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  • New HookSeparator™ for smaller boats

    Mustad Autoline has launched HookSeparator™ Coastal, designed for smaller boats with limited space. 18 Aug 2015

  • SeaBird Saver wins award

    Mustad and SaveWave’s SeaBird Saver has won the 2014 WWF Smart Gear competition Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize. 09 Feb 2015

  • Launch of the Seabird Saver

    Mustad Autoline will launch the SeaBird Saver™ at this year’s Nor-Fishing exhibition. 29 Jul 2014

  • Laser solution to prevent seabird bycatch

    Norway’s Mustad, together with the Dutch company SaveWave, has developed the SeaBird Saver which uses brand new technology to create bird free zones near fishing vessels. 20 May 2014

  • Mustad to launch SeaBird Saver this year

    Mustad Autoline will launch its SeaBird Saver™ in August this year - the first effective audio-laser solution, that prevents seabird bycatch and bait loss. 17 Mar 2014

  • ‘Green’ longliner for Blue North

    Seattle-based Blue North has contracted Dakota Creek Industries to build a new ‘green’ longliner, with delivery due in the fourth quarter of 2014. 22 May 2013

  • Good fishing for ‘Bolga’

    Longlining company Mustad Longline reports that things are going well for the 13m longliner ‘Bolga’. 07 May 2013

  • Mustad’s latest line hauler

    Mustad Longline has released a new hauling solution - the SuperHauler H3200, which replaces the H3000. 14 Feb 2013

  • New senior project manager for Mustad Longline

    After a period of organisational changes and downsizing Mustad Longline has hired a new senior project manager. The appointee, Arne Tennøy will join the company’s sales office in Aalesund, Norway. 17 Aug 2010

  • Innovative new technology from Mustad Longline

    Mustad’s Autoline technology made a revolution in longline fishing during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s and since then more than 700 vessels worldwide have organised their fishing operations around this system. 01 Nov 2009

  • Results from longlining research project is a programme of research and development that ensures continuous improvements in longline fishing technology. 01 Nov 2009

  • Major longlining project

    At Norshipping in June Mustad Longline and Havyard their cooperation in a project designed to revolutionise longline fishing on a global scale. The two companies will now work together on the development and construction of fully integrated, tailor-made vessels that they say will set a new standard for all future longline fishing. 01 Sep 2009

  • New hauling system improves efficiency in longlining

    Associate Professor Roger B. Larsen from the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, University of Tromsö updates World Fishing on the College’s latest hauling system. 01 Jun 2007

  • Longlining the Mustad way

    Until the early 1970s, baiting, coiling and handling longline gear was done by hand. Nowadays, however, this can be done automatically with the Mustad Autoline System. There are three major phases to autolining: 03 Nov 2006

  • First Mustad system installed in Spain

    Longliner Breogan Uno, built by Astilleros Armón in Spain, is the first Spanish vessels to have an automatic Mustad Autoline System. 23 Jan 2004

  • Dyrkorn & Mustad co-operate on longline production

    O. Mustad & Søn A.S and Dyrkorn AS have formed a new partnership to co-operate on the production of swivelled longlines. 04 Jul 2002

  • Norway's biggest to use Mustad

    Ervik Havfiske, Norway's biggest autoline operator, has chosen the Mustad Autoline Deep Sea system for its latest newbuilding. 24 Mar 2002