have reached an agreement on a new Protocol to implement the EU-Greenland Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement. 24 Mar 2015
Sea bass recreational catch limits
The European Council’s adopted measures to help sea bass recover will include a limit of three fish per day for recreational fishers. 30 Mar 2015
EU strengthens Mediterranean conservation
A provisional agreement has been reached by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to ensure measures adopted by the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) are fully implemented. 30 Mar 2015
Yellow card for Thailand
Thailand has been put on formal notice by the European Commission for not taking sufficient measures in the international fight against illegal fishing (IUU). 21 Apr 2015
EU Ministers endorse Baltic Plan
The Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers has endorsed a common approach to the multiannual Baltic Plan. 22 Apr 2015
MEPs vote for sustainable Baltic fishing
A multiannual plan for managing Baltic cod, sprat and herring stocks has been approved by the European Parliament. 29 Apr 2015
Major increase in sustainable stocks
New scientific research shows that 18 times as many commercial species are now fished at safe biological limits compared to 12 years ago. 01 May 2015
Tuna meeting results welcomed
The EU has welcomed the results of the 19th meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), held in Busan, Korea, from 24 April to 1 May 2015. 05 May 2015
Further sea bass measures proposed
The European Commission has announced the third package of measures to halt the decline of sea bass in the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea, Channel and North Sea. 20 May 2015
Bluefin tuna fishing season opens
The main bluefin tuna fishing season opened on 26 May, and purse seiners will be able to fish for bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic until 24 June. 26 May 2015
EC plans for 2016 quotas
The European Commission has opened the online public consultation on its views and intentions for setting the annual fishing quotas for 2016. 02 Jun 2015
New assessment highlights overfishing threat
The recently published European Red List of Threatened Species has found that a total of 7.5% of all European marine fish species are threatened with extinction in European waters. 10 Jun 2015
Bluefin tuna season ends early
The Bluefin tuna purse seine season, set to last from 26 May to 24 June 2015, has come to an early end for 99% of the European purse-seiners because they have exhausted their quotas, says the European Commission. 11 Jun 2015
EU funds floats for better data
The European Commission has awarded a grant of almost €4m to the European research infrastructure for observing the oceans. 02 Jul 2015
EU raises minimum size of northern sea bass
The 28 EU member states have agreed to the European Commission's proposal to increase the minimum size for northern sea bass from 36 to 42cm. 07 Jul 2015
EU investment package for Cyprus
The European Commission is committing around €39m in investment for the Cypriot maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 09 Jul 2015
Stock recovery makes significant progress
The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) has delivered its overview of the status of a host of fish and shellfish stocks across the Northeast Atlantic. 14 Jul 2015
New EU-Mauritania fisheries deal
A new deal between the European Union and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania will allow EU fishermen to fish in Mauritanian waters for four years. 14 Jul 2015
Investment package for Slovenia
The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Slovenian maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors worth €32.6m for the period 2014-2020. 04 Aug 2015
Overexploitation of stocks
Worldwide global fishing fleets are two to three times larger than the oceans can sustainably support, says a new European Commission study published in the journal 'PLOS One'. 06 Aug 2015
EU Commission commits fisheries funding
The European Commission has committed investment packages for the maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors of Denmark, Estonia, Germany and Sweden, to help promote sustainable growth. 26 Aug 2015
Investment package for Lithuania
The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Lithuanian fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 26 Aug 2015
Baltic Sea fishing opportunities proposed for 2016
The European Commission has tabled its proposal on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2016. 08 Sep 2015
Moving in the right direction
In an exclusive interview with Jason Holland for World Fishing & Aquaculture, Javier Garat, president of Europêche, secretary general of the Spanish Fishing Confederation (CEPESCA) and chairman of the European Fisheries Technology Platform, highlights the successes achieved by Europe’s fishing industry and explains why it’s important to ensure it has the tools to deliver economic and environmental sustainability. 09 Sep 2015
Promoting sustainable blue growth for future generations
In an exclusive article for World Fishing & Aquaculture, European Commissioner, Karmenu Vella and Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Elisabeth Aspaker, discuss the importance of blue growth and ocean governance. Mr Vella is meeting with Ms Aspaker in Norway today to further strengthen the strategic fisheries relations between EU and Norway. 17 Sep 2015
Big Brother is watching
The growing powers of state management of fisheries - and the introduction of more and more laws, regulations, and other restrictions controlling commercial fishing operations – continue to concoct complex systems of inspection and monitoring. 17 Sep 2015
EU ecolabel consultation results
The European Commission's recent consultation on an EU ecolabel for fisheries and aquaculture products shows that the majority of respondents believe that the EU and other public bodies could play a role in ecolabelling, but views on their required type of involvement are less clear. 28 Sep 2015
Yellow cards for Taiwan and Comoros
The European Commission has issued Comoros and Taiwan with yellow card warnings, as they risk being identified uncooperative in the fight against illegal fishing. 01 Oct 2015
Draft discard plans for the Atlantic
The European Commission has adopted two draft plans to reduce discarding in the north western and south western waters of the Atlantic. 14 Oct 2015
Fishing agreement weaknesses
A new report by the European Court of Auditors has found that weaknesses in the management of EU fisheries agreements with third countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean are leading to higher prices for some of the fish caught. 21 Oct 2015
SIOFA to become fully operational next year
The South Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA) will become a fully operational Regional Fisheries Management Organisation (RFMO) within the next year. 21 Oct 2015
Philippines steps up assistance to small scale fishermen
The Philippines government has recently launched a major investment programme to improve agricultural and fisheries production as part of long term plans to increase rural incomes and boost social development in the country’s poorest regions. 22 Oct 2015
Baltic catch limits set for 2016
EU Fisheries Ministers have agreed on fishing opportunities for 2016 in the Baltic Sea. 28 Oct 2015
Investment package for Greek fisheries and aquaculture
The European Commission has adopted a €523.4m investment package for the Greek maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors, for the period 2014-2020. 28 Oct 2015
Investment package for Poland
A €710.5m investment package for the Polish fisheries and aquaculture sectors has been announced by the European Commission, for the 2014-2020 period. 05 Nov 2015
Investment package for Croatia
The European Commission has adopted a €348.5m investment package for the Croatian maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors, for the period 2014-2020. 09 Nov 2015
Atlantic and North Sea TACs proposed
The European Commission has proposed fish quotas for 2016 for the Atlantic and the North Sea, which includes maintaining or increasing quotas for 35 stocks and reducing catches for 28 stocks, based on scientific advice. 10 Nov 2015
Ministers commit to closer cooperation
Ministers from 43 countries have signed a joint declaration on the blue economy, committing to promoting growth, jobs and investment in the marine and maritime sectors. 18 Nov 2015
EU and Mauritania sign new Protocol
A new four-year Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement (FPA) has been signed between the EU and Mauritania. 18 Nov 2015
EU investment package for Bulgaria
The European Commission has adopted a €113m key investment package for the Bulgarian maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors for the period 2014-2020. 18 Nov 2015
Commission satisfied with ICCAT outcome
Following the 24th Regular Meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), the European Commission has said that although not all of its ambitions were met, on the whole the EU is satisfied with the results. 19 Nov 2015
Women in fisheries: an issue, an agenda
Jobs for the girls: while it's entirely correct that gender no longer excludes women from the top jobs in seafood business and fisheries management, it seems it's still a very hard struggle for women "downstairs" to even secure their basic rights as workers, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami. 22 Nov 2010
Bringing Europe together on discards
It was a move seen by many as long overdue, but 2011 was to be the year that Europe was to come together as one to change the rules on discards forever. 02 Feb 2012
High hopes
It’s just four months until the introduction of Europe’s new Common Fisheries Policy. But how close are fishermen to getting the wholesale reform that they urgently need? Jason Holland reports. 07 Aug 2012
New CFP philosophy prompts changes to fleet management
September saw the publication of a new report promoting the benefits of implementing a moratorium on catching in 49 over-fished areas, reports Adrian Tatum. 08 Oct 2012
Are we winning the fight against IUU fishing?
Adrian Tatum finds out how illegal fishing is affecting the global fishing industry and discovers what is being put in place to fight the battle against it. 11 Apr 2013
Commission calls for cooperation in aquaculture
The European Commission has issued strategic guidelines for EU aquaculture, designed to boost the development of the sector. 30 Apr 2013
Aquaculture vital for plugging the gap in the EU’s seafood needs
Aquaculture has a vital role to play in helping the EU to meet its demand for seafood, but expansion of the industry in Europe is hampered by bureaucratic inefficiency. 05 Jun 2013
Europe’s mackerel war wanes
The new three-party agreement on mackerel share allocations puts the north-east Atlantic pelagic industry on a much more sustainable footing, writes Jason Holland. 06 Apr 2014
Can politics win over reality?
As the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) becomes law, Adrian Tatum considers the key changes and looks at what else needs to be done. 08 May 2014
Seafood spoilage could be reduced by irradiation
About one third of all fish landed spoils before it can be consumed. So, it would be thought that any process which can destroy the microorganisms that cause fish and shellfish to spoil would be welcomed with open arms. 03 Jul 2014
EC closes Irish sea lice investigation
The European Commission has closed the EU Pilot Investigation into the potential impact of sea lice on wild salmon stocks in Ireland. 09 Oct 2014
Exclusive: Q&A with Karmenu Vella
In an exclusive interview with Jason Holland for World Fishing & Aquaculture, Karmenu Vella, the new EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, discusses enforcement of the Common Fisheries Policy, the benefits of boosting EU aquaculture and much more. 04 Feb 2015
Implementing the CFP
Adrian Tatum reports on the implementation of the CFP, over a year on from its conception. 05 Feb 2015
A more efficient and effective future
Adrian Tatum reports in the importance of efficient and effective fishing. 07 May 2015