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Maine awarded NOAA grant to restore Atlantic salmon and river herring
The Maine Department of Marine Resources has been awarded US$311,357 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Species Recovery Grants to States Program to restore Atlantic salmon and river herring in the state’s Togus Stream. 22 May 2018
NOAA appoints science centre director
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has appointed Kristen Koch as science and research director of its Southwest Fisheries Science Center to oversee marine resources work in California. 21 Mar 2018
NOAA Fisheries announces 2018 priorities
NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Fisheries has released its ‘Priorities and Annual Guidance for 2018’ document. 14 Feb 2018
Pentony to lead NOAA Greater Atlantic
Michael Pentony has been appointed regional administrator for NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 25 Jan 2018
Grants for US aquaculture pilot projects
NOAA Fisheries has provided US$1.5m to support aquaculture pilot projects through the US’ Interstate Marine Fisheries Commissions. 12 Dec 2017
NOAA satellite to help manage fisheries
A satellite system that transmits data on ocean temperature, colour and ecosystems will be used in the management of fisheries. 05 Dec 2017
Electronic reporting for sablefish
The US West Coast has adopted electronic reporting for all commercially caught sablefish which means that all landings will now be recorded on web-based electronic fish tickets instead of paper ones. 18 Jan 2017
NOAA grants for threatened species recovery
NOAA has awarded US$5.4 million in grants to states and tribes in all coastal regions to help in the recovery of endangered and threatened marine species. 18 Aug 2016
Final rule for electronic reporting of trade data
NOAA Fisheries has published a final rule which establishes regulations to integrate the collection of trade documentation within the International Trade Data System (ITDS). 03 Aug 2016
Final rule for electronic reporting of trade data
NOAA Fisheries has published a final rule which establishes regulations to integrate the collection of trade documentation within the International Trade Data System (ITDS). 03 Aug 2016
US makes continued progress on fish stock sustainability
The number of US domestic fish stocks listed as overfished or subject to overfishing remain near all-time lows, according to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries report to Congress. 21 Apr 2016
Ocean conditions affect salmon prey
Changes in ocean conditions in the northwest Atlantic have altered the food web, changing the quantity and quality of important prey species, according to a recent study on salmon foraging. 30 Mar 2016
The West Coast challenge
Fisheries on the West Coast of America have come under intense pressure after closures and a dramatic fall in stock levels. Adrian Tatum looks at the challenges over the last few years. 09 Mar 2016
NOAA announces marine debris cleanup funding
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced that US$250,000 in grants is being made available to five states being impacted by Japanese tsunami debris. 23 Jul 2012
NOAA’s first national bycatch report out
A new NOAA report of data collected in 2005 will help the agency’s scientists better monitor progress in reducing bycatch, according to the organisation. 23 Sep 2011
Obama: BP will pay for ‘oil spill epidemic’
In his first national address from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama vowed to make BP pay for the damage caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. 16 Jun 2010
NOAA takes steps to improve fisheries law enforcement
Jane Lubchenco has directed the agency to take steps to promote greater transparency in law enforcement, ensure fairness in penalties, and improve lines of communication with commercial and recreational fishermen. 27 Jan 2010
NOAA award to support Pacific coral reef protection efforts
NOAA has awarded the University of Hawaii at Manoa Kewalo Marine Laboratory a $199,996 grant to address the effects of land-based sources of pollution on coral reefs in the Pacific. 28 Jan 2010
NOAA and fishermen cooperate on monkfish migration research
Researchers are working with commercial fishermen to put electronic tags on hundreds of monkfish in the waters of southern New England and the Gulf of Maine to track where the commercially important fish goes during its lifetime, and to answer other questions about its biology. 28 Jan 2010
Calls for responsible increase in red snapper catch levels
First Gulf council meeting of the year to focus on continued red snapper rebuilding. 03 Feb 2010
NOAA takes delivery of new fisheries survey vessel
NOAA has taken delivery of Bell M. Shimada, the agency’s newest high-tech fisheries survey vessel. 03 Feb 2010
New assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries
Message from NOAA Administrator, Dr Jane Lubchenco: 17 Feb 2010
NOAA provides $10m to support New England groundfish fishery
NOAA has announced an additional $10 million to preserve fishing opportunities for the New England fishing industry and continue the development of a new sector program in the groundfish fishery. 05 Mar 2010
Control dates for king and Spanish mackerel fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico
On 15 March, NOAA Fisheries Service published an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking revising control dates for the Gulf group king and Spanish mackerel components of the coastal migratory pelagic fishery. 16 Mar 2010
NOAA lists Pacific smelt as threatened
NOAA’s Fisheries Service is listing Pacific smelt as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. 17 Mar 2010
USA: Fishing industry and government on a colliding course?
On 24 February 2010 a “United We Fish” Rally took place in Washington DC, reports Menakhem Ben-Yami. 18 Mar 2010
Progress made in rebuilding and sustaining US fisheries and ocean ecosystems
A new report from NOAA shows that the last decade has been a period of progress for US fisheries and ocean ecosystems. 25 Mar 2010
NOAA launches interactive MPA mapping tool
NOAA’s National Marine Protected Areas Center has created a new interactive online mapping tool that, for the first time, allows users to view boundaries and access data for more than a thousand marine protected areas (MPAs) in the United States. 09 Apr 2010
NOAA seeks comments on proposed rule
NOAA Fisheries Service is seeking public input on a proposed rule to re-establish a two-year provisional certification for two bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) for the Southeastern Shrimp Fishery. 21 Apr 2010
NOAA awards $73.6m contract for new fisheries survey vessel
NOAA has awarded a $73.6m American Recovery and Reinvestment Act contract to Marinette Marine Corporation located in Marinette, Wis., for the construction of a new fisheries survey vessel. 22 Apr 2010
NOAA requests comment on fish imports and marine mammals
NOAA is requesting public comment on options for implementing parts of the Marine Mammal Protection Act that address the incidental catch of marine mammals in foreign fisheries, including species such as whales and dolphins. 30 Apr 2010
Deepwater Horizon spill closes Gulf Coast fisheries
NOAA implements blanket commercial fishery closures in the wake of the oil rig disaster. 05 May 2010
NOAA modifies fishing closure
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revised the areas closed to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico due to the massive BP oil spill. 13 May 2010
NOAA further extends Gulf closed area
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has extended the boundaries of the closed fishing area in the Gulf of Mexico into the northern portion of the loop current to ensure seafood from the Gulf remains safe for consumers. 20 May 2010
NOAA starts baseline sampling for oil spill assessment
Data of unaffected waters is critical to measuring ecological impact of Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, says National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 25 May 2010
Kevin Costner’s ‘Ocean Therapy’ machines tackle Gulf spill
Machines designed to clean oceans after oil spills are to be tried out by BP in the Gulf of Mexico this week. 24 May 2010
BP spill closed area grows again
The NOAA has again extended the closed fishing area in the Gulf of Mexico to match the Louisiana state waters closure west of the current boundaries, and to incorporate an area reportedly with oil in the southwest. 27 May 2010
One-third of Gulf of Mexico now closed
NOAA has again extended the northern and southern boundaries of the closed fishing area in the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to limit the impact of the spreading BP oil spill. 03 Jun 2010
BP boss confident of Gulf clean-up
BP said its latest efforts to tackle the Gulf of Mexico crisis are likely to capture the "vast majority" of the oil spewing out into the ocean. 07 Jun 2010
NOAA: Slightly less overfishing in the US
There has been a small reduction in the number of US fisheries that are deemed as being overfished, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 08 Jun 2010
NOAA reopens fishing area in Gulf of Mexico
NOAA has opened 339 square miles of previously closed fishing area off the Florida panhandle – the northern boundary now ends at the Florida federal-state water line on the east side of Choctawhatchee Bay. 10 Jun 2010
BP oil spill: fishing closure increases to 36%
The NOAA has again had to modify the commercial and recreational fishing closure in the oil-affected areas of the Gulf of Mexico. 22 Jun 2010
8,000 square miles of Gulf fishing closed area reopened
NOAA has opened more than 8,000 square miles of previously closed fishing area in the Gulf of Mexico, because the agency had not observed oil in the area. 24 Jun 2010
US releases first subsea BP spill report
The first analysis about subsea monitoring in the Deepwater Horizon vacinity has been released. 24 Jun 2010
US fishermen's wives join anti-oil demos
Across the US last weekend, people lined beaches and joined hands in a display to oppose oil drilling off America's coasts. 01 Jul 2010
BP oil spill costs pass $3bn mark
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has so far cost BP more than $3.1 billion (€2.5 billion), the company has said. The total includes the cost of containing the spill and cleaning up the oil, and the cost of drilling relief wells. 06 Jul 2010
Senator demands NOAA sell unauthorised assets
US senator Charles Schumer has called on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to immediately begin selling off unauthorised purchases it made with forfeiture money and return the proceeds to the fund and fishermen who committed no wrong doing or were excessively fined. 13 Jul 2010
Congressmen call for Lubchenco's resignation
Congressmen Barney Frank and John Tierney have called for Dr Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the NOAA, to step down. 13 Jul 2010
NOAA reopens one-third of closed Gulf
No oil has been observed for 30 days in 26,388 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico being reopened for fishing. 23 Jul 2010
Storm Bonnie halts BP spill clean up
Work at the site of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill will stop for 10-12 days until Tropical Storm Bonnie has passed. 23 Jul 2010
NOAA reopens further 5,000sq miles of Gulf
NOAA has reopened 5,144 square miles of Gulf waters to commercial fishing. The move was announced after consultation with the FDA and under a reopening protocol agreed to by NOAA, the FDA, and the Gulf states. 11 Aug 2010
NOAA reopens more oil spill areas
NOAA has reopened 3,114 square miles of Gulf waters offshore of the western Florida panhandle to commercial and recreational fishing. The reopening followed a consultation with FDA and under a re-opening protocol agreed to by NOAA, the FDA, and the Gulf states. 06 Sep 2010
California salmon disaster continues
US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has extended the disaster for California salmon fishermen due to the low numbers of spawning Chinook salmon returning to the Sacramento River and the subsequent reduction in commercial fishery revenues. 06 Sep 2010
Gulf fisheries get $26m for promotion
The US Commerce Department has announced $26 million (€19.9 million) in disaster relief money for Gulf of Mexico fisheries, including a seafood safety and marketing plan and research dollars to study the impacts of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on fish populations. 20 Sep 2010
Seattle to host symposium on energy use in fisheries
A new Seattle, US, conference, The Energy Use in Fisheries Symposium, has been created to provide a forum for commercial and recreational fishermen, processors, engineers, boat and engine developers, aquaculture ventures, fisheries managers, administrators, scientists, and others to address both the direct and indirect effects of energy costs related to fisheries, and share solutions. 28 Sep 2010
NOAA opens more Gulf waters to fishing
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has reopened 5,628 square miles of Gulf waters off eastern Louisiana to recreational and commercial fishing. 04 Oct 2010
BP spill: NOAA reopens more fishing areas
NOAA has reopened 2,927 square miles of federal waters south of the Mississippi River Delta in the Gulf of Mexico to commercial and recreational fishing that it had previously closed in response to the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 06 Oct 2010
US west coast fishermen sent catch share applications
NOAA’s Fisheries Service has mailed applications to almost 240 trawl fishermen and processors on the US west coast to invite them into what will be arguably the most important change in west coast trawl fisheries management in a generation 15 Oct 2010
New rule denies IUU boats entry to US
A new federal rule is being introduced that will allow NOAA’s assistant administrator for fisheries to deny a vessel entry into a US port or access to port services if that vessel has been listed for engaging in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. 15 Oct 2010
NOAA reopens further 7,000 sq miles of Gulf
NOAA has reopened 6,879 square miles of Gulf waters about 180-200 nautical miles south of the Florida panhandle, between the Florida-Alabama state line and Cape San Blas, to commercial and recreational fishing. 18 Oct 2010
NOAA seeks comments on proposed reduced harvest of gag
NOAA Fisheries Service is seeking public comment on a proposed rule that would decrease the commercial quota of gag, suspend the use of red grouper multi-use individual fishing quota (IFQ) commercial allocation, and temporarily set the gag bag limit to zero. 19 Oct 2010
US looks for new law enforcement chief
The US government is looking to hire a new chief for its fisheries law enforcement arm after the former head of enforcement, Dale Jones, was reassigned to monitoring international seafood trade. 20 Oct 2010
Bluefin tuna hit hard by BP oil disaster
Numbers of juvenile Atlantic tuna at a major spawning site in the Gulf of Mexico probably fell by at least 20% this year as a result of the BP oil spill, according to the European Space Agency (ESA), whose satellites are assessing the disaster's effects on the fish’s habitat. 20 Oct 2010
NOAA cuts king mackerel catch
King mackerel trip limits have been reduced to 500 pounds per day for commercial vessels fishing in the northern Florida west coast subzone. 27 Oct 2010
Top US seaport’s mayor calls for investigation of NOAA, NMFS and NEFMC
The mayor of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the highest dollar-volume US seaport, has asked for a federal investigation of all parties involved with the implementation of fishing regulations, laws, and frameworks, and into the rule making processes of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the New England Fisheries Management Council (NEFMC). 09 Nov 2010
Another Gulf oil spill area reopens
NOAA has reopened to commercial and recreational fishing 8,403 square miles of Gulf waters which extend from the Louisiana state water line to due south of the Alabama/Florida state line. This is the 11th reopening in federal waters since 22 July. 16 Nov 2010
Shrimp trawlers face huge fines for fishing in closed BP oil spill area
Eight shrimp trawlers have been charged by NOAA with allegedly fishing this summer in the area of the Gulf of Mexico that was closed due to the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill. 23 Nov 2010
BP oil spill: NOAA closes shrimp fishery
NOAA has closed 4,213 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico to royal red shrimp fishing following the discovery of tarballs. This area had previously opened to all fishing, and fishing for finfish or penaeid shrimp species is still allowed. 30 Nov 2010
Alaska king crab research nets $460,000
Biologists developing science and technology to raise wild red and blue king crab in hatcheries as a way to rebuild collapsed stocks in parts of Alaska have received $460,000 (€347,966) in grants and support to assess how the crab may fare in the wild. 08 Dec 2010
Aleutian mackerel, cod fishing restricted
NOAA’s Fisheries Service has issued its final interim rule to reduce commercial fishing for groundfish stocks in the Aleutian Islands in an effort to provide more food for the endangered western Steller sea lion. 10 Dec 2010
America sues BP over Gulf oil spill
The US government has filed a civil suit against BP and several of its partners for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in April. 16 Dec 2010
Pacific cod, pollock limits increased
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) has approved its advice for next year´s Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) groundfish total allowable catch limits. The pollock and Pacific cod catch limits have both been ramped up as a result of those stocks´ growth and will come into effect next month. 21 Dec 2010
Alaska sues government over Aleutian fishing ban
Alaska is suing the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to try to overturn a rule meant to restrict fishing in the Western Aleutian Islands. Designed to defend the western population of Steller sea lions, which are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, the regulation is set to go into force on 1 January 2011. 21 Dec 2010
NOAA assists entangled right whale
A team of state and federal biologists assisted a severely entangled North Atlantic right whale off the coast of Daytona, Florida, on 30 December. 04 Jan 2011
NOAA launches website on Deepwater Horizon oil spill
NOAA has unveiled a web archive of the maps, wildlife reports, scientific reports and other previously released public information used by emergency responders, fishermen, mariners and local officials during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 04 Jan 2011
Thriving 'middle light' reefs found in Puerto Rico
NOAA-funded scientists have found extensive and biologically diverse coral ecosystems occurring at depths between 100-500ft within a 12 mile span off the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico. 05 Jan 2011
NOAA to work with six identified nations to address IUU fishing
NOAA has submitted a report to Congress identifying six nations – Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Panama, Portugal, and Venezuela – whose fishing vessels engaged in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in 2009 and/or 2010. 14 Jan 2011
Scientists use sedation to help disentangle North Atlantic right whale
Scientists from NOAA Fisheries Service and its state and nonprofit partners successfully used at-sea chemical sedation to help cut the remaining ropes from a young North Atlantic right whale on 15 January 15 off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Flrida. 19 Jan 2011
New Assistant Administrator for NOAA
David Kennedy has been named NOAA assistant administrator for the National Ocean Service effective immediately. 26 Jan 2011
NOAA seeks comment on amberjack rule
NOAA has published a proposed rule that, if approved and implemented, would establish a 1 June-31 July seasonal closure for recreational harvest of greater amberjack in or from the Gulf of Mexico federal waters 29 Jan 2011
Mackerel limit to remain at 50 per day
The daily vessel trip limit will remain at 50 fish for commercial hook-and-line vessels fishing for Gulf group king mackerel in federal waters of the Florida east coast subzone. 05 Feb 2011
NOAA investigates seafood mislabelling
Seafood consumers and the law-abiding fishermen who catch that seafood gained a victory last week when a NOAA investigation into conspiracy, misbranding and smuggling resulted in two guilty pleas in federal court. 06 Feb 2011
Royal red shrimp fishing waters reopened in Gulf of Mexico
NOAA has reopened 4,213 square miles (10,911 sq km) of area it had previously closed to royal red shrimp fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in response to the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 07 Feb 2011
US releases draft aquaculture policies
The US Department of Commerce and NOAA have released draft national aquaculture policies that support sustainable marine aquaculture. 10 Feb 2011
Florida closed to King Mackerel harvest
The commercial sector harvesting Gulf group king mackerel in the Florida east coast subzone is closed, effective 12:01am (local time) 26 February 2011, until 31 March 2011. 25 Feb 2011
Spatial planning flunks first major test
In the annual Maine Fisherman's Forum, the Bangor Daily News Reports that BOEMER is giving wind power development projects zoning rights over other uses of the ocean resources, all in the name of marine spatial planning. 08 Mar 2011
US turning a corner in ending overfishing
Assistant NOAA Administrator for Fisheries Eric Schwaab has said that the US is making good progress toward meeting the mandate to end domestic overfishing. 09 Mar 2011
Increased management measures for halibut
NOAA’s Fisheries Service has announced it is implementing the regulatory recommendations of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) due to concerns over declining halibut stocks. 15 Mar 2011
NOAA raises butterfish catch
A new emergency increase to the butterfish fishing limit will enable squid fishermen off the northeast, who often catch butterfish unintentionally, to continue working. 20 Mar 2011
33% increase for spiny dogfish quota
NOAA's Fisheries Service has announced that it will propose increasing the spiny dogfish quota to 20 million pounds for 2011. 22 Mar 2011
King mackerel hook-and-line fishing prohibited in southern Florida
Commercial fishing for Gulf group king mackerel in the southern Florida west coast subzone is closed from 23 March 2011, for commercial hook-and-line vessels. 28 Mar 2011
Testing continues on Gulf seafood
NOAA continues to re-test seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to demonstrate to American and worldwide consumers that it is safe to eat, and has announced it will continue this re-testing into the summer. 29 Mar 2011
‘Weak’ hooks protect bluefin tuna but allow yellowfin and swordfish catch
From 5 May, longliners who fish for yellowfin tuna, swordfish and other species in the Gulf of Mexico will have to use a new ‘weak hook’, designed to reduce the incidental catch of Atlantic bluefin tuna. 07 Apr 2011
King mackerel fishing closed in northern Florida west coast subzone
Harvest of king mackerel is now prohibited for commercial vessels fishing in the northern Florida west coast subzone. 11 Apr 2011
Higher catch limits for New England
From 1 May, groundfish fishermen will have more opportunity to fish in the Northeast, small-vessel owners will get a boost through permit banks, and stocks will continue on the path to rebuilding. 19 Apr 2011
New NOAA compliance assistance liaison
A former commercial fisherman has been tapped as NOAA Office of Law Enforcement’s compliance assistance liaison in the Northeast. 19 Apr 2011
All DH oil spill waters now open
NOAA has now reopened 1,041 square miles of Gulf waters immediately surrounding the Deepwater Horizon wellhead, just east of Louisiana. 20 Apr 2011
Commerce Dept appoints fisheries advisors
The US Department of Commerce has announced the appointment of three new public marine fisheries advisors. 26 Apr 2011
NOAA to update safety guidelines
NOAA’s Fisheries Service is asking for public input as it starts the process of updating the national guidelines that promote the safety of commercial and recreational fishermen in federal waters. 26 Apr 2011
Temporary rule to reset gag quota
NOAA has announced a temporary rule to reset the commercial quota of gag, continue the suspension of the use of red grouper multi-use IFQ commercial allocation, and set a gag recreational season. 26 Apr 2011
Proposals to raise scallop catch limits
NOAA has proposed raising the catch limit for Atlantic sea scallop vessels from the current level of 47 million pounds to 51 million pounds in 2011 and to 55 million pounds in 2012. 03 May 2011
Waters off Texas closed to shrimping
NOAA Fisheries Service has said that federal waters from 9 to 200 nautical miles off Texas will close to shrimp trawling at 30 minutes after official sunset, local time, today. 15 May 2011
US and China agree to increase fisheries cooperation
The third US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) meeting was held 9–10 May in Washington, DC. 15 May 2011
States authorised to remove sea lions
NOAA has authorised Washington and Oregon to lethally remove sea lions congregating below the Columbia River’s Bonneville Dam to eat thousands of adult salmon and steelhead swimming upstream to spawn. 18 May 2011
NOAA encourages fishermen to release shortfin mako sharks alive
NOAA’s Fisheries Service has launched a voluntary program to encourage commercial and recreational fishermen to safely release Atlantic shortfin mako sharks alive and report the releases to NOAA for posting on an online map. 27 May 2011
Fishery penalties returned to 11 fishermen
US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has announced that $649,527 in fisheries enforcement penalties will be returned to 11 individuals or businesses. 28 May 2011
NOAA: Atlantic bluefin not endangered
After an extensive scientific review, NOAA has announced that Atlantic bluefin tuna do not warrant species protection under the Endangered Species Act. 31 May 2011
NOAA issues emergency action
NOAA has announced that it will not reopen the Nantucket Lightship Access Area to scallop fishing, as had been scheduled for 15 June. 01 Jun 2011
US aquaculture policies released
The US Department of Commerce and NOAA have released national sustainable marine aquaculture policies to meet growing demand for seafood, to create jobs in coastal communities, and restore vital ecosystems. 14 Jun 2011
Keel-laying ceremony for Reuben Lasker
NOAA and Marinette Marine Corporation this week held a keel-laying ceremony at the MMC shipyard in Marinette, Wis., for NOAA’s newest fisheries survey vessel, Reuben Lasker. 25 Jun 2011
NOAA sets fishing quotas for bluefin tuna
NOAA has announced quotas and other measures for bluefin tuna that underscore the nation’s commitment to sustainable science-based management of this vital fish stock. 05 Jul 2011
Commercial shrimp fishery to re-open off Texas on 15 July
The federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, from 9 to 200 nautical miles off Texas, will open to commercial shrimp trawling 30 minutes after official sunset, local time, on 15 July 2011. 10 Jul 2011
NOAA report sees job growth
Fully rebuilt, US fisheries hold the potential of adding $31 billion to the economy and an additional 500,000 jobs, according to the NOAA annual status of the stocks report. 19 Jul 2011
US adopts IUU recommendation
The US has joined more than 50 countries in a recommendation to regional fishery management organisations to better track vessels engaged in IUU fishing for tuna, swordfish, sharks and other highly migratory species. 19 Jul 2011
NOAA approves scallop catch limit
NOAA has approved management measures for the Atlantic sea scallop fishery, which it says will increase fishing opportunities for fishermen. 22 Jul 2011
Buckson new NOAA director
NOAA has announced the selection of Bruce Buckson, a nationally recognised leader in natural resource conservation law enforcement, as director of the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement (OLE). 26 Jul 2011
Atlantic herring population trends linked to egg predation by haddock
NOAA scientists have developed a population model for Atlantic herring that links herring population trends to the size of the haddock population. 10 Aug 2011
Grouper and tilefish IFQ legal
A magistrate judge in Florida has determined that the grouper and tilefish IFQ in the Gulf of Mexico conforms to all federal laws and the US Constitution. 19 Aug 2011
US seafood landings and values increase
US commercial fishermen landed 8.2bn pounds of seafood in 2010, valued at $4.5bn, an increase of 200m pounds and more than $600m in value over 2009, according to a new report released by NOAA. 09 Sep 2011
Iceland encouraged to change whale policy
Last week, in a report to Congress, the US President concurred with the Secretary of Commerce's recommendations and directed federal agencies to take actions to encourage Iceland to change its whaling policy. 20 Sep 2011
Loggerhead sea turtle listing revised
NOAA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have issued a final rule changing the listing of loggerhead sea turtles under the Endangered Species Act. 21 Sep 2011
Between Lubchenco and Damanaki
On 5 October, Mayor Scott Lang called on President Obama "to replace NOAA Administrator Dr Jane Lubchenco with an individual who will work with fishing communities around the country.” 12 Oct 2011
US regrets Japan’s whaling decision
The United States has said that it deeply regrets that Japan has decided to continue its controversial whaling in the Southern Ocean. 18 Oct 2011
NOAA increases Northeast skate quota
NOAA has increased the amount of skate that fishermen can land this year from 31 million to 48 million pounds, based on new scientific information showing an increase in the overall skate population. 27 Oct 2011
New bill to protect US fishermen
A new bill introduced by the US Congress this week and drafted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), aims to protect US fishermen from unfair competition by so called pirate fishing. 16 Dec 2011
NOAA grant to prevent ciguatera poisoning
NOAA has awarded the first year of an anticipated five-year, $4 million grant to scientists researching the causes of ciguatera fish poisoning, focusing on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. 03 Jan 2012
New NOAA Fisheries head
Eric Schwaab is to leave his position as assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries to serve as NOAA’s acting assistant secretary of commerce for conservation and management, starting on 17 January. 10 Jan 2012
New appointment to regional council
NOAA has announced the appointment of Francis D. “Dewey” Hemilright Jr. of North Carolina to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, who will serve on the council until 10 August 2014. 05 Mar 2012
Study examines NOAA catch shares
In 2011, the US West Coast groundfish trawl fleet transitioned to the catch shares management system, which guarantees fishery participants a percentage of the total allowable catch for each species in the fishery. 28 Mar 2012
Studies on sustaining US fishing industry
Two new NOAA Sea Grant studies will look at how new business models, based on the success of community supported agriculture, could benefit fishing communities in Washington, Oregon, and California. 02 Apr 2012
New measures for Gulf of Maine cod
NOAA has announced that fishermen will be allowed to catch up to 6,700mt of Gulf of Maine cod in 2012. 04 Apr 2012
New app helps mariners avoid whales
Mariners along the US east coast can now download a new iPad and iPhone app that warns them when they enter areas of high risk of collision with critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. 05 Apr 2012
Recovery plans for endangered whales
Following the Center for Biological Diversity’s notice of intent to sue, the National Marine Fisheries Service has announced that it has begun preparing a recovery plan for the endangered North Pacific right whale. 20 Apr 2012
US: Record number of rebuilt fisheries
NOAA’s Status of U.S. Fisheries report has shown that a record six fish populations were declared rebuilt to healthy levels in 2011, bringing the number of rebuilt US marine fish populations in the last 11 years to 27. 16 May 2012
Eight per cent of US waters protected
New analysis has shown that 8% of US waters are currently designated as marine protected areas (MPAs), with the vast majority of these areas open to fishing and other activities, according to NOAA. 17 May 2012
NOAA increases Gulf of Mexico red snapper catch limit
NOAA is increasing the Gulf of Mexico red snapper limit, after the latest population assessment showed that overfishing has ended and the population is rebounding. 30 May 2012
Gray triggerfish harvest to close 1 July
The commercial harvest of gray triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico federal waters will close as of 12:01 (local time) on 1 July 2012 until 12:01 on 1 January 2013. 20 Jun 2012
NOAA fisheries survey vessel launched
NOAA’s Reuben Lasker, a fisheries survey vessel, was launched on 16 June by Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC), the Wisconsin shipyard building the vessel. 21 Jun 2012
NOAA adjusts yellowtail flounder quotas
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced it will adjust the 2012 Georges Bank yellowtail flounder quota to protect the commercial scallop and groundfish fishery industries. 18 Jul 2012
Western Gulf of Mexico closing to king mackerel commercial fishing
NOAA Fisheries Service will close the Western Zone of the Gulf of Mexico to commercial fishing for king mackerel effective 12:00 noon (local time) on 22 August 2012. 21 Aug 2012
New survey finds juvenile scallops abundant
NOAA researchers using a new instrument have confirmed that there are high numbers of young sea scallops off of Delaware Bay. 29 Aug 2012
Fisheries disasters declared in USA
Fishery disaster determinations have been issued in the Northeast, Alaska, and in Mississippi, USA, by acting secretary of commerce, Rebecca Blank. 18 Sep 2012
Effects of ocean acidification researched
NOAA has announced that three new research projects will receive funding totalling nearly $1.6m to examine the effects of ocean acidification on fisheries, and the coastal economies that depend upon them. 20 Sep 2012
US seafood landings reach 17-year high
A new NOAA report shows that US seafood landings reached a 17-year high in 2011, thanks in part to rebuilding fish populations. 20 Sep 2012
No confidence in groundfish assessments
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell has written to NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center Science and Research Director Bill Karp regarding anticipated cuts in 2013 Annual Catch Limits. 08 Nov 2012
NOAA withdraws TED proposal
Based on new data collected this summer, NOAA is withdrawing a proposed rule to require turtle excluder devices (TEDs) for skimmer trawls, pusher-head trawls, and wing-net trawls in the southeast shrimp fisheries. 28 Nov 2012
NOAA administrator to leave in Feb
Dr Jane Lubchenco, NOAA administrator, has written a letter to NOAA staff announcing that she will be leaving the organisation in February. 12 Dec 2012
NOAA working with nations to address IUU fishing
NOAA has submitted a Congressionally mandated report identifying 10 nations whose fishing vessels engaged in IUU fishing in 2011 or 2012, or had ineffective measures to prevent the unintended catch of protected species in 2012. 15 Jan 2013
Managing ecosystems on three levels
Menakhem Ben-Yami exclusively interviews NOAA’s new Senior Scientist for Ecosystem Management, Jason Link. 24 Jan 2013
Fish and fishermen benefit from marine reserve
A NOAA report into the Tortugas Ecological Reserve in the Florida Keys National Sanctuary has found that fish populations and commercial and recreational anglers have benefitted from the Reserve’s no-take protections. 05 Feb 2013
NOAA research to protect Caribbean fish stocks
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is funding research into where Caribbean fish gather and spawn in order to implement precise measures to protect depleted fish stocks. 28 Feb 2013
Speakers announced for fisheries conference
Featured speakers have been announced for the Managing Our Nation’s Fisheries 3 conference, to be held on 7-9 May 2013 at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. 05 Mar 2013
US fishing generated $199 billion in 2011
NOAA’s Fisheries Service has released a report that has found that US fishing generated more than $199 billion in sales and supported 1.7 million jobs in the nation’s economy in 2011. 14 Mar 2013
NOAA tuna label misleads consumers
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) dolphin-safe label on tuna products fails to adequately ensure consumers that no dolphins were harmed in the capture of tuna, says international effort, Campaign for Eco-Safe Tuna. 10 Apr 2013
New ocean acidification study
A new study published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA’ has revealed a new insight into the potential effects of ocean acidification on the sensory function of larval tropical cobia. 23 Apr 2013
NOAA names new assistant administrator
NOAA has appointed Holly A. Bamford, Ph.D., as the new assistant NOAA administrator for the agency’s National Ocean Service, succeeding David M. Kennedy who was named the new NOAA deputy under secretary for operations. 07 Feb 2013
Valuable US stocks rebuilt
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 2012 annual report to Congress on the status of US fish stocks reveals that a number of valuable American species have successfully been rebuilt. 07 May 2013
Groundbreaking video technology to improve stock surveys
A new method of using video data collection to improve groundfish and flat fish stock surveys has been developed, which is showing promise to improve accuracy by increasing spatial coverage and to allow the conducting of surveys without fish mortality. 14 May 2013
NOAA seeks input on process for new marine sanctuaries
NOAA is seeking public input on a proposed process and associated criteria to evaluate potential new national marine sanctuaries in the USA’s marine and Great Lakes environments. 02 Jul 2013
NOAA proposes opening closed areas
To help fishermen adjust to the new quota cuts for groundfish that have been effective since May, NOAA Fisheries has proposed to open approximately 33% of areas that have been closed for nearly 20 years. 11 Jul 2013
NOAA acidification study
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is conducting a survey of the Pacific Ocean to determine how bad the problem of acidification is for the shellfish industry. 31 Jul 2013
King mackerel fishery closure
The Western Zone of the Gulf of Mexico will be closed to commercial fishing for king mackerel at 12:00 noon (local time) on 20 September 2013, as the commercial quota is expected to have been reached by then. 19 Sep 2013
Grants awarded for bycatch reduction
NOAA Fisheries has awarded 16 grants totalling nearly $2.4m as part of its Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program. 24 Sep 2013
King mackerel fishery to re-open for two days
The Western Zone of the Gulf of Mexico will be re-opened to commercial fishing for king mackerel at 12:01am (local time) on 1 November 2013 for two days, closing at 12:01am on 3 November 2013. 29 Oct 2013
US seafood landings remain high
NOAA has released its annual 'Fisheries of the United States 2012' report, which shows that US commercial fishermen landed 9.6 billion pounds of fish and shellfish in 2012, valued at $5.1 billion. 30 Oct 2013
NOAA fisheries survey vessel delivered
NOAA has taken delivery of 'Reuben Lasker', the agency’s newest high-tech fisheries survey vessel. 13 Nov 2013
NOAA: Fish farms can be sustainable
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) says that its new report reveals specific types of fish can be farmed with minimal or no harm to the coastal ocean environment. 09 Jan 2014
New appointments for NOAA
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a new commanding officer at the NOAA Marine Operations Center-Atlantic. 13 Jan 2014
Eileen Sobeck named new head of NOAA Fisheries
Eileen Sobeck has been appointed assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries. 16 Jan 2014
$75m disaster relief for US fisheries
Six US fisheries that were declared by the Department of Commerce in 2012 and 2013 as “fishery disasters” are to receive US$75m of the 2014 federal budget. 28 Feb 2014
Conference recognises importance of fishermen’s data
At the recent Fishery Dependent Information 2014 conference held in Rome, over 150 fisheries scientists, managers, policy-makers and fishers gathered to share and discuss ways to generate better information about the world’s fisheries and the fish stocks on which they depend. 12 Mar 2014
Ships set sail for NOAA survey season
NOAA ships, small boats, and hydrographic services contractors will be surveying more than 2,000 square nautical miles in US coastal waters this year, collecting data that will strengthen the foundation of the nation’s environmental intelligence. 04 May 2014
NOAA study helps protect right whales
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) policy of lower ship speeds in protected areas in the North Atlantic is paying off, protecting critically endangered right whales from ship collisions, according to a new study. 03 Jun 2014
Loggerheads protected
NOAA Fisheries and the Department of Interior’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) have announced two final rules to designate critical habitat for the threatened loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) in the Atlantic Ocean and on coastal beach habitat along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. 10 Jul 2014
Alaskan ocean acidification
Ocean acidification is driving changes in waters vital to Alaska’s valuable commercial fisheries and subsistence way of life, according to new National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration (NOAA) led research. 30 Jul 2014
NOAA regulations to protect bluefin
Final regulations to help protect Atlantic bluefin tuna by reducing dead discards and providing measures to help ensure compliance with international quotas have been announced by NOAA. 03 Dec 2014
Tracking fish populations
A new online database to track fish populations aims to help fishermen and fisheries managers to adapt as the oceans get warmer. 16 Dec 2014
NOAA satellites help rescue 240 people last year
NOAA’s fleet of weather satellites helped save 240 people last year from potentially life-threatening situations throughout the United States and its surrounding waters. 03 Feb 2015
King mackerel fishery closes 5 Feb
The southern subzone of the Gulf of Mexico will be closed to commercial hook-and-line fishing for king mackerel from 12:01am on 5 February 2015, as the commercial quota of 551,448 pounds for this subzone has be reached. 04 Feb 2015
NOAA identifies IUU countries
NOAA has identified six nations as engaging in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) in its 2015 biennial report to Congress. 11 Feb 2015
Cod compromise reached in US
A sector examination request to preserve 30 tonnes of cod in exchange for relaxing some of the Gulf of Maine cod Interim Management Measures enacted in November 2014 has been approved. 04 Mar 2015
Presidential Task Force releases IUU action plan
The Presidential Task Force on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud has released its action plan. 17 Mar 2015
Sea scallop research
NOAA Fisheries Service and the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) have announced that 10 research projects have been selected for support through the Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside (RSA) program. 11 May 2015
Arctic cod spawned and hatched in captivity
NOAA Fisheries scientists at the Alaska Fisheries Science Centre have developed a deeper understanding of cod development after successfully growing Artic cod in the laboratory. 13 May 2015
WSC to examine industry regulations
The programme for this year’s World Seafood Congress (WSC) will include an in-depth examination of trade legislation and food safety regulations affecting the global seafood industry. 03 Aug 2015
Mislabelled shrimp case ends in conviction
A North Carolina seafood processor and wholesale distributor faces a felony conviction, a $100,000 fine, forfeiture of more than 20,000 pounds of shrimp and three years’ probation after Federal prosecutors exposed the company’s shrimp mislabelling scheme. 25 Aug 2015
NOAA fisheries grants available
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is making around US$10 million in competitive grants available as part of its efforts to build resilient coastal communities and sustainable marine resources. 10 Sep 2015
Up to $10m in fisheries grants available
NOAA has announced that approximately $10 million in competitive grants are available through the 2016 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program, as part of its efforts to build resilient coastal communities and sustainable marine resources. 16 Sep 2015
Alaska celebrates eLandings milestones
Fisheries managers, fishers, and seafood processors across the state of Alaska are celebrating 10 years and 500,000 landing reports this month for the innovative Interagency Electronic Reporting System, better known as eLandings. 16 Sep 2015
NOAA funds marine debris removal projects
NOAA has awarded nearly $1.4 million to groups across the US to remove marine debris from their communities. 22 Sep 2015
Seaweed key to mitigating ocean acidification
In the Pacific Northwest, NOAA scientists and partners are studying the potential for seaweed farms to help fight ocean acidification by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the ocean. 29 Sep 2015
Women in fisheries: an issue, an agenda
Jobs for the girls: while it's entirely correct that gender no longer excludes women from the top jobs in seafood business and fisheries management, it seems it's still a very hard struggle for women "downstairs" to even secure their basic rights as workers, writes Menakhem Ben-Yami. 22 Nov 2010
US fisheries: Frustration, indignation, uproar
I don’t remember such an upheaval in the American fisheries. Neither does Bob Jones, the Director of the Southeastern Fisheries Association. 11 Jan 2011
Longlining success
Press coverage mentioning longlining does tend to focus on the negatives – mainly on the issue of bycatch. However, a couple of recent stories are showing longlining in a more positive light. 11 May 2011
Community Fishing Projects: Can they work in Britain?
Bryan Gibson looks at the small boat fishing industries in the UK and along the USA’s East Coast. 12 Sep 2012
Can fisheries be managed rationally?
Menakhem Ben-Yami looks at the issue of fisheries management. 08 Oct 2012
Catch shares – who to believe?
With the onset of the 21st century, the US fisheries management administered by NOAA Fisheries has been promoting and implementing individual and tradable quotas (ITQ), which with time gained a new name – ‘catch shares’. 24 Mar 2013
Why monitoring makes sense
How has the combination of sound fisheries science and management programmes led to the recovery of some fisheries? Adrian Tatum reports. 03 Mar 2014
New name, new game?
Menakhem Ben-Yami looks at the recent shift in fisheries management science. 03 Apr 2014
Old data digitised for modern scientists
NOAA Fisheries' Alaska Fisheries Science Center has been successful in translating old survey data into a form that could be useful to modern scientists. 21 May 2015
The recent reports from the U.S. East Coast and from Australia on the dramatic increase in shark attacks on people have generated this column. 12 Aug 2015