From our advertisers:

KinarcaBacked by several decades of in the industry experience in the refrigerating industry field and being one of the largest companies engaged with the industrial refrigeration in Spain, Kinarca has always used the World Fishing magazine/website for marketing campaigns to ensure continuous business.
Fernando Rodriguez, Kinarca SA



dsi_cirkel_1cmyk“ As a important part of our global advertising we use World Fishing as one of our main magazines for promoting our products as we find its contents very suitable to our core business, besides we know that most of our customers are reading Word Fishing”
Peter Christensen, A/S Dybvad Stål Industri




Promens-logo"Over the years, Promens has felt the World Fishing magazine has always been a great media for advertising campaigns and press releases with it's up to date editorial features". Hilmar Gudmundsson, Promens Dalvik